Veganuary 2019 Day 8 – Q & A!

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Veganuary 2019 Day 8 – Q & A!

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14 Responses

  1. Nancy Drew says:

    How about vegan lazy cabbage rolls. I'm not vegan but people might love them.

  2. 72motherearth says:

    Hey, Frank's is here at Walmart. Yay!!!

  3. C rose Z says:

    Great Q&A! I just developed a Corn Syrup allergy! My Daughter has Celiacs and is on a strict FODMAP diet, even her makeup and body/hair products have to be gluten free. Makes me wonder how all these allergies started. I remember when I was in grade/high school, no one had these allergies (I"m 57). It had to of all come from the age all the processed foods. I think it's sad. Thanks for this awesome channel, I learn so much from you and have a couple laughs too, thank you!!

  4. 1auntievenom says:

    To the new vegan that is the only in the village. Start by finding your footing. Plan to do all of your own cooking for veganuary or cook for the village. Figure out what foods are your fave and when you feel more stable, start sharing your findings and be excited about it. I live in a completely vegan house with a meat eater, sometimes two meat eaters. When they find out that you are serious and you lead by example, all will fall into place. The first month was so emotional for me but you work the kinks out and keep going.!

  5. Allison Manzino says:

    Loved this video! I have a question, do they sell vegan shaving cream? Which one do you use? I currently shave with a raiser and shaving cream in the shower. Thanks for any tips. If this is too personal, I apologize. Cudos to you for being a caregiver to your Mom and your son. I love watching you two. Reminds me the relationship I had with my Mom. -:

  6. Morris says:

    There ARE other channels for people who want certain meals. I tease but really.. Some do snacks. Some do raw food. I go back and forth. It's whatev.

  7. Raw Weight Loss says:

    Love your candour, nice video. When I commented earlier I wasn’t really referring to the Oreos, I think that’s obvious. I was referring to the fake meats etc. The chemicals in all of those replicated meat and milk products might be contributing to your urological/nephrology issues. Guar gum, carrageenan, xanthan gum, “natural flavours” etc. We’ve all grown used to seeing these on the label but unfortunately they have hidden health consequences in many cases.

  8. deshieldstf says:

    You guys have the BEST relationship! I fell off from being vegan bcus im not as disciplined BUT i did go 6 months strong! I still try to have a majority plant based diet and eat meat/seafood a few times a week. One day i will get back into it, please keep being yourselves. Love your guys’ content. Motivated me to eat more whole foods and plant based even if i am not vegan anymore.

    P.S. I know being vegan is the BEST diet and lifestyle, i will always be defensive of it!

  9. Naomi Hukes says:

    Is your daughter fully vegan now?

  10. Helenea 22 says:

    Awesome Q& A Thank you Much Love

  11. FoodsEyeView ASMR says:

    Are you talking about all corn or just canned? What about corn on the cob or just frozen corn?

  12. Julie says:

    Have you tried the Hot for Food cheese sauce made with potatoes and carrots? I’m sad you can’t have your yellow sauce anymore! That one might be a good option. No nuts, just sunflower oil. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  13. Mandy Mastrovita says:

    I love your channel. Thanks for making everything so approachable!

  14. Izzaboutchu! says:

    A documentary on growing meat, stated that there would still have to be cows. They inject a long needle into their heart while they are awake and not numbed….to get the cells necessary to take to a petri dish.

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