Why Feminism and MGTOW Are Basically The Same Thing

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Apparently, I can’t decide on how to pronounce this.

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5 Responses

  1. Internet User says:

    MGTOW still for Life.

  2. VentionMGTOW says:

    MGTOW is a better, lower stress, more peaceful, more stable, and vastly more prosperous way to live. Nice house on a half acre (paid off) car and truck (paid off) Income 4600, spending 1400, surplus 3000 a month, and none of it can be divorced away from me.

  3. Victor VonFrankenstein says:

    Fuq outta here simp.

  4. Raa16 says:

    Science(Mgtow) and Magic(Feminism) seem to be similar to the uninformed. I encourage you to look more into the facts. 
    Women can not assert or enforce their own authority on men. They require other men with guns to do it for them. If all men were mgtow or red pilled and didn't enforce women's authority we could repeal feminism and solve the problem. I believe it would benefit you to look into Misandry Todays and Turd flinging monkeys back catalogue of videos.

  5. Dang Zagnut says:

    Ah yes, another often said deluded idea. Compare one with massive political power and billions in funding and complete legal privilege over the other, against some guys with web cams. Nice shaming attempt.

    You think feminism is about promoting equality? Wow you really have drunk some koolaid haven't you.

    MGTOW has never been about saving the human race. It's an individual lifestyle choice but because it doesn't include women, people like you lose your mind.

    Also, MGTOW isn't a movement. Make sure to remember that next time.

    Feminism isn't evil, I support feminism and I'm a MGTOW, because they make a new army of sluts to enjoy every year. Why would I be opposed to that? They provide easy sex, and therefore their primary value is supplied for free. And they can pay their own way, do you have a problem with women earning money?

    It hurts to watch? Oh wah. Grow up. Why do you care that some men don't want to get married? Now you have all the single moms you could ever want without competition.

    You have no moral authority to shame anyone.

    And you clearly don't know how to compare and contrast fish and bicycles.

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