When feminism’s misandry falls face first pt 1

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A little comedy for the MGTOW’s to enjoy. Despite Omarosa’s utter disrespect, shaming tactics, misandry, homophobic comments, threats of violence, manipulative behavior and lies.. she gets totally owned, completely creamed and publically mortified on TV as she gets fired twice by powerful men unaffected by her feminist abuse. Karma is a beautiful thing.

Pt. 2 coming

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24 Responses

  1. timetoregroup2008 says:

    Thank you for posting this in this way. I didn't watch The Apprentice–not into reality TV, or much live TV at all anymore, so didn't catch some of the great things about it. Now that Trump is President, I am so glad to see how he handles this nonsense. Thank goodness. Maybe we CAN be great again.

  2. SpitfireAnimations says:

    Cheers, that's why Trump's the president

  3. petroglyph79 says:

    i knew she was a bitch the first time i seen its shows trying to ooze out her face

  4. M Valentine says:

    This woman is now part of Trump's administration? Jesus Christ

  5. Niki Luv says:

    "I was going after you" bitch you step over the line by unnecessarily bring up his family.

  6. J.D 2.0 says:

    I can see why "Michael Clarke Duncan" died of a heart attack.

  7. Alvaro Alas says:

    what a fucking bitch i'm glad she got fired

  8. byebyegiomar says:

    Piers Morgan doesnt know how to deal with bitches


    I'll bet her black weave smells like a dead black corpse.

  10. Slappy says:

    And women wonder why men hate them…

  11. Stephanie DeGange says:

    omarosa–you shame american christian women–learn to love yourself…it's obvious you hate YOURSELF!

  12. mitsay says:

    This is disgusting. These so called feminists are destroying it's meaning. I mean…~
    … I'm a man, I truly believe in equality. Everybody should have the same chances, the same rights. Not only about man/woman but about race. Of course there are certain areas where the rules have to adapt. But people like this lady destroys it all. They get together to spread hate. Look at blacklives matter…

  13. Aa says:

    She's a narcissist who triangulates by using Piers children , family , and Trump to manipulate Morgan to react and make a fool of himself , so she can pounce and shame him further into submission.
    Narcs usually hide their eyes because they cannot produce tears , it's fake crying , crocodile tears.

  14. Bro Man says:

    USA! USA! USA!!

  15. Etuate Lafferte says:

    When it comes to owning Feminazis, Trump is one of the best…

  16. CHAD LE CHAT says:

    Trump. A wise man.

  17. mark southern says:

    she's scum hope she fucking dies soon

  18. Proven Records says:

    this is what feminism leads to…… funny women insulting everybody.

  19. 4998826p says:

    What a fucking pathetic lowlife

  20. twicedubbed says:

    It's great to see her cry in the end.

  21. Abhishek Singh Rautela says:

    what a horrible horrible person she is ..

  22. Fireoncityy says:

    Ill celebrate when omarosa dies

  23. Sam says:

    if I were trump, I would've fired that bitch as soon as she started bitching about her work lol

  24. zzzut says:

    Not embarrassing enough for my personal taste.

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