Typical Feminist Comments

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This is a rant about some recent comments from feminists on my videos, comments that are all too familiar to anyone who has ever been involved in a discussion with a feminist.


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44 Responses

  1. Nirriti says:

    Good satire. I especially enjoyed the usernames presented.

  2. corwyn2 says:

    What if we had a national organization for boys and called it NOB?

  3. Jack McGonigle says:


  4. Sledgehammer says:

    I love coming back to watch this video, so fucking funny.

  5. James Dicus says:

    It's like watching someone shooting themself in the foot.

  6. Mario Ibarra-Martinez says:

    "Hey, that's not my words"

  7. Cymbelin Parker says:

    And, the way they all got on board with that petition to stop the cyberbullying of Donald Trump because they know how it feels. Geez, will we ever hear the end of that one? ;D

  8. Mik Ogniokrwisty says:

    …oh god I get it. "Feminism is about equality." Bravo man, bravo.

  9. PrivatePlayaaaa says:

    You can tell it was written by a Scotsman 🙂 brilliant though

  10. blonde says:

    this guy sounds like a dwarf from lord of the rings

  11. The Apoplectic Potato says:

    I'll admit, you had me going for a minute there.

  12. Mikhail Alexandrovich says:

    I cut penises has good point! hahahahaha

  13. John Obmar says:

    Scotty? Is that you?

  14. Kresten Kelaher says:

    Change the fucking record. hahahahah

  15. theo retical says:


  16. crakapakin says:

    I want my own penis says….

    Bravo sir. Bravo

  17. David Hodson says:

    lol a little point regarding that typical comment from I-Love-fish-Taco..(lol I do love this video btw its amazing (yes I get the joke))

    I was 22 and was seeing a Feminist, She considered herself a moderate feminist because she believed that men should get the same quotes on car insurance. SHe said it herself when I claimed that she just hated men "I don't hate men I think they should get the same car insurance quotes as women"

    Yes, that is the only aspect of society she could point at and say men were getting screwed over. Gender studies classes therefore completely ignore the child support laws, alimony laws, the portrayal of men in the media, the death rates in dangerous jobs, the suicide rates, the homelessness rates, violent attack rates and of course genital mutilation. 

    Hmmm, but it seems like if we were talking about people wanting gender equality, the first thing people would talk about are issues which are directly affecting the lives and deaths of both genders concerned! Yet gender studies ignores them and only teaches their students slightly less significant issues such as car insurance quotes…I wonder why they would only count something as trivial as that and not the others…such a difficult question to answer…so trying hard to figure out why this would be the case………lol

  18. CuriosityKilledTheCult says:




  19. Rockin' Ron says:

    Great! Thank you.

    Cheers. Ron (former York-Yank).

  20. PwnySlaystation01 says:

    Jessica Bell-end-ti Hahaha

  21. johnnybgoode1950 says:

    This video is a sarcasm orgasm.

  22. DARK EMPEROR says:

    Their usernames alone are a dead giveaway who they really care about. I mean I CUT PENISES and WORSHIP THE VAG. REALLY? Says everything you need to know about them.

  23. John Tiller says:

    This is really good, barely balanced on the cliff between good sarcasm and sarcasm hat's too indistinguishable from serious stuff to understand the joke, but comprehensible after a bit so good.  

  24. WIMMINZ Belong in kitchen says:

    HA!!! As ifff

  25. Juggernaut K. Captain says:

    I love the satirical irony.

  26. Nuckelhedd Jones says:

    Absolutely fucking brilliant. LMAO

  27. Anita Bonghit says:

    Ok, so the comment saying politicians will represent the voters is laughably erronious. Politicians serve the lobby groups that give them bribes…cough…umm…'party donations'.

  28. Lloyd Irving says:

    I am so fucking sick to death of the flat out lying these feminists do when they say men objectify themselves? There is no logic to the claim yet requires no evidence to believe? The very identity of a man in todays society is whatever women want him to be. Is it not women that say penis size matters? Is it not women who tell other woman what a man needs to be in order to even be relevant? Is it not women who call men losers on sight if theyre too nice? Is it not women who expect men to always be forced to hit on them?

  29. MrBumbo90 says:


  30. gashFC says:

    I watched this before i went to work this morning, been laughing at dildo a go go all day. Thanks for making my monday bearable!

  31. Nordish Kiel says:

    The sarcasm is strong with this one. 😀 Love it!

  32. Felix Una says:

    Took a minuit for the penny to drop

  33. Rubashow says:

    I know its off topic but can you, in a hangout with Sargon maybe, immitate Groundskeeper Willie? 

  34. Matthew M. Ramshaw says:

    @ the 3 minute'ish mark : The Commenter: "MEN R RAPISTS" said blah blah..I just lost it right there, laughing so hard I nearly expelled a lung! That screen name is so fucking funny, and says it all. We don't even need to know what Ms' 'MEN R RAPISTS' had to say, because dare I say, it would be some mindless rubbish. OMG m8, you are a brave soul for even giving them the time of day let alone your righteous disdain. Keep up the good fight. Listen to you daily along with 'bane666au', 'Sargon Of Akkad', and a select few other great youtubers..

  35. James Connolly says:

    Oh I suddenly go the joke. Yeah, actually this video makes a good point.

  36. guardian of the west says:

    bad luck comment count 666 DX fixing that now also it took  me a bit to see yer satire o.o 

  37. James Connolly says:

    Why is the retirement age different for men and women?

  38. danwic says:

    Sigh if Only this was what feminists banged on about :p

  39. Azdaja says:

    Strangely honest usernames for feminists. 🙂

  40. lumpheadthump says:

    Jesus Harold Christ, this is fucking HILARIOUS!!!!

  41. ChrisP-C64 says:

    The fake user names crack me up.  Great video.  Well done.

  42. Epic Engies says:

    You know what's a typical feminist comment that I see all the time?
    When feminists go on about how if men have to pay things like child support, alimony, etc. then women should have to do the same.
    You always see those. Jesus christ I'm so sick of them.

  43. brickley2000 says:

    And what about all those MALE CHEFS, that keep women out of the kitchens at most major restaurants.

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