Why feminists should support transgender rights | Amelia Abraham | TEDxLondonWomen

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Can you call yourself a feminist if you don’t support the rights of transgender people? Amelia Abraham doesn’t think so. As someone who identifies as the ‘L’ in LGBT, Amelia has always felt empathetic towards the societal prejudice trans people face, but, on speaking with her friends, she was shocked to discover how many of them struggle to reconcile their feminism with transgender rights. Amelia addresses the common concerns listed by some about trans people – principally the risk to women’s safety. She demonstrates why conflating sexual violence with transgender rights denies the reality of rape culture and its actual perpetrators, whilst also unjustly demonising the trans community and increasing the prejudice, discrimination and hostility towards trans people. Amelia Abraham is a journalist from London, a former editor of Vice and Refinery29 and currently Managing Editor of Dazed Beauty. She has written about LGBTQ+ culture and politics for the Guardian, Sunday Times, Vogue, ES Magazine, Vice and Refinery29. Her first book, Queer Intentions: A (Personal) Journey Through LGBTQ+ Culture, will be released with Picador in May 2019, and is a roving, first person exploration of LGBTQ+ politics and culture. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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3 Responses

  1. Little Bit says:

    Best talk I've heard in a while

  2. Entrenched Mgtow says:

    Absolutely no one with two brain cells supports the hate movement of feminism anymore, so who can support something without an advocacy center?

  3. Emily John says:

    Yes support LGBT to eat women's jobs the best thing or what Wahmans

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