Why I Fight Feminism – Bettina Arndt

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Bettina Arndt’s Perth speech on feminism and our male-bashing society.

Special thanks to Russell Goodrick for video and production.

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20 Responses

  1. Sound Chaser says:

    It's very telling to see how rabid the attacks from feminists are to "one of their own" who dares to renounce the unholy faith …and that one needs the ferocity of a honey badger to speak her mind of it.

    Go the Honey Badger!
    (Thank you Bettina)

  2. Gerard Mulder says:

    This made me very emotional and cleared the air a lot.

  3. daymyth says:

    One word. Gynocentrism.

  4. wrb3301 says:

    Was in JCU Campus in Cairns about four months ago for work reasons, there's obvious concern for the safety of female students there…large digital screens in the lunch area spewing pictures of the dangers to the female students…yet oddly in the mens toilets you could buy rough rider condoms and small packets of pheromones to ""inflame her lust"
    Crisis my foot, if there was the frangers and pheromones would be nowhere to be found.

  5. Pinochet Pilot #666 says:

    even if you don't care about men, feminism is still best avoided.
    it makes women miserable and weakens their minds, and when the inevitable backlash occurs…all women will suffer (because of the moronic hate-filled feminists).

  6. Excismos says:

    A great presentation Bettina. Live long and prosper!

  7. Dom Fuller says:

    Thank You Bettina ,, great speech ,, love your work

  8. Black Knight says:

    If you are going to enter a long term monogamous relationship, talk about sex and the future. Tell your potential mate that part of your agreements is the agreement to be sexually available for each other. Also promise to be actively involved in making sure your partner is sexually happy. Obviously, this does not mean sex "on demand", but it does mean that you each agree to be there for each other sexually on a regular basis even if desire wanes. And no…Simply performing a sex act is not good enough. I am talking about making love to each other, taking the time to appreciate each other.

    If you actually love someone, you would never dream of refusing to have sex with them while at the same time demanding fidelity. If a potential partner balks at this agreement, terminate the relationship immediately. If you marry and your partner abandons this agreement, or tries to make you miserable for bringing it up and begrudgingly acquiesces, dump that person ASAP.

  9. zeta reticuli says:

    We should ask WOMEN, What are they SAYING And DOING, to get MEN to such a state to want to harm women in relationships.!!! The WHITE KNIGHTS AND THE MANGINA SOY BOYS Are doing the FEMINIST BIDDING, SO Inhuman.

  10. zeta reticuli says:


  11. David Mckeown says:


  12. richardlbowles says:

    You claim to fight feminism, Bettina. I would be interested to know which of the benefits that feminism has brought you, as a woman, over the years you would be prepared to give up to strike a blow in your cause.

  13. coweatsman says:

    Every man today is Tom Robinson a la "To Kill a Mockingbird".

  14. coweatsman says:

    Some cancers are sexier than others and breast cancer is the sexiest cancer of all. All of which is cold comfort for sufferers of other cancers. The whole thing of showing support for cancer victims is really pointless virtue signalling.

  15. nugley says:

    Enjoyed, donated and shared. Gotta love Tina, and women like her!

  16. Wayne Holmes says:

    Thanks Bettina for speaking out on men's issues.

  17. doctor Jeff says:

    Turnbull supports White Ribbon which ONLY deals with womens' issues. Glad he is gone.

  18. Strefanasha says:

    is the legal term suborning perjury? I mean where women are being encouraged to tell lies to get a better divorced settlement? then feminism is itself CRIMINAL. Thank you ma'am for aiding me along the way against feminism

  19. Strefanasha says:

    weasel words from politicians ignoring all the questions and points you made? TELL ME ABOUT IT!! I protested to the mayor of Auckland in NZ about banning Molyneux and Southern, and weasel words which ignored all my points and questions were exactly what he did. clearly weasel words are spoken by weasels

  20. Shrek The Ogre says:

    Absobloodylutely brilliant! Thank you Bettina!

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