WATCH: Hardik Pandya Makes Sexist, Racist Comments On Koffee With Karan

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Cricketer Hardik Pandya has apologised for his comments about how many women he had slept with in Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee with Karan after he was trolled on social media. #HardikPandya #BCCI #KoffeeWithKaran

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30 Responses

  1. Sunil Chand says:

    Hardik shud be in porn industry instead of cricket

  2. prajwal BS says:

    Ban them from cricket

  3. S F K E D U says:

    This is cheap

  4. D.Rajashekar Raja says:

    Controversy with Karan
    Leave it man

  5. Lion King says:

    That tweet must be written by some other person definitely not him…

  6. hosamane razz says:

    Anyone please explain in English wt he commented on woman I don't know Hindi

  7. Mahendra Bhupathy says:

    Ban both of them for life. Must ban in IPL too

  8. arj s says:

    idiot player

  9. Vidhya Lakshmi says:

    Who the hell would go for him at any damn situation??? His personality is beaming through his face. How desperate are people?

  10. Niroshini Balan says:


  11. know 1 says:

    Speak what you have in your heart,if it doesn't go down well,then just issue an 'heartfelt' apology.its not about what he said but it's about what led to this mindset
    Probably lack of education,proper upbringing and also decandent culture if he has any.the conversation he referred to with his parents questions the very dynamics of a traditional Indian family,not Matter how modern.well now coming back to the points
    Education coz he clearly has gone beyond school nor has he tried to learn the proper way to conduct himself
    Improper upbringing coz parents as such encourage obnoxious thought process
    Lack of culture coz what he said wasn't abnormal but being a celebrity of that stature he shud bttr know how and what to say on a national platform in a country such as India..
    Censorship is the key to njoyed taintfree stardom

  12. Rais Ahmed says:


  13. Trumpet Friday says:

    Maybe that silly English accent screwed up the pronunciation of the actual word, as usual

  14. sukesh Kasala says:


  15. prathamesh sutar says:

    Last hope now do condom ads

  16. Dan Vaisi says:

    New Hindu culture is influenced so much by Muslims that they have become culture police. Is Saudi they have Mutawwa, who are religious police. Indian TV anchors are no different. It’s sad, that people who never contributed have become judges and jury.

  17. Abhinandan Bharti says:

    Classless person …
    First have a look on your own face …

  18. Sheryl Fernandes says:

    Does he have a sister…

  19. Shofed Ikhtiar says:

    9th grade educated person what do you expect from him …

  20. abhishek bhatodekar says:

    It's mumbai Indians turn to drop this uneducated fool

  21. pranjal khanduri says:

    Just controversy masala..Seems like imp position me sati savitri log chahiye sab ko…

  22. Sandy Sen says:

    Please someone tell what did hardik say … please.i can't Even understand I'm dying to know

  23. Saravan Bhavan says:

    Ban this fellow orelse BCCI gets bad name should take an immediate against him

  24. Shubham Jaiswal says:

    Hardik Pandya be like:-
    Aaj Main Karke Aya h.!!
    Uneducated person!!!!!

  25. soneelita says:

    He never said anything bad.

  26. Ksr Ksr says:

    Very .. very unfortunate any comment causally against women…. is being seen through mocroscope… do the same care about 498a,Dv, and 304

  27. Eshaan Mondal says:

    Cricketer or crickter nahi lagte hai model com actor lagte hai inko khel se zada glamour world pe interest hai sachin ji sourav da jayse natural player ab kaha dhikte hai isliya cricket dhekhe ka interest kam ho ra hai — its just my opinion

  28. vinod sharma says:

    Kaliya kutta cricketers kiya ban gaya aasman Mai ud raha hai

  29. Vishvesh Tadsare says:

    He's not apologised by heart anyways but only after he knew what he had done!

  30. yashwant kumar says:

    Hardik …. Shame on you

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