What’s Wrong w/ Bolt EV? Clever Lens Cleaner – Autoline Daily 2450

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0:26 Chevy Bolt EV Sales Plunge
1:48 Car Sales Stall in Europe
2:31 Chinese Market Slowing Down
3:27 Honda Backs Out of Deal with Waymo
4:09 Valeo’s Clever Camera Lens Cleaner
4:38 GM #1 Company in Gender Equality
6:06 Autonomy’s Impact on Automakers

Story Links:
– Honda Backs Out of Waymo Deal:

– Valeo’s everView Centricam:

– GM #1 in Gender Equality:

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43 Responses

  1. cartmanrlsusall says:

    That's a marketing failure

  2. Robin Bockman says:

    GM still making cars that no one ordered. Then sell them to dealerships who then park them out the back and hope some one comes along and wants one that the sales people don't want to sell you as the service department won't make any money on it.

  3. Z kai says:

    Looks matter … interior and exterior.
    Still waiting for my Mazda EV w/Rotary Extender …
    Think 100 miles EV range with Range Extender …

  4. twnetf says:

    Old people channel sponsored by old companies, there is no place for Tesla here!

  5. Ann Divine says:

    In the US it is that crappy gold badge on the front that puts people off, when they sold it in Europe as the Ampere it sold like hot cakes, (we have smaller bottoms) but then they withdrew it from sale, why, because they want to be able to say in six months that there is no demand for EVs so they can withdraw it completely and continue making ICE cars and trucks

  6. Kiyanis says:

    I was going to buy a Bolt EV until I found out it didn't have available adaptive cruise. That was a genuine deal-killer for me. The Model 3 isa perfect fit for all my requirements in a car, but it was also out of the question because of worry I have for the future of Tesla. I ended up settling for a Volt PHEV for now. It's a great car and the 53-mile EV range is large enough that my daily work commute only uses about 45% of the battery. Hopefully when I go car shopping again in a few years, Tesla will be rock-solid and EV's will be very affordable.

  7. Mark Plott says:

    The biggest problem with the BOLT is………it still has a Tailpipe……LOL.

  8. Mark Plott says:

    TESLA model 3 is a ICE car KILLER.

  9. Mark Plott says:

    FACT is the Chevy BOLT is a Compliance car and no American wants to drive a Compliance car.

  10. rabit818 says:

    The oil companies.

  11. Lloyd Mildon says:

    Too expensive. Too small.

  12. Stephen Marcus says:

    Bolt should be selling GREAT however the design is a dud and makes the vanilla Pacifica look sexy.
    Imagine if Blazer or even a raised Astra had been used? GM first failed with Volt, bland design and The General failed to explain the PHEV as an ultra hybrid as Honda has with Clarity presenting the car as an EV with back up petro just in case.

  13. jonevans20 says:

    I went to a chevy dealership to look at a bolt. I waited for 45 minutes after being told someone would be right with me. Apparently they don't want me to trade my avalanche for an ev. I bet tesla won't mind taking my money.

  14. thejacksonles says:

    Three words. Get A Tele-Prompter.

  15. Kent Purdy says:

    As InsideEVs reports updated official (not estimates)l Canadian sales report have come in Bolt sales have actually increased by 19% (inline with their production increase) not declined. Autoline needs to update their story.

  16. Dan Bouchard says:

    Who pays for the roads if no gas tax?

  17. Poj Dia Vaj says:

    I think consumers stop liking the bolt when They realize it won’t go faster then 93mph. Must be a car or truck for the senior only.

  18. Sparklander says:

    We’ll see how well the Model 3 sells when the tax rebates end, which they should!

  19. Tag Makers Pet Tags says:

    Dealers know that EV's are bad for business. Dealers make MOST of their money in post-sale servicing – and EV's don't need servicing. Dealers who sold "too many" Bolts last year are seeing profits fall. They are clutching at straws however… the dealership business model has another 4 or 5 years of life before it fades from view. Car sales are down because many people no longer need cars. Ride-hail is booming (despite its own problems), and large swathes of city dwellers can now get from A to B far more easily and cheaply than by using their own cars. So why own a car?

  20. Rath Mam says:

    The American government should build the Universal Charger stations that can charge all the electric vehicles.

  21. Glenn Millam says:

    I tried to buy a Bolt this summer. What kept me back was the fact that, driving it from Louisville to Nashville, there is currently no good places to charge the vehicle. In Nashville, there are a couple of fast-charging stations, but they don’t want you to stay longer than 30 minutes, and it isn’t as fast as a Tesla supercharger. So, I would have to hope I could drive slow enough to make it to the Nashville charger, charge up enough to get around town before going to my final destination, then get the vehicle charged up enough to make it back. Assuming it could. Needless to say, a Model 3 would have no problem, but the ones they are selling now is out of my price range.

    I wish the car companies would standardize on a single charging speed that is fast enough without killing the batteries and build out the network the way Tesla has. I really like Tesla, but the world would be a drab place if everybody owned the same car.

  22. reelreeler says:

    I still use my cars mirrors to back up 99.9% of the time. Looking forward to autonomous cars, tired of being at a traffic light when the person in front is clearly more into their smart phone than driving and just sits there when the light changes

  23. Richard Roberson says:

    no crap, having cars shared will remove all those cars out there decaying to time. Putting 100,000 miles on 1 car a year is far better than 10,000 on 10 cars a year.

    electric cars will last significantly longer as well.

    if anything good comes of it its that the insurance industry will get gutted which we can all say we will enjoy

  24. toyracers says:

    The bolt is ugly.. Model 3 is way better looking

  25. Robert Aitchison says:

    As many have said I don't doubt that increased availability of the Model3 have hurt sales of the Bolt, though with the EV tax credit for Tesla already in it's sunset phase we're looking at going from a $15K price difference (between the cheapest Bolt and the cheapest Model 3 you can buy. and a $22K price difference by 2020, that's assuming that Tesla doesn't make a sub $50K Model 3 before the end of 2019.

  26. Adrian Blackwell says:

    $50,200 for cheapest Model 3 option not including incentives. ~$44,000 for Bolt EV maxed out not including incentives. Blogs need to stop comparing these two, not even remotely close in price. Maxed Model 3 is $64,200 (non performance model). Till Tesla puts out the sub $35,000 Model 3, comparing these two is like comparing BMW 3 series to 5 series, not the same segment price wise.

  27. Paul Stein says:

    Just read. Looks like tax break being eliminated

  28. SkyKnight209 says:


  29. Vasuki Nagabhushan says:

    Bolt is an excellent electric car with long range.

  30. Mike Barnard says:

    GM is suffering from a dealer network that doesn't like selling EVs. The business model requires rapid sales and long-term revenue from service, and dealerships know that EVs take longer to sell today and don't require a lot of servicing. So they deflect customers to other cars rather than figure out a business model to deal with it. And diverting cars to other countries is valid.

  31. Sarah Walker says:

    The charging infrastructure in America is a joke for every ev that is NOT a Tesla. I bought an I3, and really like it, but my next car will be a Tesla.

  32. TheSkystrider says:

    Only the hint of a Tesla driving as the reason for Bolt sales dropping, eh

  33. Christopher Greenfield says:

    The bolt looks like an Aveo. The bolt has a Chevy badge on it. That's the problem

  34. Dave In Canada says:

    Maybe buyers don't want own a Chevy!

  35. Lap Le says:

    Tesla effects!

  36. abbyboyone says:

    i see lot of trucks moving tesla 3s.

  37. Hammer Home says:

    Because its a 40 thousand dollar shit box , that will take you 20 years to recoup the extra $25K that you could have spent on gasoline … Not all people are stupid.

  38. Sid Blair says:

    My VW Golf backup camera is hidden under the rear badge. When engaged, the badge flips up. So far I have not needed to clean the lens.

  39. Sid Blair says:

    I agree with you on dealerships. I actually enjoyed driving several Bolts, but dealers were never willing to haggle on price since they were so scarce in the Midwest. I also found it frustrating that out of three dealers, only one had a trained EV salesperson. Another thing that happened was I would set an appointment for a test drive only to have the dealer call me later to say it had sold. So I had to go the ICE route. I love the Tesla Model 3, but it is way out of my price range and installing a level 2 charger at my home would have been insanely expensive. Hopefully, in 2020, the VW ID line will be out and perhaps more affordable. I wish that the government had a rebate on the installation of home chargers as well.

  40. Fr. James Johnson says:

    The vehicles are too expensive.

  41. lee santos says:

    Not catching on fire and doesn't cost 80 k plus !

  42. Mendicant Bias says:

    Sluggish Bolt EV sales are due to a legacy dealer network focused on service and parts for their profit margins.

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