Why The Women’s March Was So Successful

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TYT’s Brooke Thomas spoke with L.A. Kauffman about her new book, How to Read a Protest: The Art of Organizing and Resistance.

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18 Responses

  1. E K says:

    The Womens March's core ideology, intersectionality has already created major cracks in the movement and it looks like the Oppression Olympics is only going to get even worse. Bring on the popcorn.

  2. Matthew P. says:

    'Isnt it great that protest has evolved into a bunch of us on Twitter getting people deplatformed when we dont like their speech?'

    No. Its fucking deplorable you absolute regressives freaks.

  3. Matthew P. says:

    >Complains about obstruction for 8 whole years
    >Trump is elected
    >"its time we stop cooperating with this madness."

    Yeah. Not a hypocrite at all…

  4. Matthew P. says:

    "We want Hillary waaaaaaahhhh #OrangeManBad."
    "Great work ladies, what a success!"
    Give me a fucking break. Womens march did fuck-all.

  5. J Briggs says:

    because half the population is female it had large numbers. If you call the ultimate cringe-fest 'successful' I don't know what to tell you though.

  6. mdc nitro says:

    #GiletsJaunes / Yellow Vests France are showing and leading the way: wake up America!

  7. Baby Thanos says:

    I am thankful for the Womens March because with the purging of white and Jewish feminists hopefully they'll get their wake up call about how racist and uncompromising the third world feminists are. If the Jews weren't targeted as well no one would have even cared about how they disparaged white feminists but since they were targeted we actually heard about it.

  8. Jackie Chun says:

    TYT interviewed people at the match, nobody knew what it was about and none of them wanted to admit that they were just butthurt Hillary supporters

  9. Nationalist says:

    Because low IQ women can’t resist the opportunity for any easy virtue signal. Walking down the street, taking selfies in a ridiculous hat…they can’t resist!

  10. mudpie mudpie says:

    Was it "so successful"? What did they actually accomplish? What polices have changed?

  11. Andrew Musgrove says:

    The most prominent Women's Marches are canceled because of the rampant antisemitism within the Women's March.

  12. escorpio118420 says:

    Because Orange Man bad!

  13. ezebllp says:

    good news for tyt ………..Rookie California Police Officer Fatally Shot         Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona was shot and killed Thursday while responding to a crash.

  14. Bre Z says:

    Because women are done putting up with BS

  15. HeresyTalk says:

    What’s the point to that hat?

  16. PoppONaya Shelly says:

    I hear black women waking up to the fuqery which is WHITE feminism. GOOD! Time to let them folks hold their own nuts…..just like they ignore missing black women in Chicago, or the Sandra Bland case, or the fact that white women vote for trump in large numbers.

  17. Edward Kim says:

    Women’s March was a march about nothing, except for being anti-Trump. Nothing about policies, just venting to make themselves feel better…

  18. BizWiz says:

    As always, the Alt-Right, White Nationalists, Right Wingers and Trump fans are outraged over women’s movements. Of course, when they raise issues, they want everyone to be quiet and listen. I guess that’s what happens when you guzzle so much of that orange koolaid.

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