Veganuary 2019 Day 5 – Great British Baking Show Challenge!

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Veganuary 2019 Day 5 – Great British Baking Show Challenge!

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10 Responses

  1. tracy Glazer says:

    ty for mentioning this show the great britsh baking show its fantastic

  2. M L says:

    You can freeze aquafaba apparently. I have frozen it, but haven't tried it from the freezer.
    Coconut could have gone in granola?
    I personally hate meringue, but well done on the end result.
    Piers Morgan is an arse !

  3. joannecpenner says:

    It looks amazing! my dad use to make it for my birthday but it was made with whip cream and strawberries. I’ve been wanting to make a vegan version since I’ve become vegan 3 years ago but have been afraid to try. You guys have inspired me to try it.

  4. stockwizzard says:

    I buy that every Christmas for desert.

  5. Linda Simpson says:


  6. Sheri Daniller says:

    Cheers Ladies! Looks delicious ❤️

  7. Alex Garza says:

    8:54 I am still watching this and I care!

  8. Alex Garza says:

    A ghost turned on the mixer and threw the knife lmao becareful.

  9. Alex Garza says:

    I love this show.

  10. Amy Hughes says:

    My daughter is a professional baker and she and I are like you guys in the kitchen. I'm like everything needs to be exact and she's like momma I didn't go to school for this for nothing. I know what I'm doing. So I love watching you guys bake together cause my Cassie is 2 hours away from home and we can't bake together every day. Sending good vibes, pixie dust, and much love.

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