When Women Get Hit Back : Your Time Is Up Edition

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When women get hit back : your time is up edition.

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35 Responses

  1. Dr Watson says:

    I just realised that girls would have a harder time fighting men. This is because when a girl comes into a physical confrontation with another girl, they tend to scratch and/or pull their hair however men typically have shorter hair therefore thwarting one of their attacks and making the damage during the fight significantly less

  2. Will McNamara says:

    “You better not hit me again” lmao shut your ghetto ass up. If he wants to he’s gonna hit you again and there is not a goddamn thing you can do about it

  3. Crimzon Wolf says:

    Glad that kid ran that bitch over!

    Little bitches cant take a break up?

  4. snek says:

    0:30 man just slap her or something. You’re wailing on her

  5. Chefies Bass Boosts says:

    Its good and all but you forgot they did surgery on a grape…

  6. osman abdi says:

    10:30 , even a real man cant attack that guy but she did it and got bullet in the ass

  7. Grand Blue Pianist of the Sky says:

    It's a great day for men!.

  8. Ayelo says:

    Boss Battle nearby: your opponent is currently (12) levels higher than you.

  9. Alisha Packard says:

    that last one aint cool bro

  10. Facuu Costa says:

    0:40 dat ass

  11. CharoLifeFC FCCharoLife says:


  12. Unknown 75 says:

    Sometimes a girl needs to be hit because they think they can attack you without any consecuenses

  13. Wesley Killen says:

    7:11 he knocked her ass out

  14. Wesley Killen says:

    Crazy hoes

  15. Ryan ODowd says:

    Pretty sure the chick that was hit with the cinder block is either dead or brain damaged now.

  16. YsmiraX says:

    It's like these Women have no self-preservation drive.
    If you pick a fight with a Tiger, you're going to lose.
    I'd be terrified if I somehow pissed someone off in a small space like a bedroom or train-car, but then I don't go around picking fights like these crazy ladies.

  17. Tim Taylor says:

    Tase the rainbow. Don't tase me bro!

  18. G B says:

    I hate hate HATE this forced fake ass civilized mentality people tell themselves they must have no matter how much someone walks over you. Being a little barbaric will force a society to have good manners

  19. Trouble Finds Me says:

    Did he really bust at 10:26??

  20. B Reeses says:

    Luke was such a nice guy though

  21. R!OT- GHOUL says:

    Lol XD 10:23 he said dang bro lol that had me dead

  22. R!OT- GHOUL says:

    5:19 that girl had it coming and his homie should o backed him up

  23. Kim-Jong OOF says:

    Why tf does that last dude have a taser?

  24. Medakovic Robert says:

    Its Not the men, its the stupid womans who ackting like to be a man… Bitches

  25. Ronald McDonald says:

    Black people are monkeys they look like them and fight like them

  26. SilentGeminii says:

    When a girl pop a man its all funny but when a man pop her ass back its sooo wrong

  27. Johnny K. says:

    Can someone provide context for me about the video at 7:26? Or give me the link to the full version?

  28. hortn123 says:

    I don't condone physical violence against ladies. But on bitches, hoes, and cunts…it's open season!!

  29. dat guy says:

    Whoa man not cool

    She a thot don't protect she can get aids.

  30. Kaleb Collins says:


  31. Stephen Murphy says:

    Seriously, when a bitch says "hit me again", what the fuck does she think is gonna happen?????

  32. MAASAI AKA FLOWZ says:

    To the last video: Bitch, Once you threaten my life with getting shot. All restraints were broken. Everyone loves coming to the super-fucken-man rescue for these, far from lady like hoes. The dudes the come to the rescuer would be the ones I'd shoot if I had a gun. Because you obviously wanna put my life in even more danger with attacking me, AFTER just being attacked.

  33. Mike C says:

    all fine kicking the guy then he swings "i'm a minor!" lol I just wish the guys knew how to properly throw in these videos. I would love someone to land a spinning back kick Joe Rogan level in one of these, send them to the hospital lol

  34. dablingers 57 says:

    She attacc
    She attacc
    But most importantly..
    She get hit bacc

  35. S6xybiscuit says:

    Throwing around those meat hunks chaps

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