Why People Are Upset About Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World Salary

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18 Responses

  1. blakecole501st says:

    i agree. i'm not a super huge fan of actors who are supporting and not leads making so much but sometimes they're bigger draws, look at Harrison Ford in Star Wars Episode 7, he was able to negotiate a good deal for himself. The one actor i feel was over paid was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for "The Mummy 2" He got paid $5 million dollars and was only in the movie for maybe 2 minutes tops, although i don't know the compariison to Brendon Fraiser.

  2. kevshorty says:

    The regular folk don't care. They just want to jump on the band wagon and say something

  3. j 20man says:

    The market w/always decide pay. Influenced by agents and connections and leverage. Also I think a lot of actors do certain roles for less with an eye on making big money down the line.

  4. Thomoose says:

    Interesting opinion Amanda, but why didn't you take it further? Who or what organization is going to do this rating? Is it based on US, Canadian, Chinese or world-wide popularity? And how does this relate to other entertainment jobs? Take the Avengers movie – Do we say Helmsworth is less that Pratt? or RDJ? OK, then by how much? Do we start rating the guest singers on a song and they should get more if a larger popularity? I believe you are way smarter than me (or I wouldn't be a fan) and so you can take this a little deeper. thanks

  5. AfloatHickory says:

    Completely agree with you. 100%

  6. J Films says:

    Who was the biggest draw in Friends? They were all important imo. Maybe Aniston was the most popular but talent wise Matthew Perry was the best of the cast. However, I found Joey and Phoebe to be the funniest.

    I don't know about the Lego movie. But Chris Pratt isn't the best thing about GOTG and many people loathed his character in IW. I didn't really like the Jurassic World movie. But I felt his female co-star gave a better performance. She's an excellent actress. Her performance in the Black Mirror episode "Nosedive" was brilliant. She's also, imo is very attractive too. I also, saw a trailer where they were doing a mock interview to promote JW2 and she was funniest part of the trailer. It's also, unfair because she's already 37. Most women have shorter shelf lives in leading roles than men because looks matter more for women to be cast so she won't get much more opportunities. I think most people will watch Jurassic World for the franchise not to specifically see him as a lead. He's not marquee like Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Will Smith or somebody like that. That's why, she deserves equal pay. I hope she gets it.

    I don't think BATB is a good example. Emma Watson was offered $3m upfront to do BATB which isn't much but signed a backend deal to earn at least $15m if the film grossed over $750m worldwide but she was clearly the star of the movie. Since, the male actor wasn't doing conventional acting work because he was in a costume or doing voice work. Plus it was her image that dominated the marketing of the movie. The beast actor could easily be replaced but not the female lead of Jurassic World because fans of the first movie would feel cheated. For Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence was clearly the star of that movie. Brad Pitt has always had a crazy female following so maybe that's why he got paid so much more but Jolie was a huge draw for that movie too and famous in her own right.

    The most egregious pay gap issue I can think of was in Iron Man. We all know how much Downey earns. Terrence Howard wanted a little more money for Iron Man 2 and they refused. They replaced him with Don Cheadle who is a good actor but not better in the role. Howard's career hasn't been the same since.

  7. TalesOfWar says:

    Jenifer Lawence made a LOT more for Passengers than Pratt for the very reasons you say. She was a bigger name at the time.

    I'd expect someone like Taylor Swift to make more than some random boy band playing at a music festival. People go for her (by and large. I can't stand her or her music by the way, just an example lol), not the randoms on the smaller stages or tents.

  8. Avatar artas says:

    i absolutely agree with u

  9. Daniel Catallo says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor, I wish he had the integrity of his lifelong buddy Tom Hardy. BC allowed Harvey Weinstein to whore out Alan Turing's story in The Imitation Game. And he didn't have a problem with having the Tibetan character taken out of Dr. Strange – demanded by the Chinese. As for Chris Pratt, he's made the most from shooting Osama bin Laden in 0 Dark 30.

  10. Cj Iscool says:

    The more famous person that brings in more of an audience should get paid more

  11. W C says:

    People know Chris pratt and not bryce Dallas Howard and that matters

  12. The Doc Jay says:

    You are really attractive. I know it is a little cringy. I just felt the need to point it out.

  13. The Doc Jay says:

    Absolutely correct

  14. MrDAZ19 says:

    Also Daryl is basically the last person from season 1 and That him and Rick are pretty close (bromance) . Daryl could take on a leadership role because of Rick. I do kind of agree too. Amazing vid! 😉

  15. Marcus Jasway says:

    I strongly agree with this. It would be like going fishing, you don't expect something like a catfish or some big game to be as much as like a salmon or tuna. There's a lot more factors but ultimately I agree and share your opinion!

  16. SuperMechguy says:

    I agree

  17. Chester Arizmendi says:

    100 percent agree with this

  18. Julian Xamo says:


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