Women in the MGTOW Community

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2018 is coming to a close, the attack on masculinity is alive and well, and feminists are collectively going crazy. But MGTOW and the red pill has made it’s way more so into the mainstream, and naturally women have responded to it.

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34 Responses

  1. Zach Hing says:

    To clarify, in case most of you did not sit through the entire video, I'm NOT saying women can't talk about these topics. I've just witnessed a LOT of folks out there are who are rather frustrated and angry with women talking about this. All that being said, it should not be frustrating, if women are talking about it. Don't feel like you're being invaded. Be your own man.

  2. Nathan Grundler says:

    Mass immigration will wipe out the western society. Mgtow phenomena is encouraged, probably by the globalist.
    Society just creates the names, and terminology. But, the globalists badly want western society to collapse. And it'a working. If we the give the finger to our women, we give the finger to our entire civilization.

  3. Euroheat0022 says:

    Not a movement. No surprise that women have too invade a another male space. But it doesn't matter since it's not like MRA's/Gamers i.e. no socialized gatherings, clubs etc. We're ghosts. Hell Hnery Cavill (Superman himself) is basically a MGTOW in a way. That should tell you how women royally screwed up in the last 25 years

  4. David Davidoff says:

    I disagree, woman should try control the gov and changes things
    mgtow wont do it
    MRA wont success doing it
    redpilled women might make some changes
    so doing mgtow doesnt matter if its real or not ,might make same impact

  5. 3ABTPA says:

    I love that you have to explain this to women. LOL

  6. The Modern Man says:

    Women are not making MGTOW videos, they are anti-feminists. These are Traditional Conservative women protecting their sexual strategy (marriage) from the Leftists. Now that most adults are not married, these women feel threatened. These Anti-Feminists are still egalitarians, not complimentarians, and thus still pushing men on the plantation.

  7. Hokibukisa says:

    This was a whole lot of words saying nothing

  8. Blood says:

    Men don't know how to be men because a good number of them have been raised by single mothers.

    This usually leads to emotional men who have been kinda feminizied or it leads to angry violent men who don't know how to control themselves.

    Imo Children should be raised by a parent of the same gender in most cases, not always as there is often good reason why one parent shouldn't be allowed full custody.
    But in many cases a divorce should see young boys going with their fathers and young girls going with their mothers.

  9. BlueRaven says:

    Ladies, always remember what MGTOW stands for, Men Going Their Own Way.
    MEN, not women!
    As of for me, I was red pilled for less than an hour before going MGTOW in early 2018!

  10. Soul Burn says:

    Even though I understand and agree with much of the content of the MGTOW community I think if MEN truly want to make genuine societal change, then they got to put the work in. To be clearer, MGTOW MEN have to demand for the laws to change in REAL LIFE and not just on the internet. Also, if you want to be considered a MAN of worth, then you have to continually work out your physique and Mind. Besides, Men are the ones that practically invented everything and who create and dismiss laws on all nations on earth until about 30-40 yrs ago. This is how Real World change begins to occur. Until then, posting YT comments is not gonna change anything really.
    Also, for the MEN who have boys, teach them how to be masculine. It is your duty as a Father to teach your sons how to be Real Men. I see far too many single moms raising boys to be feminine deliberately while the Father is absent. If you chose to have kids, then be MAN enough to raise them right!

  11. Narayan Loke says:

    Women cannot be a part of MGTOW because they are women. Let them have their own WGTOW. Don't make every male-centric ideology to be gender inclusive. Let men live the way they want, they are not invading your space women, so you don't need to invade theirs.

  12. Report all THOTS to the IRS says:

    If these women cared, they would be preaching to women.
    They are not. They are preaching to MGTOW, they have patreons and they are just trying to milk money and attention.

  13. Chazz Ram says:

    MGTOW is about being your own man and thats the problem that women don't like cause their meal ticket just went down for the count..and they can see the bus pulling out and it hurts..apparently Asian women dating only white guys for the last 50 yrs and women saying no Asian policy hasn't hit home yet but it will then he'll see why…

  14. Phu Duong says:

    I’ve never understood why MGTOW has to be a label or even an ideology. I simply see it as a group of people reclaiming their own sense of individual pride separate from the pride that’s manifested in our hyper-sexualized society.


    @ZachHing: Well spoken. Found you from Oshay's 1st Hall Of Game show. Keep the good content coming man.

  16. inzaratha says:

    Frankly i dont think being red pilled has anything to do with sexuality male or female. I think it has to do with knowing what our government., globalists etc have planned for us as Americans and as the human race as in population destruction etc. I dont think red pill was a more male space and I have been following this since before obama was elected and i wad trying to tell people What he really was as a conservative republican woman. These things have been around long before the red pill label even. I think making this about men vs women is a completely different topic from the conservative red pill movement. Its not anything to do with it, its a different topic altogether than knowing that the deep state is selling out our country which is much more important. Just saying taking our country back is not a male female thing its an American thing. I dont really care since I'm definitely not dating and dont care about that since i have a husband, but you should make this male female thing a different topic than red pill because its not that at all…. hopefully you all know that the lbgtq agenda is controlled by the deep state to destroy the family and reduce population and making men feminine is so they can control you and reduce the population. I actually never heard of mgtow before this its not red pill topic.

  17. Sal Vice says:

    There are no women in your community; however, there are women who support MGTOW 100% and do not take any of it personally

  18. Phanbot01 says:

    Women in MGTOW forums are wolves in sheep's clothing. They're their acting as bait on a hook looking to reel you in, drag you back to the plantation. Their behavior hasn't improved and they need us more than we need them. They claim to be able to do anything a man can do, who gives a f**k? I don't need a woman who can do that, she's supposed to be the yin to my yang, she's supposed to bring balance to a man's life. Not being strife and turmoil to his existence. If you are a woman who believes it's all about you, prepare to be lonely and do for yourself and leave us alone. Seek out the pua's and be happy.They'll be more than happy to scratch your itch, but they won't be willing to wed you up and put you in the house with the white picket fence. Prince Charming has gone with the wind, he's no longer in need of a princess to make his life complete. The lie feminism has fed you killed the desire to be a white knight or be a cuck to you.

  19. Crypto Trader says:

    Females can talk, but they're not part of the community.

  20. Daniel J Maximoff says:

    MGTOW is like a way for the culture to eat itself out.

  21. T.J. Payeur says:

    Genuine Mgtow don't care what any woman thinks about any thing. I've seen this a thousand times since 2013 when Barbarossa first made a great video about it called "Women who say they get it". There are no women in the Mgtow community. They can comment all they want, even sympathize,who cares? They are doing it for masculine approval, to catch a man. Mgtow know that men are the prize.Women have made themselves irrelevant, and any poor suckers who they catch with that sympathy bait deserve what they get. Feminine approval means nothing. Self approval is everything.

  22. DeWayne Phoenix says:

    I personally like the fact that women are talking about it. Our gripe is with them and the system. And we know we can't change it, but they can. Hopefully they will for later generations.

  23. SR MATLOCK says:


  24. ThisguySL says:

    I think more women should be invited into the community more so they can be more educated on what men are going through.

  25. Ralph Furley says:

    We need some women on our side. They are the only ones that are going to be able to change the laws. There is no such thing as a 'red pilled woman', but, we need their help in changing the laws, even if it's for their own motives of TRYING to get men back to the plantation.

  26. Ralph Furley says:

    How can you be red pilled and not MGTOW? Are looking to get married? There are four levels of MGTOW. I'm confused.

  27. Prince Bumpkin says:

    I just stopped by to say, "There are no women in MGTOW" just like there are no girls in the Boy Scouts. Oh crap. I stepped on my own argument!
    But seriously, no woman has anything to say that I want to hear. They can pretend they are in MGTOW but they aren't getting anywhere near me.

  28. בֶל גְרֵגורִי says:

    The fact that there are men that even have a problem with women taking an interest in it all the more proves that there are men trying to make M*GTOW a tribe in which to find an identity among other people because they lack one by themselves rather than a conscientious decision to sincerely focus making one's own life happy apart from centering their own happiness around women. Those sort need to be red-pilled more than anyone.

  29. Anthony Garcia says:

    I already plan on purchasing land in a rural area and living mostly off the land. This culture is far to crazy for me to give a shit about it anymore. Maybe I'll change, as living by yourself can become extremely meaningless and lonely. But I am honestly at the point where I might choose that over dealing with women and the culture as is now.

  30. appleseed says:

    Females who make MGTOW tagged videos for men are chameleons. Period. Why don't they make videos for other females? The men have the disposable income. That should be all you need to know.

  31. MGTOW Ghost’s Son says:

    Women become obsessed with men that do not give them attention.

    Women are biologically wired to always seek to invade male spaces.

    Once they invade the space, they destroy it:

    1 – Men used to go to bars for fun, bars are now pickup grounds.

    2 – Gaming used to be a fun place for guys to just hang out and relax, but now they add gate on every fucking thing they want.

    3 – Star Wars used to be a great franchise until a freaking feminist bankrupted the franchise

    4 – Battlefield V lost most than $350 millions because of female aspired agenda…

    Should I keep going?

    How long does it take to see that women are wired to destroy male space.

    We are okay with female spaces, but the second men have a space, they have to destroy it. Humanity live with vaginal blind spots.

    The double standards we have as human beings is just mind blowing and we just love to gaslight ourselves with women aren’t that bad, they are innocent, and then we’ll usher in the 4th wave of feminism and wonder why society is burning to the ground.

    Why is it that women can have female spaces and males not? If it was female spaces I’m sure a lot of people will jump over hoops to kick males out because vagina power. Human beings enjoy self gaslighting.

  32. Eliphas_CatDaddy says:

    My Cuck-o-meter is going off at this video.

  33. steven johnson says:

    Good video.you forgot to say Don't get married.

  34. Ty Hall says:

    Leave this in 2018. You don’t understand fully why women are doing this. If you think they genuinely care about MGTOW they don’t and they never will and that’s fact. What there doing is malicious and it needs to stop

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