Who is Esther de Charon de Saint Germain?

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Alma Johanns, amazing photographer made this beautiful video. She used the photos she took of me at Masterminds, Somba and SigrunLive meetings in Zurich.

You find Alma’s work here:

This is what Alma wrote:
It is not possible not to notice Esther De Charon De Saint Germain…even her name is unusual. This colorful lady sticks out where ever she goes, not just by her style but also as a human being.

Esther is from the Netherlands. An image of a blond girl might pop up in your mind but no…she is different, dark haired, brown skinned…she reminds me of Carmen in George Bizet´s Opera.

Being different isn´t easy and more often than not “the-odd-ones-out” greatest wish is to be normal, to belong. As it was with Esther. From a young age, she tried to fit in but never felt like she belonged. Studying architectural design, fellow students thought she was a fashion student. Working for big corporate companies in different fields she wondered how people could stay there for many years. She got bored after a couple of years and quit. Maybe it was the same as with her relationships, they never lasted. Not until she met her partner at 41 and became a mother 42 years old.

After she turns 50 she realizes that her weirdness is actually her strength and she starts her own business in 2014, an online coaching business for Wonderfully Weird Women. It doesn’t work out as she had hoped for. In January 2016 she only has 5 clients and her mailing list holds 400 names. She writes a book, The Wonderfully Weird Woman’s Manual and starts with Sigrun in the fall of 2016. Things change rapidly. Within weeks her mailing list grows to 2500 names and she has 50 clients for her fall program. The reason being…“Being in a group of female entrepreneurs who had my back, radically changed me from feeling isolated and lost to feeling seen and loved.”

In May this year, she started the Branding Academy for Wonderfully Weird Female Entrepreneurs. 110 students are enrolled. I could say so much more about Esther but will let the images speak.

Want to find out if you are wonderfully weird? Esther has a test on her homepage plus a Free Branding Checklist. I took the test and am proud to say that I am a Wonderfully Weird Woman.

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