You All Need To Hear This!

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34 Responses

  1. Kris Kees says:

    I found Tori Barry just in time… You came rushing in from a search for light bike packing. Cheers

  2. Klairee Berry says:

    love you tori!

  3. Bill Mahlerwein says:


  4. Rob C says:

    OMG! I needed to hear this So badly! (eyes turned upward, head moving side to side)

  5. terry breedlove says:

    Aren’t you supposed to have a bed full of Bikinis to try on damn it.

  6. L. H. says:

    Do a Tori Barry beachwear line. Seriously your like a young Elle McPherson.

  7. Bruno Azevedo says:

    Also because @getfitwithnatasha copied you!!!

  8. Running with Marc says:

    Hey Tori, you can also update your Strava account, as it has the old channel name. 🙂

  9. jimmy gray says:

    They were a lot of feeple, absolutely veautiful. Wtf

  10. bill smith says:

    your live streams are middle of night in the states, not sure where your audience is located(i realize worldwide)..but would like to catch some of these.

  11. Asier G says:


  12. Miguel Mi says:

    Eat ! Please…

  13. john_lm0 says:

    oh, and happy new year!!

  14. john_lm0 says:

    your instagram link is broken, doesn't work. it has the old getslimwithtori but when i change the url to toribarry it says private and it doesn't have your photo.

  15. bz10sec says:

    ☆Happy New Year ! XOXO

  16. Hansen Peter says:

    If all women were like you, the aliens would be talking to us!

  17. Angelo Martucci says:

    I still think Get Fit with Tori would have been better, but good luck with the new name!

  18. Kr Dz says:

    Cool! Now do something sexy

  19. 直井重晴 says:

    I like the aboriginal design on your shirt !

  20. mastronicandro says:

    Buon anno .

  21. jakou31 says:

    Erh i'm from France and cause of the jet lag i 've missed that live ! You're welcome in France it shoulds be a pleasure to share some km on the road 😉

  22. fishlestat says:

    Have u Ever heard of Wim Hof?? Think u should give it a try! Go Tori GO!

  23. Enzo Murelli says:

    Happy new year from France!

  24. sergey volimre says:

    С Новым Годом! Счастья.

  25. loris pasini says:

    oh no… live 3 hours back. damn,, Tori I could host you 10 days in Italy (Romagna), if you want. I'm sick to see you somagra, with this problem .. I want to help you .. if you want to come write me here .. ok ..

  26. derivativeshort says:

    Been away…. left a comment on yesterday video and wanted to tell you I love your new Avatar 😉

  27. 西園寺煕通 says:

    Happy new year from Sapporo Japan

  28. Raymond Tang says:

    Happy New Year

  29. Raymond Tang says:

    High gorgeous

  30. Ray Vegan says:

    Good choice!

  31. S M says:

    Your sexy

  32. mario zombie says:

    Is new year's and they are shooting is outside as I'm watching this.

  33. galangal kid says:

    happy new year

  34. galangal kid says:

    go Tori Barry

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