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  1. Dantics says:

    For those that didn't watch the whole video, his account has been rolled back. Not all content creators have high profile people backing them up, though. If this happened to me, I am sure there would be no one coming to my rescue and YouTube would have kept my channel down. I hope that YouTube doesn't continue to play political favourites, or at the very least, stops this kind of radical censoring.

  2. Akakun says:

    When beating up a videogame NPC is worse than making fun of a dead body found in a forest.

  3. Well Played says:

    every gaming channel should upload feminist NPC smashing vids in protest

  4. Holy Platáno says:

    I agree that he should have the right to upload the video, but the procative tittle is troublesome. And I believe he wanted the attention.

    And to everyone that goes on about how men are expendable while women stand on a pedestal in society, this is not as simple a a pixel rendering of a woman killed in a video game. As the video tittle picked by the uploader shows, it was about a pixeled feminist.

    He should have tittled it 'loud lady won't let me shop, becomes pig food, etc.' or something else.

    Any video <insert cultural indentity group> killed and fed to pigs would also cause some controversy, even 'white male.'

    And rightfully so, it fuels negativity and hate, to those susceptible to it. Too many unfortunately.

  5. Matthew Paul says:

    I enjoy your videos and had a lot to ponder when watching your battlefield V video. I think the reason why your video was flagged and demonetized even though you didn’t make any direct incendiary remarks, was because you asked for a conversation on our thoughts and I read some pretty disgusting comments. Obviously that’s my perspective, however the platform for the remarks was yours. Further if they themselves had their own videos outlining their remarks, they would have been flagged and demonetized. The same appears to be the case here. He provided a platform with or without realizing the social implications of the content. Video games are art forms, art is a reflection of society, thus in games with nearly limitless player choice, an individual’s ideal social environment can be demonstrated. So regardless of the act, I think it was just poor taste on behalf of the YouTuber.

  6. john smitty says:

    the fact that this is even a story shows how useless people have become… there are still millions of women living as second class citizens or worse in places like saudi arabia… and these pieces of shit spend their time and energy trying to fix tiny details in video games, while ignoring entire countries who treat women like property or slaves… feminists need to prioritize, but its more about being heard then actually being logical or effective to them, and if they attack the big issues they will fail or struggle, so they go after the low hanging fruit instead

  7. Lunar Skies says:

    Lol I need this game!!!

  8. Arctic Winter says:

    Killing a CHARACTER. Not a HUMAN. Get your words right. @Dantics

  9. Arctic Winter says:

    Youtube can fuck off and burn i hell. They are pissing everybody off. Now where was that adblock ting again?

  10. Werny Denkis says:

    Oh my f*cking god… You can kill ANYBODY!!!!

  11. Dat Shrimp says:

    Anything > Millennial feminists

  12. Jesuchrist Von Piro says:

    Youtube HQ Shootings… that was justified

  13. Hgh Hgh says:

    People see what they want to see. Some people see an annoying non-playable character being taken care of, some see an attack by the patriarchy, some see an anti-SJW joke.
    In all, it reflects more on the projection of the YouTube staff's inability to control themselves than anything else .

  14. ZoM_ 2014 says:

    >killing a feminist NPC in a video game. Hated by Youtube
    >The beheadings by ISIS. Loved by Youtube

    Any1 see anything thing wrong here?

  15. cdawson198600 says:

    Soon you’ll be arrested for playing GTA for murder.

  16. Nate Harrison says:

    What do you think would've happened if youtube let it be? Haters would've fed on it and commented hate against feminists and women's rights. It's like in Florida they say, don't feed the alligators. That's for a reason. So the alligators don't associate people with food.

    I think what Youtube was trying to do is suppress the hate towards women rights. Simple as that. Everyone knows they can shoot that lady in the game, but damn! You don't have to create a whirlpool of hate on a social site, especially nowadays. Just feeds the hate in my opinion. Glad Youtube took it down. It's their app/site anyways.

    Go and spread hate somewhere else.

  17. Khai Do says:

    Youtube are just a bunch of betas and feminist libtards

  18. Pushkrimp the Puppet Master says:

    THIS! This video is something i need after that shit they've done with Shirrako. Almost makes me wanna turn the feminists themselfs against the feminazis. These feminazi-retards can't do anything in their life than this! Infact, they are making us women look bad and are the reason why men turn into sexists, basically the opposite of what they're trying to reach…

    And about these so called "Youtube politics", it's easy to get attention from these fuckers if there's even a slight hint of someone or something female in it.

    Talking about feminism… do feminists even play video games?

  19. Nate Brown says:

    I don't get why everybody is posting videos about beating up the feminists and shit. They aren't like feminists today saying all the stupid shit, around that time they actually barely had any rights, whats wrong with women fighting for the right to vote

  20. sami hamdan says:

    YouTube is just… unfair man… smh

  21. gerkenator says:

    I like how Shirrako has gained about 11k followers since you recorded this lol.

  22. gerkenator says:

    First of all Shirrako is did nothing wrong. The fact that anyone would think it's ok to upload a video killing hundreds of (pixel) men of opposing factions but not one (pixel) woman who happens to be a feminist goes to show men are not equal to women not the other way around. In the US women have many more right than men; a woman can kill a man's unborn child without any input from him, a woman can claim any man is the father of her child and the man is required to prove he is not, a woman can claim a man raped her and he is instantly vilified, fired and shamed by his friends and family without any due process professing his innocence or guilt. These are just a few examples and along with these women are afforded all of the same rights and opportunities than men are by the law. I believe women and minorities were treated poorly at the time in history and I am glad we have beat that. Sure there are individual cases of sexism of racism but it's not the systems fault, and there is no rape culture either. The radical leftist movement is cancer in general but that is a discussion for a different time…….gerkenator dismounts soap box.

    ReviewTechUSA's video of feminist on The Young Turks saying white gamers wouldn't have bought this game if a black person or woman was on the cover. Like gamers are that shallow and buy games based on cover art alone.
    The Young Turks video regarding RDR2

  23. Sofa Jockey says:

    Was the video funny? No, not really. Did the guy deserve having the channel canned (temporarily)? No, not really.

  24. Blam says:

    There you go.

  25. xdly says:

    The person that deleted the channel should just get fired.
    Deleting what someone build up in a long time is inhuman.

  26. Christian Craig says:

    I think women should be protected and let the men do all the work as God intended, but this is a VIDEO GAME. Screw politics. I play games to get away from this sensitive, retarded world and if I want to kill every woman in the game I should be able to do it. So yall feminists and libtards get the flip over it and if you dont like something you can do on the game, dont do it.

  27. ALI says:


  28. Katakuri Fan says:

    No his channel shouldn’t have been taken down but the fact that he specifically chose to kill a female character who is pro female equality instead of any other women does raise some questions .

  29. Nym OneFourSix says:

    I think it's retarded. Freedom. Of. Speech.

  30. Evan Skuthorpe Photographer says:

    Puritanical hypocritical feminazis everywhere… Well summed up Dantics.

  31. Brütal Kush ∞ says:

    Killing the KKK NPCs? No problem. Killing a feminist NPC? YOU'VE CROSSED THE LINE MATE!!!! #NPClivesmatter

  32. Harry Kiralfy Broe says:

    Fuck GestapoTupe.

  33. Lukas Eriksson says:

    Personally find it a little sad someone would watch a whole video of someone tying up an in game feminist and killing her, what do you gain out of that? The game has thousands of things to do in it and that's what peaks your interest? Hating feminism is one thing, but obsessing over it to the point you get off on an in game feminist dying is just sad and a little weird, don't you think?

  34. Timothy Mansker says:

    YouTube has removed many #MGTOW Men going their own way videos because they talk about women and feminists and how much they have destroyed the world thanks for the video feminism must be abolished

  35. ChyroBeast says:

    Serves him right for all the spoilers I saw in my notification feed from him.

  36. Anomoly2012 says:

    How else are us psychopathically inclined going to get relief?

    It’s not like we’re allowed to do anything in the real world, so we use video games as our outlet…

  37. Cristina_Pan23 says:

    Omg @Dantics….you saved another spider??? It will not be saving you from a B&E attack!!!

  38. Shadowgamer 15 says:

    What the F is YouTube playing it man

  39. What EU? says:

    Free Alex Jones as well

  40. nomercy8989 says:

    I was subscribed to the man… fuck you youtube

  41. Anssi Kuivalainen says:

    Keem is canser of youtube.

  42. Veikka Rahkonen says:

    Women hate is just stupid nowadays

  43. Stroncium says:

    One of the challenges is that you have to drag someone behind your horse for 3 km. You literally grab a person and drag them to death using your horse. That is fine, because its just a game. RDR 1 had an achievement for binding a woman and throwing her on train tracks. It was also ok. For whatever reason, the last few years people are just going crazy and looking for causes to fight for in anything. Its sad.

  44. Mr grinch says:

    lets all just make feminists invincible and ruin the immersion

  45. voich alfa says:


  46. mr beast bodybuilder says:

    Fkn hell

  47. Lee Philips says:

    My dude, I Deadset commented on a Utaku page after they butchered the shit out of a game for being and I quote "sexist trash". I pulled her up on it, saying what she said is bigoted and uncalled for. I've since been banned from that page, and I got a few hundred likes after said comment.

  48. Lazy_Comedian says:

    Youtube is falling apart. I almost wish someone would just make another youtube just without all this crap.

  49. 本刀に村正 says:

    this is taking away the fun from rockstar games

    the fun in rockstar games is killing anyone you want

    men, women and children

    enspecially in GTA5. you could fucking massacre beverly hills, virginia tech style, and not having to worry about real life consequences

    i just hate it when people defend women and children but are okay with men being expendable

    my hate for humans has no limit. i play rockstar games to exercise my antisocial behaviour without killing any IRL people. i would wipe out all those filthy humans. including women and children

    men are devils, women are sluts, and children are whiny little bitches

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