Why pretty women should NEVER be feminists…

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The next two installments in my Feminist Archetypes series! Meet The Hot Babe with Pretty-Guilt, and my personal favourite, The Fright Bat. Plus a special message from me for a special, exciting occasion!

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20 Responses

  1. Jorundr Hrafnsson says:

    Arrrrrrrgh, I can't stand listening to Emma Watson. "What the fuck? Are you about to cry? Why does it sound like you're about to cry???"

  2. Boss Theory says:

    Feminism was always for undesirable women. Men were fulfilling the role of sacrifice even before first wave feminism. the idea that men oppress their wives while dying for them is a feminist narrative and a lie

  3. Jayson T says:

    She's pretty

  4. Kaan Tekin-Sari says:

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the perfect example of an actual feminist fighting for women's rights

  5. Code Connection says:

    I hope you know that you have hot chick privilege as you call it too.

    You I noticed that comment you flashed up quickly from your favourite feminist Clementine Ford. You know, i think this horrible cow probably qualifies as the worst waste of human on this entire planet. When the revolution comes i will gladly celebrate her head on a spike for sure. Am I remembering correctly? Didn't she personally attack you at some conference somewhere?

    As for you sub count, congrats but i remember at just under 1000 predicting you would probably go pretty high pretty fast. Keep it up babe.

  6. La Pensulo says:

    These toxic feminists are destroying women, you need to call these psychotics out and destroy them for the good of femininity.

  7. tennisblood says:

    I've noticed the uglier a woman is, the more in support of feminism she is. Personally, I don't think there is such a notion as a non-pretty woman. There is simply not enough booz.

  8. Daniela Gomes says:


  9. Maryiam Gani says:

    SMH being feminine isnt about hair styles as masculinity isnt about harassing women ….feminism is about equality in a world where there is a women raped every 15 seconds women are sold and or seen as a burden are constantly put down.
    masculinity is the same as femininity it can LOOK different but is the same both work hard protect each other protect and love their families your view of being feminine is pathetic can you bring home pay if your husband gets sick or dies can you run a country if your man gets called to war can you farm land can you face jail and death for your right to vote and receive an education? no? then stop pretending to be feminine because extreme amounts of make up isnt what femininity is either

  10. Philip Greenaway says:

    Can you do a video (if you haven’t already) on reverse discrimination against men / affirmative action? Also can you put your opinion in that video of whether the so called “glass ceiling” exists please?

  11. Og The Barbarian says:

    Feminists can slander women who possess traditional feminine beauty but can they answer: "What's so great about being fat and ugly?"

  12. Stu b says:

    Live feed with you and big red?

  13. Alex Agaba says:

    You're attractive, pleasant, amusing, sometimes savage, entertaining & most importantly interesting…

  14. Mic k says:

    14 fools disliked lol

  15. BigDogBiteHard says:

    Daisy, I had no opinion on Emma Watson until she stated in that speech that men could only become human if they could just learn to be more emotional like the womyns. Fuck Emma Watson, there are no provisos for me to identify as a human being, how dare she!?

  16. mike carney says:

    yea, Emma Watson heart might be in the right place but her head is out to lunch

  17. J H says:

    I am glad you aren't a feminist, having such "Hot Privilege". Being intelligent, and sarcastically humorous, you leave your viewers with the idea that you are like us, and that makes us feel comfy. There is a real reason you are a Unicorn. There are so few of you and we all can't have you in our lives the way we want. I will just say you are pretty, kind, smart, the real idea of a Virtuous Woman.

  18. e.v.u.elect says:

    With Godless people ..anything goes, that is true across the board. This group of people { if they really cared about what they stand for } should be pouring there hearts and actions into the world, and doing wonderful things for so many in need as an example for us all to love our fellow man regardless of his plight .. instead the real agenda is 4 them 2 b used 2 push with there low brow socialistic political motivated actions and activate there lowest minimalist abnormal satanic instincts to, create great harm to traditional God fearing cultures . All the bad words apply to them in abundance , hate pride judgement sexual perversion envy anger violence abortions gay drugs etc i bet most devils prowling about the earth looking for victims to devour have focused there malevolence glare at this group of indoctrinated puppets. feel sorry for this bread ..they don"t have much hope for salvation for they are an abomination to God .. God laws rules not man .. and you can take that to the bank .

  19. Stuart Marks says:

    Live stream would be way cool ………

  20. Fabian Patrizio says:

    15,000 up…well done! 🙂

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