Woman in vegetative state sexually assaulted, gives birth

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A woman who has been in a vegetative state for years was sexually assaulted at a long-term care facility in Phoenix. The woman recently gave birth, and the pregnancy appears to have caught officials by surprise. Authorities are investigating. Briana Whitney of CBS affiliate KPHO-TV reports from Phoenix.

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41 Responses

  1. tigermoon44 says:

    Okay, another news agency saying "alleged assault". How does a woman in a coma get pregnant?

  2. Brenda Miller says:

    How terrible prays for her the baby and family. My question? How is it that the staff didn't know about her condition if she was checked around the clock? Something is fishy. Things have been swept under the rug in that facility. They need cameras in all rooms and through out that facility. The truth needs to come out, soon rather than later. People beware when you have to put love ones in nursing homes. Who can you trust your loved ones with? What is this world coming to? Christ is soon to come, so much evil from the WH to our house.

  3. Rere West says:

    Mandatory DNA test of employees and relatives might help.

  4. Anthony Abelardo says:

    Nah, this is how the virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. She prob gave birth to the 2nd Jesus.

  5. Chris Tao says:

    I use to be a CNA,and you would be surprised what people do,some nurses don't care,all they care about is the money, . they had to have known,Cmon they knew. also when the state would be called to a facility,word would spread like fire,and all the administrators,directors would be helping, with the patients ,once the state would leave,it was back to not caring.Nursing is awful. this is horrible I hope everyone there loses there license. they had to have known.

  6. Kim Thomas says:

    I did not show till 8 months also and my baby was 4 pounds

  7. grumerguy says:

    Blood tests for all and dna matching will reveal the guilty party. They will find out who did this. Just a matter of time!

  8. ucim2cute says:

    Outstanding reputation??!!!!! They have 1 star out of 5!!!!! The facility and obviously its staff is waaaay below standards!!!!

  9. ucim2cute says:

    I wonder how many times she had been raped over time till she got pregnant!! It’s not SEXUAL ASSAULT….. it’s RAPE!!!!!!! WTF??!!

  10. Anti-SJW says:

    another orphan child that's going to have to be paid for with tax dollars… Just euthanize it. They should have performed an abortion.

  11. Elysia Jones says:

    Sounds like someone knows more than they're saying. They probly know who raped her. That is sick!

  12. Mr.j Gutierrez says:

    This is sick there is no trust anywhere

  13. tyamkea sanderlin says:

    Every man who worked there in the last 12 months need to do a dna test

  14. jabron2009 says:

    bill cosby did it……..

  15. Jim Bob says:

    In other news police are looking for an employee named buck….

  16. Michelle Miller says:


  17. kazeshini says:

    Did this fool of reporter say allegedly happen I mean it's obvious it happened

  18. Some One says:

    S I C K B A S T A R D S!
    D I E!

  19. Isla Love says:

    Run me that DNA test!!!! Nurses, nurses assistants, doctors, cleaning crew, PAs, maintenance personnel. Any and everybody!

  20. Tony Mondola says:

    The baby being born gives you a window of conception (9 months ago)… If there is no footage of people entering exiting that room you have employee logs because I'm sure they we're clocked in that day… Even if it's the late night janitor…. SOMEONE WILL PAY!!

  21. sharon carroll says:


  22. dya76tube says:

    I can't believe this is happen in 2018 in USA in a long -term facility. Horrible !

  23. MusicVidsLife says:

    It could have been a transgender

  24. HaveYouEverDancedWithTheDevil InThePaleMoonlight says:

    It wasn't allegedly. She is in a vegetative state and a baby popped out. This isn't rocket science. SOMEONE RAPED HER.

  25. Luis Rodriguez says:

    I wonder if the father will be forced to pay child support while he's in prison.

  26. ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø says:

    Devils that the Bible speaks of

  27. Sean Styles says:

    100% chance it is a white man lol

  28. s dizzle says:

    Was she in a coma type vegetative state????? If so, it should be against the law to keep anyone in a coma induced vegetative state for 14yrs simply because you can afford it. There are people who have to be forced to take their loved ones off support weeks after similar incidents yet while some people get to sit abd in vegetative "dead" states up to 20+ years because their families don't want to let them go. But these people are taking up resources and are in a constant vulnerable position. It just doesn't make since to say someone's been in a vegi state for 14yrs if they aren't hardly conscious. I'm not sure if they are saying she was conscious or in a coma state. So sad. I hope they put this facility out of business.

  29. G Lynn says:


  30. Clydes Winfield says:

    I see a Big Lawsuit coming!!! What a disgusting act to do a sick&helpless human being like that!

  31. SFYNXCI says:

    Cameras! Put cameras in each patients room.

  32. nyahmanis mommy says:

    What about her family. Have they spoken out?

  33. No good deed says:

    What angers me is somebody having to spend 14 yrs in a vegetative state.


    i think it would be necessary not to limit the test on only the health care workers but also to test on all the visiting male family members and also to test on the patients and visitors in the health care from the past ten months, at least to be rigorous and exhaustive.

  35. Ayah Ajam says:

    This shows you how questionable this facility and care is!!!!

  36. MrReallionaire100 says:

    You can't say he doesn't like his vegetables!

  37. Marie Marie says:

    I bet it's the dude who resigned.

  38. KEepFlOwING ! says:

    The worst part about this is some patients in vegatative states can still recall the things going on around them and hear things. Who knows what she when thru and she couldnt even stop it

  39. AJ Lo says:

    This happened at Lubbock State School too.

  40. Cameron Hay says:

    Wasn't there a comic on shadbase like this?

  41. dj miXin says:

    The woman sounds like a transsexual lol

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