Women Respond to “Men are Better Than Women” Book

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I went around getting women’s opinions on the book “Men are Better Than Women” by Dick Masterson.


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INSTAGRAM- Devin_Gammo

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31 Responses

  1. The North Swamp says:

    We’re even better at being women!
    Just look at Caitlyn Jenner lol

  2. Ishmael 420 says:

    If you're scared to stay men are better than women next to your "girlfriend" then you're the woman in the relationship. Bunch of low testosterone degenerates that need to be exterminated

  3. Robert S550stang says:

    I'm so glad I'm a man …..

  4. Jesse S. says:

    Hahaha omg

  5. darrinEH says:

    Men are better than women. But a man with a good woman behind is even better.

  6. Liv says:

    What a useless debate because people will always attempt to argue a side, when even having the debate to begin with will never get anyone anywhere. What's the point in debating subjective matters and implying there can be an objective result?

  7. Wonder Freak says:

    All the incels in the comments can kiss my pussy

  8. CommandoCaptain says:

    Basically… Everything you see, buy, wear, speak and use was invented by man. Everything in your fucking house, including the device you type your pathetic arguments into, was invented by man. Everything you posses, and are currently wearing was invented by man. All successful apps (including Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook) were invented by men. All successful businesses (including Amazon, Microsoft, EBay and Apple) were invented by men.

    The phrase "woman-made" doesn't exist because there is no product for it to be attached to. Everything remotely interesting or inspiring about women comes from either their breasts, ass, or vagina. Take them away and you just get a violent, annoying, angry bitch complaining about manspreading. Men have been silent about these argument settlers for so long, but it's time we used them.

    P.S. If you disagree, reply with constructive criticism, because replying with ignorant points which many have already debunked just makes you look dumb.

  9. Souvik Dey says:

    Men is superior than women and every women is my little bitches.

  10. Dobre Army says:

    Boys are better than girls

  11. Lyra S says:

    oh please, just another video to boost men's confidence.

  12. Skeleton Clique says:

    It is true, as a women, you should accept this and learn from it and as a man STFU AND DON'T DISAGREE you are lost in stupidness.

  13. Skeleton Clique says:


  14. José Araújo says:

    Women are unintelligent barbarians lol

  15. Emo Shrek says:

    Better no, stronger yes

  16. Rocklessness says:

    women are better than men ..

    in stripping

  17. Cumster Dumpster says:

    Men are better than women even at being women look at Bruce Jenner he won woman of the year and he was only a woman for a month.

  18. Lyra S says:

    other comments:

    "men are also more creative"
    "men are also better looking"
    "men are also better cooks"

    me: then men also must be narcissists

  19. -NeonLightz- says:

    Men : Some of the greatest philosophers were me-

    Women: No

    Men : But some of the greatest inventors of our time were me-

    Women : nO

    Men : Are you stopping me every time I say me-

    Women : NO!

  20. Ratu Qurratu says:

    Women's? You all are bitches!

  21. Ruthless Yankee Farang Z900 says:

    Hillary 2016 hahahaha she lost!!!!!!!!!

  22. suck it says:

    Hilary is a disappointment


    Hilary didn’t win ;-;.

  24. Skull Fucker says:

    "Hillary 2016" I'd love to laugh at this bitch!! Hahahaha

  25. Awkward Extrovert XX says:


  26. Lyra S says:

    I just kinda feel like after reading these comments, in past years people have forgotten that all men start out as girls in the womb, so, don’t play me like “Oh men are superior to women!” Yeah hun, you wouldn’t even be alive without women so….

  27. Jamie Davison says:

    We obviously need women in society, however one cannot deny that men are stronger/faster and tend to be either dumb or smart whereas women usually fall into the middle intellect category.

  28. Yang's Arm says:

    MEN out there, who assume they are better. stop talking about stuff you have no evidence about. i keep reading and there are more and more idiots who have no proof.for example. lets say, men are stronger. FALSE! most often men/boys are simply more rough then women/girls. like lion cubs, they roughouse which leads to being strong. tip: ★check yourself before you wreck yourself.★

  29. Yang's Arm says:

    men are more emotional then women. the part of your brain that gives out signals to have feelings/emotions is larger and works faster for a man then a womens. but they lack in ★physical★ emotions. so it is common that people say women are more emotional, that is simply FALSE.

  30. Yang's Arm says:

    don't forget, men also are better at stinking up the house. for real. 79% of women have better hygiene

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