Veganuary | My Imperfect Vegan Journey

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My imperfect vegan journey in honour of Veganuary.

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28 Responses

  1. CruiseGuy says:

    Plants have feelings

  2. andrea gordon says:

    Great video – could you do more on Veganism in January please ? Some ideas for easy lunches for work would be great ?

  3. Jessica In Tex says:

    ❤❤ kudos ❤❤

  4. Anna Hall says:

    Thank you, Zanna for your honesty. I have been a vegetarian for 15 years and although I would love to be a vegan for environmental reasons I still eat and drink a lot of dairies. The main reason is that I bodybuild and animal proteins are the best for muscle hypertrophy. I know there are some phenomenal vegan bodybuilders out there, however, most of them became vegan after they achieved their gains. Although I have achieved the body I want and I am training and eating for maintenance, I find it hard to have a diet which is high in protein (140 g per day) without the dairies. I know this is an egocentric reason for not becoming vegan. I am open to any advice and inspiration.

  5. Maddy Homberg says:

    I love how honest you are! I’ve been vegetarian for almost a year and I’m now doing Veganuary! You have really inspired me to eat more plant based and it’s actually really easy I find! The hardest part is sneaky milk or egg or other animal products in things that you wouldn’t think of like salt and vinegar chips, flavoured popcorn, dips, salad dressings and candy! Mostly things that aren’t that great for you but things that pop up in life at work and celebrations. I’ve been trying different foods than I usually would and my tastebuds have definitely changed!

  6. Everything But Salad says:

    I have no idea how I found this video. This was my first time seeing your channel and I LOVE that this was my intro to you. 🙂 I admire this mindset and your honesty. I am in such a similar place and it is nice to find a fellow person on this journey with a similar mindset. Keep it up! and happy new year!

  7. atommachine says:

    I need to start this im bad with sugar , going to see what going on here to learn a bit and i am looking into foraging nettles and woodland stuff this year o and drink more water. atb

  8. nommh says:

    That’s interesting. I went vegan for my health, very egoistical one might think, but in view of the groaning public health systems in developed countries my future health also benefits the rest of society. I had seen my mother die dependent on pills that could not cure her and that had nasty side effects. She more or less believed in doctors who knew they could not cure her.
    I did not believe in those doctors and asked the internet how I must eat to stay healthy longer. The Paleo people shouted loudest, so I did a brief spell of paleo. I kept looking though, because we neither know what people ate in paleolithic times nor how healthy they actually were. Then I found veganism and was very skeptical at first. Then I found more and more doctors and scientists who were not out to sell me supplements.
    But it was a process for me too. I found it difficult to let go of cheese. Then I had a brief oyster phase because I did not like the idea of having to swallow supplements only to find that I disliked oysters much more.
    I’m still hooked on wool and wear my old leather shoes. Sometimes I find it a struggle not to eat vegan junk food, but at least I know now how I can raise my chances to stay pill free for longer. I’m old enough to qualify for high blood pressure, but when I eat a whole food plant based diet it is slightly below normal.
    I don’t know about you, but I hardly know anyone who is vegan in real life and no-one with whom I regularly share meals. Could this be the reason you read articles to stay motivated? I almost cried with joy when a longtime friend of mine sent me some homemade biscuits for christmas and told me she had gone vegan too and the biscuits were her first attempt at vegan baking.

  9. Karli says:

    I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing. You’ve definitely made me consider my animal consumption.

  10. MadelineJohns says:

    I’ve had such a similar journey! Thought veganism was weird af, started doing yoga and took an environmental science class then consequently stopped eating red meat, went veggie and recently I’ve drastically reduced my animal product intake and am now doing veganuary which I’m hoping will help me transition into a fully plant based diet 🙂

  11. abaeba .—. says:

    i am looking for virgil van dijk ok not vegan van dijk

  12. Hazel Mooney says:

    Giving this video a million cheeky thumbs up!
    I resonate so much with this!!!
    I am so grateful to know that you too are not the perfect vegan.

    I went veggie 2/3 years ago and never looked back. I adored veggie food and never wanted meat anyway.

    Then this year, I recognised that I wasn’t consuming eggs or cheese or dairy mills becasue I simply don’t like them, and so transitioning to a plant based diet seemed like a reasonable goal.

    I’m now 99% on a vegan diet. And also buy only cruelty free and vegan beauty products.

    However my difficulty comes with the other aspects of the life style with reference to fashion. And affordability of certain goods/ goods I already own.

    Over Christmas I found it really frustrating how many delicious treats people had at parties/meals etc that I had no alternative for. And so once a week I allow myself one thing that is non-vegan, be it a chocolate, or a product i used to love maybe just has a small amount of honey or milk powder etc. And im therefore slowly ticking off my ‘last one’ of things like that. And I hope this year I will be 100% vegan in my diet.

    I would love to know where the Lentils top is from?

    Much love always!!!! Xxxxxx

  13. Olivia Thews says:

    It makes me feel better to know you have missteps too! I’ve been trying super hard to be 100% vegan and occasionally when I go out to eat my food will come topped with cheese unexpectedly, and I feel really guilty eating it, but I feel worse if I waste the food. It’s hard to be conscious all around, but each time is a lesson learned! Good luck on your journey!

  14. Jordan O'Connor says:

    Love this video and your honesty! Its so refreshing and welcoming.

  15. eilidh says:

    This is so refreshing to hear! I’m currently doing veganuary after 3 years of being vegetarian. When I decided to stop eating meat, I watched all the documentaries and LOADS of vegan youtubers (at the time of high carb low fat – if u know u know) and they were so negative towards anyone unless they appeared to be the “perfect” vegan. I think that’s why I never really committed to veganism because it felt like you were held to impossible standards so it’s so nice to hear someone with a very humble and honest vegan story ❤️

  16. Allison B says:

    HI Zanna! I've been a vegetarian for about a year and a half. I read 'Eating Animals' after I gave up meat (and I gave up meat because I realized there was no difference between eating one of my cats and a cow). I'm trying veganuary right now, which isn't a huge change, but I'm finding that it's difficult to avoid milk in chocolate – even dark chocolate! What do you always have around to snack on?

    Also it's so frustrating being around my family ("So being vegetarian means you can't even eat hamburgers??"). What's the best way to get them to agree to sit down and watch a few documentaries?

  17. Frost pot says:

    Veganism is damaging health all over the world. Stop spreading this bullshit to young girls

  18. Alex Wieteska-Gasior says:

    Omg, this resonates with me so much. I pretty much had the exact same journey which included reading the 'Eating Animals' book. That book it pretty amazing. It's ok to fall off the vegan bandwagon now and again, being vegan 99% of the time is better for the environment, welfare and health than not doing it at all.

  19. Emily Widdowson says:

    This has made me relax so much. I was worried about changing everything I do and use but at the moment, I have just started veganuary from being a vegetarian and I am happy with that right now.

    Thank you Zanna.

  20. Katy Warner says:

    Been watching since the chicken days! Love hearing your vegan story as I remember watching you go through it – I was about 6 months ahead in everything you did but my journey was exactly the same as yours! So pleased with where we both are today.

  21. Lara Bulger says:

    Currently reading Eating Animals because I knew I needed it to motivate me to start Veganuary!! Just subscribed and so exciting for all the videos 😀

  22. Ericka Bajrami says:

    Your journey is almost identical to mine! I have been eating vegan since November 27 and am so surprised how easy and delicious it is.

  23. Katherine Anthony says:

    Loved hearing your journey! I went pescatarian after reading around animal rights etc, then went vegetarian and have been vegetarian for 1 year and 2 months now, and I have started drinking almond milk instead of dairy milk! I'm hoping to become vegan someday! X

  24. Christie LT says:

    Please can you talk about why you don't eat honey. I'm a vegetarian and have been for 4 years and I'm going vegan for January but I'm conflicted about honeys and bees products.

  25. Sophie Levs says:

    Love this video, great to hear your journey! I was vegetarian for 6 years, then went back to eating meat for 3 years when I started getting into fitness as I thought I needed meat and animal products for protein (I know now that I was wrong). Now I’m doing veganuary and although it’s only day 3 I’m enjoying it and I’m finding it easier than I thought I would. Really considering making this a permanent change.
    Just wanted to ask how your family took it then you went vegan, as I know you come from a farming background? I ask as my fiancé is a farmer and he can’t really get his head around plant based eating! Lots of love xx

  26. Louisa Schröder says:

    great video! But how are you so tan in January? Looks gorgeous:D

  27. Toma Miseviciute says:

    YOUR T-SHIRT! Love it haha!

  28. Małgorzata Bukowczyk says:

    I truly enjoyed hearing about your journey again. Each time you're adding something more to your story by making more and more positive changes. I remember following you at the beginning of your journey and thinking tht that's great, but not for me. God, was I wrong 😀 I've been slowly changing my life to live more sustainably and you've been my biggest inspiration for it. THANK YOU for being YOU. Being honest, imperfect, open minded and knowledgeable in that field.
    You made me change my perception over so many aspects of life…I've NEVER thought I would change any of them.

    Keep sharing your journey with us so that we can move towards more sustainable and ethical life with you!
    Lots of love and all the best in the New Year! <3

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