Why Women Spiritually Need A Financially Successful Man: The Sacral Chakra & Gender Roles

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Women naturally seek a financially stable man.. not out of greed but because of basic biology. We now live in a world where gender roles are reversed & there is no proper execution in yin & yang energies. The Sacral Chakra is a major factor when a woman is trying to attract men. If you are having problems being naturally seductive as a woman, you probably have problems with your Sacral Chakra. I give tips on how to balance and activate this Chakra. Thank me later 😉

This video was inspired by Astro Lada:

& SheRaSeven1/Ashera Star Goddess:

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14 Responses

  1. Ankhle Lonny says:

    IMHO no disrespect to you sis but this wasn't carefully thought out..NEW FLASH men don't pop out wombs with an innate desire to care for another grown ass adult, Men aren't Tools everything you said proves men aren't loved, Question: if a man can cook and clean for himself what purpose do women with this mentality serve other than being a cum rag ?, if your not willing to ease our stress at times, saying men are suppose be to rocks (which is ridiculous) why would I care in stabilizing your chakras, thats not our job, what if a man dont want kids.have you heard of the Gnostics then you would "Trapping Souls" aka having kids is a Baaaaad thing, you basically attempted to spiritualize gold digging behavior or women with "Succubus Syndrome"

  2. Liv says:

    I don't know if you have experience with this, but I was wondering if you could do a video on social anxiety/difficulty making friends, from a spiritual perspective

  3. Liv says:

    what is the next step? how can one "put themselves out there" and actually find/attract a man out in the world?

  4. Vanessa says:

    Lets talk about the root cause of men having left the home and dropped the ball. The men that are feminized that didn’t have fathers in the home are the result.

  5. Vanessa says:

    That fight or flight lifestyle keeps a woman in a masculine state. There aren’t many masculine men left unfortunately, like our dads, grandads of days past. In modern culture women are living as men and men are living as women. Everyone is envying the other sex’s role. This is the root of the failure in relationships. People have it twisted when they say “digging gold.” It’s the stability, security and masculinity that a man has that is attractive.

  6. ToryTiimeBeautyTV _ says:

    I really appreciate this video in explaining things the way you do it shows me that i have a lot of work on healing myself from the inside out to attract the type of man that I want in my life. Thank you for your words. Always Goddess

  7. Kyla Pratt says:

    so elloquently said

  8. Compelled By Liberty says:

    I think society has used truth about the world and who we really are to push deception. A gender role shouldn’t dictate a man or woman. What we feel for one another regardless of this material world is where true love is.

  9. Compelled By Liberty says:

    And tbh ALOT of men have realized “if I lose my job today I lose her” “if I don’t have money she don’t see me” we’ve realized also that we are the same with that money, just a little more confident. So what ends up happening is that we realize she don’t like me for me, she like what she think I can do. That’s a tough pill to swallow but we have. And in consequence the male and female relationship has been destroyed. Since she don’t like me for me without all the extra shit ima just sell her a dream, fuck her and forget about her or fuck her til I’m done wit it. That’s a fact.

  10. Compelled By Liberty says:

    So while a man is “naturally” providing all these things for a woman, what is she providing for a man?
    “Boys don’t cry” right? So It’s not like In this society I can TRULY vent or be vulnerable to a woman, yet a woman is “naturally” nurturing. Outside of the hole between a woman’s legs that trumps any other purpose for a man, what would a woman be doing? I’m only 15 mins in so you may answer some of these questions towards the end. But who does a man lean on? Just because my root chakra is naturally larger than a womans, does not mean my mind State about survival is not the same as hers. State of mind dictates behavior and ultimately, life. You’re 23 so I’ll assume most of your audience is around the same age. With that being said I don’t think women our age should require so much. Take me for example, first off I don’t want to 9-5. My happiness is more important than my money, second…let’s say for the last 2 years I was bussing my ass with zero support (because today’s women have lost the ability to nurture) what the hell would I be willing to take care of shorty for? I cook, clean, etc. what do I need a woman for? Fuck a gender role. You gotta serve me to be served by me. I look in nature and see the lioness kill for the lion. I see the male and female penguin going to get food. Male and female leopards go for the kill. In nature ONLY the strong survive. Being dependent gets animals killed. It is 2018, women wanna be eligible for all the shit men are but stuck in this gender role shit. Same way a woman wanna be president, I better see her doing presidential shit. You wanna be my queen, do sum queen shit. Let’s both have money. Balance is the only way. 50/50 is the only way. We don’t live in a world where women aren’t powerless. In conclusion I just think there are sum natural tendencies men and women have but we can’t use that as an excuse cause truth be told a lot of woman gone just use a man fa money.
    Moving on to a more personal question/statement, ain’t to many young adults our age who got hella money or resources. Should a young man be overlooked because he can’t support a woman?

  11. Charismas Journey says:


  12. Terry Fobbs says:

    Thanks Shy u are beautiful

  13. Sybil Gause says:

    You are so right because you don't see the moon trying to do what the sun is supposed to be doing.

  14. Goddess Of My University says:

    We sure do need that support.. I was just thinking that.

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