Vegan For A Month: My Experience

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Hey Guys!

I did the Veganuary challenge this January 🙂

Here are my thoughts and reflections surrounding the diet.

In this video, I discuss the pros along with the cons that I experienced while on this diet.

Hope you enjoy the video 😀

Please watch my previous videos to see what I ate every week during this challenge.

Thanks for watching!


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3 Responses

  1. Paranormal is Real says:

    Your skin may have freaked out due to liver sluggishness during detoxification vs excess histamine due to intolerance.

  2. Tomorrow is Yesterday says:

    You don't need the dial to set shutter speed (or whatever setting it's controlling at the time, usually shutter speed in video auto mode).

    RIP Nikon…

  3. Mark Conlon says:

    Ive been vegetarian for nine months or so. Two things, I feel 'lighter' though I cant quite describe light. Ive become more sensitive, things that did not bother me in the past bother me much more than before. I feel how unpleasant other people can be all around me right now. The only none vegan thing left is cheese and mostly on pizza. I drink coffee black at home or almond milk when i have it. I love almond milk :-). Ive also found it harder to eat out too. Oh the third thing, I still crave certain foods but its not to bad. I would have a hard time buying meat for someone else, in fact I know I couldnt do it. They would have to buy it themselves. It doesnt bother me at all that others eat meat, I just do not want to actively participate in it. I think I could cook it if they purchased it because the act has been chosen by them not me and at least the animals passing can have some meaning. We have to watch iron B vitamins and protein. On the spiritual aspect me too. Ive accepted Im an empath and reading Alex Myles book, it still feels woo woo and strange and still dont know what to do with it. This part is a bit scarey and unsettling at times believing I can feel or know things other people have no awareness of. This is the hardest woo woo part because we tend to doubt ourselves or feel crazy when we cant find external validation of our inner knowing.

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