What is (SMV) Sexual Market Place Value & The Wall?

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Had a subscriber request a video on a dating problem that confused him, he was unclear as to what “the wall” is and why a 35 yr old single mum was being so pushy when it came to dating.

He sent me some screen shots of the texts and asked for help understanding these women he is dating as he’s seen several other women do the same thing. Get demanding and pushy as to his intentions

This video answers that question with the sexual marketplace value curves and details about the wall.


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40 Responses

  1. Le OT says:

    The overwhelming majority of people are married to people around their own age and who also have a similar background and education. There are always exceptions like the cougars and sugar daddies and babies, but overall, we match up with people similar to us, close in age, looks, background, and money. A five will most likely end up with a five, and tens pair up with tens. Millionaires tend to marry other millionaires, and someone in their 20s is a lot more likely to fall for another 20 something.

  2. HingleMcCringleBerry says:

    As a young guy. I look forward to getting older

  3. Piter De Flames says:

    this graph seems to be extremely exaggerated: a 15 yo girl has the same SMV as a 30 yo many?? come on

  4. Tae'lor Moore says:

    Yes. On dating apps, I’ve never swiped right on someone that didn’t also swipe right on me. Everything is a match and within hours I have tons of messages. This definitely inflates the idea that any of those men are disposable- they’re just another message (in that moment) and they’re all saying the same thing. I had my profile just to stroke my ego and I never went on a date with anyone from an app.

  5. Wide Valet says:

    What a gorgeous beard this guy has, very handsome.

  6. P Pumpkin says:

    If a woman says "what are you intentions" just say "I'm open". "Let's see where it goes. Maybe will be friends, maybe we'll just have an enjoyable date, maybe you'll be my soul mate."

    If she gets pushy – don't waste your time. Also make it clear – that you're the one qualifying her. Ask her directly "what do you have to have to offer that makes you relationship material- it puts her on the defensive and takes away her power trip.

  7. dpactootle says:

    A man has more value in their late 30's and 40's only IF he has more money/education, workout, takes care of himself AND PLASTIC SURGERY/touch-ups (cosmetic surgery works great in men if they were at least a little good looking to begin with). If you think men's look don't matter, you are kidding yourself and in denial/delusional.

  8. beabees1 says:

    It’s super cringey to see a middle aged guy say a woman’s peak is early 20s

  9. caraya says:

    I've dated a couple older men. Even though the idea seemed attractive at first, I have quickly realized that 40 year olds can be quite boring. They've lost their sense of adventure, and are no longer excited about much. And they can start to have a waning ''vitality''. That can be incredibly frustrating, as someone with a lot of sexual energy! With men my age, I can experience new things with them, and fuck all day long!

    All this to say that even though there is validity to the mismatch between men and women's peak, I don't think older men and younger women are a natural match at all. It seems to me to be just some sort of rite of passage. You meet a 35 year-old when you're 22, date for a while, realize he's playing you and taking advantage of your youthfull naivete, plus the stuff I've mentioned above, and you move on. But that's just my experience.

  10. Artjoms Pugacovs says:

    Men dont have wall point.

  11. Chris Kilmer says:

    "What are you looking for"—- have heard this from women many times. I had a gal ask, " what do you want in a relationship….and don't say sex".
    This was our third date and she was twitching her hips kissing me while lying on my futon….it was all I could do to not bust out laughing while she manipulated me to commit to her idea of a relationship without sex…..she was 62.

  12. tatanyave says:

    "men play to win, women play not to lose." What you mean is that that is what they focus on. Are you a good person or avoiding being a bad person. Is a matter of belief and focus.

  13. Witch Ghost says:

    my ovs are getting older by the day and I'm 27 and all i can think about is having kids and just popping out baby after baby. my friends are like "oh you have all the time in the world! go back to school!" and I'm like NOPE. I'm pretty sure PMS is just my body sobbing because I have to shed another fertile lining that could be growing life. I am literally only young once and I'm not even that young anymore and honestly if I cant have kids I might as well kill myself. I don't understand why some women dont want to have kids. sour grapes maybe? I wish I had just fucked some dude at a bar and had a 5 year old right now. FUCK.

  14. Kerry Foster says:

    The wall exists only in your mind. I know dozens of very attractive women in their 50s. All sexualy active. Sex is still great at 60.

  15. Michael Cuff says:

    Ha! Yea I remember that stupid show! I called it Sluts in the city! Women used to eat that show up! And like you said, they start to believe it as true!

  16. Soapy Suds says:

    I just tested your theory and asked 20 year old women if they were even remotely Attracted to older men, they said hell no, so good luck w dat…

  17. Soapy Suds says:

    We live in a time these days where women can provide for themselves and get great careers of thier own. We don’t need this old fashioned sugar daddy model of society to live by anymore, however if it was still the 50’s I might agree. I know for a fact I became much more attractive in my late thirties than my twenties, I had hundreds of gross older guys trying to date me and I was always floored that they thought they had a chance, you are truly delusional, most women wouldn’t agree with u but perhaps it’s true in third world countries.

  18. Soapy Suds says:

    Women still want good looking guys, just bc she used you for money doesn’t mean she loved u. This chart is delusional and superficial. You are spewing bullshit which is 99% wishful thinking, but hey u have a chart so it must be true lol

  19. Paul Hury says:

    An older woman at work once told me that if a woman is not married by 30 years old they are not getting married.

  20. OriginalTharios says:

    Well, now I see why I have so much trouble convincing women I'm not an asshole. Thanks for making my life more difficult…pretentious asshole.

  21. TokyoTraveller says:

    I like your vid, but you missed one key point:
    That curve can be greatly extended for men, if they have more money than average.
    If they are rich, the curve basically flattens out at maximum for life.

  22. khanhuyen239 says:

    I have to respectfully disagrees with you there. Women hit the wall when they allow themselves to hit the wall, reproductive rate does not reduce significantly after age 25. In fact, young maternity age has higher risk of SIDS. And men in their late 40s will crash so hard by the time they hit 50s. I find no benefits in dating a man in his 40s when i am in my 20s, for fear that i will spend 20 years of my life taking care of an old man medically.

  23. Nadira Perry says:

    Lol this video clearly isn't talking about w.o.c. Black don't crack and Asian doesn't raisin!

  24. Randalf Steward says:

    We men have also learned to not believe what our potential woman says. We look at what she does because we know that she will lie to get us on the hook. We become more cold-blooded because we have been taken advantage of. When we were young, we were hypnotized by their beauty and suffered because of it. But as we get older we learn that it isn't the women that have the advantage, it's us men. We have more going for us. We can choose to build ourselves up and since we have a life long struggle to take care of our own needs and women don't: we don't care. A woman is just a nice addition to what we have built.
    But don't think I don't appreciate women. They're great. They are the definite spice of life that makes life so much better, but they can also be the definite bacteria of life that can make a man wish for death. A good woman is great and she doesn't have to agree with a man all the time. A real man doesn't mind if she expresses her disagreement. She may be right. Only a fool would ignore his wifes' ideas.

  25. Mr. Mike says:

    I tell every young man always, always, always look at her mother. If you get married and you want sex that fat, short haired domineering pig you married is the only place in the world you can get it.

  26. Connor Duke says:

    Eastern european are traditionally smarter and more aware of this than western women, although as westernisation expands this too is changing.

  27. Avalanche2 says:

    What is missing in all your videos, is emotion. While it's easy to sit back and think pragmatically about other peoples relationships, emotion and heartache is the wildcard that fucks everything up. You talk about these very easy things that everyone knows, emotion is the killer.

  28. 7curiogeo says:

    Haha I'm 65 and truth in fact is as you speak it. I meet a lot of women, few are worth the time spent getting to know them. At least 70% are gold diggers looking for a mule to carry them.

  29. Marc Right says:

    6:45 You need to add "…and they were more attractive at 22."
    9:02 They also were sluts sleeping with different men every week with no repercussions. Oh, and had super successful fantasy TV jobs.

  30. James Valt says:

    The sad thing about this is too, the vaule that women give themselves is massively over inflated. All l have to say is all the guys 25 and up, be patient because we are going to be swimming in pussy once these 18-25 year olds realize it.

  31. Mark Lap says:


  32. PepsiJoeLouis says:

    So true! Everyone has their own level of attractiveness but that level will often peak based on this chart. So if you're a young man and aren't getting anywhere with women just wait. Focus on yourself, career interests, stay fit and your time will come.

  33. Diana Shop says:

    One of the best Message about Sexual Market Place Value..You nailed it….love you my friend.

  34. Frank Thalheimer says:

    Hello, I'm from Germany and your explanations are surely right. But in our country women are not that much influenced by this TV Shows or even magazines or social media in that heavy way. Times have changed a lot here. Some guys (like me) are on women, who have more self-cofidence. My girlfriend watched your video as well and does not feel threatened by it. These things on your blackbord are facts, but we were bit shocked, how women take this fashion and TV thrash too serious. It's sad. Thx, this was something, we both did not know.

  35. rivahkillah says:

    Going for a hot woman with kids is like buying a sporty car that somebody else already totaled.

  36. Michelle Oceguera says:

    Im 30 years old and I got married when I was 18, and we have 3 children together. If anything (knock on wood) were to happen to my husband or if we were to end up divorced I think id be alone for the rest of my life because I would be highly suspicous of a mans standards and/or reasons for dating a single mother of 3. Common sense is that it is a bad idea.

  37. Bleach Dome says:

    Agreed, had difficulty finding dates when I was in my 20s as a guy. Now that I'm in my early 30s been able to get more dates and always get the question, what are you trying to get out of dating and what do you do?

  38. Soraya says:

    All those young men thinking they just have to wait and they will be able to date 20 years old girls when they turn 40… You are being delusionals. Looks and age are very important for women too. If you can't date young woman when you're young, your chances are not gonna get better when you get old. Stop acting like pussys (no offense) and go get a nice girl who is not a gold digger (which is the only kind of girl you'll be able to find when you're an old rich man). If you think marriage is a bad idea, then don't get married. But don't waste your time with ideologies, get out there and live a happy life. Almost everyone needs a partner and wants to reproduce. Loneliness doesn't suit anybody.

  39. Sonny in Phoenix says:

    That merikan slob in the clickbait is a tranny lol

  40. Bilosopher says:

    do not date single moms

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