Women in Business, Leadership, Sales and Marketing – Sadhana Smiles – Show Reel

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Global CEO, Multi Leadership Award Winner, Author, Migrant, Business and Social Entrepreneur. When it comes to contemporary leadership, Sadhana Smiles is a trailblazer. As a Global CEO for Harcourts, she has a focus on People, Planet and Profit. In a world where business evolution is accelerating, she believes re-invention is the new normal. Sadhana’s first two books – People Power Did You Have Them @ Hello and I Want What She’s Having – are both critically acclaimed and inspire people to blaze their own trail in business and in life. As the founder of Links Fiji and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Sadhana’s journey will leave your audience enthralled with her insights and wisdom. Sadhana is a captivating speaker who draws people into her story and encourages them to look at their own leadership opportunities and what they can contribute to make this world a better place. Sadhana Smiles will make your audience smile, laugh, cry but most importantly they’ll leave ready to tackle the world.

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