Why Japan’s Women Problem Is Hard to Fix

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In an attempt to bring more workers into Japan’s shrinking economy, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has outlined goals to create a “Japan in Which Women Shine,” also known as “Womenomics.” Bloomberg QuickTake explains why the government still faces serious deep rooted gender bias that excludes women from work.

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  1. Karen Van Zant says:

    What needs to happen, is for marriage to be supported for young couples, with women having children before they are 25 years old. They should be able to raise them and stretching out their educational and career goals until the children are around 7 to 12 years old and can function independently. This way women can ease back into the workforce.

  2. Architectural Works says:

    Too much porn star

  3. Stan Rogers says:

    Stop aborting females. It is simple.

  4. JTC Intl says:

    More brainwashing to get men and women against each other

  5. motherminion says:

    You know why japanese birthrate is so low?

    K O N O S U B A

  6. Dead Dentist says:


  7. dev0n james says:

    japanese women are just as degenerate as women in the west. the problem is them.

  8. Captain YumYum says:

    Yeah but I don’t think many women will be applying for construction or physical labor in general. This video is pushing an agenda take everything with a helping of salt

  9. 0502CR85IV94 says:

    How much delay is there on the Youtube Bloomberg news livestream?

  10. miiiikku says:

    Have the woman haters ever considered that families can't afford to have more children and thats why women have to enter labor markets?

  11. ShibaPatrol says:

    *Looking at the credits*
    Video by: a WHITE MAN! how about Bloomberg employ a woman or a person of color?
    Reporter: a WHITE WOMAN! why don't Bloomberg find a Japanese woman to talk about the situation in their own country?
    Executive Producers: two women and a man. This is what true representation looks like right? /s
    Global Head of Video: a MAN! at least he's black so you get away with that for now Bloomberg.

    See how stupid this is? This is what you're doing. You don't take cultural or societal context, you just look at the representation and scream blood murder. Women in Japan are not being forced out or "excluded" from the workplace, they are leaving and keeping the men there. Bloomberg conveniently fails to mention how 1/3 of young women want to be housewives. Not pressured into, they chose to want to become (there isn't a stigma attached to housewives like they exist in the West). Their marriage partner requirements? job stability and high income to allow them to stay at home. Woman have high expectations so in order to meet those requirements men work hard at their jobs, creates a tough working environment, women can't tolerate the high pressure environment, drop out to get married start a family, expect men to provide everything, men work harder to provide, creates even tougher working environment, women drop out to get married/start a family… its a vicious cycle.
    So the problem with Japanese women is not that they are systematically being oppressed or pushed out of work, they are buckling under the pressure men also suffer from and decided to take the easy way out, pure and simple. Either women need to toughen up OR government mandated reduced working hours, no unpaid overtime work and more flexibility on vacations should do it BUT with the aging population, decrease in birthrates its highly unlikely the Japanese government would back something that would "appear" to reduce work done. At the end of the day, the government is more concerned with the paying of taxes than the well being of its citizens.

    And maybe this vicious cycle is making it harder for some career orientated women to flourish, well either they toughen up or tell the other women to forgo marriage, starting a family, give up on happiness and become a mindless slave to corporations that only benefits the select few on the top. Oh wait, this is Bloomberg, of course they want you to be a mindless slave.

  12. Fnargl says:

    don't allow women in the work force -> women have kids instead -> more people in the work force
    have women work -> women don't have kids -> less people in the work force


  13. EaqIe says:

    They add workers but remove mothers.
    Abe is trying to solve the wrong problems, there is enough workforce but there aren't enough children being born.

  14. Specter Makoto says:

    Lol lol

  15. Steven Zheng says:

    Womenomics is a very short-term gain, long-term loss economic policy. The main problem is an aging population coupled with falling-fertility rate. The only way to save Japan's economy (and Japan as a whole) is to use automation and raise the fertility rate to slightly above replacement level. Womenomics will probably reduce the fertility rate further and fuel future social disorder.

  16. Justin M says:

    No Abe Noooo!

  17. Leah Ri says:

    Still cannot understand why would a white woman explain a Japanese issue?
    Dear white people, stop being nosy and care about your own issues


    Kind of sad that they aren't satisfied making all men slaves, now they are roping women into slavery. Next it will be CHILD LABOR in the name of CHILD-NOMICS!

  19. Jfdas 123 says:

    Feminism and sjw have reached Japan, women need to have more kids/stay at home moms

  20. Hebatallah Ghonym says:

    Egypt rank is better 132!!!!!!

  21. Achii says:

    Part time is better than full time there tbh. Theyre killing each other for works that doesnt give them time to their family

  22. Kuramochi Youichi says:

    heh heh shinzo abe accidentally told women to die

  23. Zepse Wolf says:

    Find it weird how Bloomberg use Bloomberg's news to prove a point XD

  24. Noodle Boi says:

    0:54 I hate these graphs, not cuz they aren't acurate but because they don't tell the whole story, your missing 50-100% and on the bottom 0-45% it looks like it rose the whole graph, and it did but only 5% that the graph shows. (-_-;)

  25. Candy Lin says:

    I think we should look at leadership representation differently. Behind every great leader there is a great partner.

  26. Ahmed Osman says:

    Lol its a contradiction, Japan got the lowest birth rate, solution hire as many women. How they meant have kids and start a family?

  27. Koushi says:

    first thing to address.

    they will need to fix the housing issue.
    and then birth rates

    also if they encourage more women to work more.
    who can birth japanese?

    they have a population problem.
    what do they want more children or more workforce…
    they need to choose.

    they need to lower hours at work to 40 hours not 80 hours.

  28. jappie jappo says:

    Enemy of the West Japan. Our enemy's enemy is our friend.

  29. Tangchi Prathomo says:

    Japanese economic miracle happened when men went to work and women stay at home.

  30. soreal091987 says:

    First and foremost on average women do not like to work long hours also you can't just change culture to accommodate women. Females do not get for filament out of work the same way men do.

  31. MarcuS says:

    Gender p
    Gender pa
    Gender pay
    Gender pay g
    Gender pay ga
    Gender pay gap
    Gender pay ga
    Gender pay g
    Gender pay
    Gender pa
    Gender p

  32. TartanAssassin 90 says:

    I can just imagine that Isabel Reynolds is a right Feminist cunt of a woman.

  33. AMV CBG says:

    Gender bias? U mean womens own choices?

    They are not children. They choose to have different careers.

    They often ch oose to be housewives. 1 in 3 tokyo women want to be housewives.

    I understand that this is somehow a great evil that women are not exactly the same as men with everything.

    But they are adults. They can make there own decisions.

    Unless its the discrimination is rampant in workplaces.

    Then apparently men are just sexists pigs when they gather together in groups they turn into mysoginists and shake their fists at women all day.

  34. sugarmilk28 says:

    At this point if the economy needs workers they have to compensate with better pay and work ethics. Maybe some reasons, for lack of reproducing, is because of financial instability, and ,as people mentioned, workers are working for long hours. Instability, once a couple or an individual feels stable they may desire building a family or larger family.

  35. Brunch says:

    Super dishonest. Show the rate at which women actually apply to these super-demanding CEO work-myself-to-death jobs. You don't do that because you don't want people to see the inevitable correlation. You want equality of outcome even if it has nothing to do with reality or facts or what women actually desire from employment.

  36. bęn lőngs says:

    Japanese women are already famous or more popular than Japanese men.. Just go to porn hub..

  37. Meme Biologist says:

    I wanna work in h
    Japan. I'll work with so many cuties.

  38. Dat Huynh says:

    Last time I checked, Bloomberg is a western news company, specifically the United States. To what extent can you speak on Japanese problems when you don't even live there? Also, is that a British accent? I don't know, that's why I'm asking. It could be and I don't like British people.

  39. Angels of the Oblivion says:

    Don't read the comments. They are toxic. You have been warned.

  40. hk says:

    maybe there are evolutionary reasons women and men are different, just saying. women quit being a mother for a job, it ok her decision. but now women go to psychiatry, talking how unhappy they are, need many pills. funny

  41. veleli maka says:

    another video western ppl teaching us what is rights and what is wrong, thank u so much〜 (=^・^=)

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