Veganuary 2019 & Year of the Vegan … Carneval

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The Vegan agenda for 2019 is pretty clear. Veganuary 2019 and 2019 as The Year of the Vegan. More of the same for-profit brainwashing and BS. As usual, vegans start the year off with Veganuary, with its strictly consumerist message disguised as environmentalism and compassion for animals. Just not the human animal. That’s Veganism, in a nutshell. A cleverly disguised, pull-on-your-heartstrings, corporate propaganda. Vegans want to ignore the fact that there is a Veganism debate still going on, with many ex-vegans coming out and debunking the universal truth claims made by Veganism.

What is Veganism, actually?

When you take a more critical look at the vegan message, the greed and macabre really do shine through. Slaughterhouse porn, people lowered to the level of livestock, the call for abolishing of our ancestral customs, the desire to control all food production and to corner the market. Then there’s the utter rejection of our nature and physiology as carnivorous omnivores. When one really looks beyond all the pseudoscientific BS pushed by the average “ethical” vegan, and pays more attention to the idiosyncrasies of these lunatics, the complete and utter rejection of our human rights and the desire to diminish, hurt and disable humanity really shines through. Vegans do not care about your health, fitness or well-being. Their agenda is to subjugate you and to bring you to your knees. Vegans do not care to acknowledge how veganism already destroyed the health of many naive plant-based dieters. They’d much rather blame the victim.

Not only does the YouTube vegan community not care about animals, they really hate the human animal. They want to see us sick and frail and completely dependent on big pharma, big agro, the medical industrial complex, processed food corporations. Just as they are. Hopeless creeps.

The audio in this video comes from you from the emaciated and sickly That Vegan Couple, self-professed animal rights activists, who would rather suffer the dire health consequences of their nutrient deficient diet, for profit, and/or some demented ego trip. The last words of this video are of Gatis – the man behind the YouTube channel known as Sv3rige.

Lastly, seeing as That Vegan Couple are also big fans of the demonic Miley Cyrus, the following must be acknowledged…it doesn’t matter that the pop star pushes pedophilia, sex and drug abuse so long as she’s vegan. This seemingly omnipresent association of everything that’s anti-human and degenerative and Veganism, is very telling and should not be ignored.

I understand some of the imagery is very disturbing. It doesn’t come from me. It comes through me. This is what I see when I hear these psychopaths spew their filth. To me, the vegan agenda is obvious and must be rejected by anyone who truly cares about animal suffering, with humans on top of the food chain as apex predators.

Reject your nature, then go vegan and die! Or accept your nature, thrive and live the truth.

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36 Responses

  1. Sea Siren Janine says:

    This is what I mean about these people…That Vegan Couple. They lie, they are deniers….2018 was the year the Anti-vegan Movement exploded. And and lots of members of the Vegan YouTube Community quit the Vegan diet. Mainstream Trend and Vanity cannot beat True Health….in the end

  2. New Cheese says:

    I just feel sorry for "that Vegan couple". Their just so, tragic

  3. Kellye Raiborn says:

    Anyone who has respect for Miley Cyrus needs to get thier head checked.

  4. tani thunderballs says:

    Jesus wept.

  5. Coltactic says:

    The vegan couple eh? What bunch of pretentious morons. This isn't opinion but there are plants out there that won't grow properly without bone marrow. I said it, bone marrow, haha!

    Edit: bone meal, or blood meal.

  6. ghostchili says:

    This video is top tier. Bravo. I think I found a favorite channel

  7. F. Niemeyer says:

    Why don't you add your description text to the video?

  8. Beautiful Waterfalls says:

    Healthy people are peaceful, humble, cheerful, and warm n fuzzy. They care about the health of others regardless of what they eat. These people are antihuman, and pretentious and holier than thou. Even when I was vegan I had a hard time listening to them. Wouldn't that be epic if some day they actually woke the f up n realized they're full of shit.

  9. Hope that won't fail says:

    it is interesting that mainstream satanists, pedophiles and psychopaths support veganism, what a wonderful morality patterns!

  10. Libuse Nagy says:

    Wow Carneval you nailed it! Brilliant summary of it all!

  11. The Iron Pill says:

    Ugh, fuck my life. I gotta bail on the West. Trip to Ecuador perhaps. Maybe Ukraine. But not here.

  12. Zombie Mukbang says:

    yep its totally not about money at all when the message agrees with them. oh my god. im still considering going into the vegan food industry to get rich.

  13. Apex predator says:

    Let the losers lose. We need losers to be winners.

  14. Cluttermonkeys says:

    Moral understanding worse than that of a well adjusted 10 year old. Good riddance vegans.

  15. Nobody says:

    Ha, Miley Virus, Little degenerate commi. That vegan couple….They will pay for the damage they are causing.

  16. FAKE NEWS, FAKE FOOD, FAKE WORLD says: don't forget to chew on some of this also.

  17. Aden Wallace says:

    I’m starting to think if rock music
    wasn’t killed off, then 20 something’s would still have a good way to channel their rebellious impulses. But it’s gone and now they have SJE and vegan movement to be all righteous, “oh we will save the day! and change the world form it’s evil meat eating ways!” And .. we invented this… right?….this is a new thing….right …..

  18. Sliver Nemesis says:

    Killing animals for no logical reason and promoting it, what a good guy you are.

  19. Little Wolf 20 says:

    So that's why Miley Cyrus went crazy

  20. Jack Skeletor says:

    Animals are friends, not food. Unless you hate animals.

  21. corrrect says:

    baphomet pic is appropriate. going against nature is indeed SATANIC.

  22. Millennial Prepster says:

    @CARNEVAL, So I need some clarification; the 2019 vegan model is great because of circle squares, the powerful miley cyrus, costly B-12 sprays? Stop..stop…stop…stop…wait….wait..wait…wait… Aliens the end!

  23. Zane Beckett says:

    I'll take a plant based diet over heart disease and type 2 diabetes any day LOL. Also, less killing for no logical reason.

  24. Damian Gash says:


  25. Sliver Nemesis says:

    The guy from Happy Healthy Vegan has perfect bloodwork, is 50 and keeps up in basketball with people in there 20's. Vegan Life.

  26. tomie 22 says:

    Miley cyrus is the type of slut to try to steal your man and then crying like a bitch when you try to fight her lol

  27. Aden Wallace says:

    “Drop the mic. Oh we are so hip..”….so awkwardly white. …..and btw, Benedict Cumberbatch looking like crap lately.

  28. Thales Nemo says:

    Vegans are a preachy zealot blind followers and unscientific too!

    Meats heal!

    There is absolutely no need for any carbohydrates in the human diet!

  29. Baron of Hell says:

    This vegan movement flat out pisses me the fuck off!!!

  30. Baron of Hell says:

    Miley cyrus is an illuminati sell out just like the rest of these main stream celebraties. HOW THE FUCK IS SHE A ROLE MODEL!? HOW THE FUCK ARE ANY OF THEM ROLE MODELS?!!!!

  31. Baron of Hell says:

    That vegan couple look so fucking ugly and malnourished. Mother fuckers are delusional. They are extremist cultists urg!!!!!!!!

  32. b.cage says:

    Veganism had a big fat shit dropped on them called carnivore/keto.. and now they're losing people left and right.

  33. Steffanie Byrnes says:

    Great video!!!

  34. 13Gladius 2 says:

    Excellent composition

  35. cadmiumpants says:

    Lol Tesco "Very Little Helps"

  36. Adipose So says:

    Geez those two are crazy as Fck. Just checked one of their videos. Where are they from?

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