Tucker: Democrat talking points echo across the land

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One thing to know about our national media: If Democratic leaders are saying it, reporters are saying it too. #Tucker #FoxNews

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40 Responses

  1. shannonjackson464 says:

    the great wall of china DID WORK or else china would NOT of spent over 1000 years continously building it. politicians don't deal with day to day life like the common person does bcuz they live behind walls to protect them from We The People. ironic hippocrasy.

  2. David Kendall says:

    What a bunch of clones. Poor replicas no doubt!

  3. Andrew Mcdonald says:

    Build the wall! We don’t want to be a minority in our own country get them out!

  4. Linda Owens says:

    Fox is state run media. Trumps just their sound man,a flunky.

  5. Usters B says:


  6. Sophia Lopez says:

    It's clear advertising/brainwashing technique; they craft the 'buzz word' talking point that is meant to stick in the collective psyche, and they repeat at least eight times..

  7. Mark Boileau says:

    You gotta love Tucker he's tough & he's right.

  8. Nychelle Brewer says:

    Yeah, and the right-wing media didn't do the exact same thing with "caravan" … or "but her e-mails"?

  9. Mike Vega says:

    20 million illegals is not manufactured

  10. S Matthews says:

    Tucker is 100% right. They don't need to win the argument when they can just wait for what's coming up through that border to replace us.

  11. Sally Sheldon says:

    Globalists are flooding Countries with refugees.
    I DISAGREE Tucker watch some VIDEOS coming out of Europe.
    Their Migrants are Demanding very demanding?
    Show the videos, please.

  12. Sally Sheldon says:

    Manufacturing, Manufacturing,
    Manufacturing, Maufacturing
    Manufactured & MANUFACTURED
    Q. Are Democrats Parrots now instead of [email protected]$$es?

  13. Angelus Tenebris says:

    … Tucker, the Mother FUCKER, has his head up Trump's ass!

  14. Angelus Tenebris says:

    Listening to Tucker makes you "dirtier! "

  15. Andrew Haight says:

    Ohhhh it echoes alright.

  16. Armor King says:

    2:35 i was kind expecting him to say "they are so dumb,they are really, really dumb for real……"

  17. SetFree8 says:

    They all got the "manufactured" memo!

  18. josephgaviota says:

    OMG: The BEST description of the MSM I've EVER heard!! Congratulations Tucker Carlson!!
    … MSM, they are frequently called “Liberal,” that’s giving them too much credit; what they really are is “obedient,” like a Shih Tzu begging for a snack. … They’re flunkies, humorless, sad little functionaris doing their sad little jobs.”

  19. R Gerard says:


  20. timber_beast says:

    Men locked up in SUPERMAX prisons still get all the drugs they want. A
    wall is no solution – just another expensive government boondoggle WE
    PAY FOR.

  21. Canadian Civilian says:

    They all get their talking points from the same source, it's so obvious, the liberals and CBC in Canada do the exact same thing

  22. {InSuBoRdInAtE} says:

    I could see through these puppets looong before Trump became president.

  23. peter pam says:

    has she a Husband or Male partner?……..LOL would feel sorry for him!!!

  24. Chris Manning says:

    Idea: INVITATION to Chuck and Nancy come (without security) spend the night at the border with no fence. Pitch a tent and prove to us this is “manufactured crisis”.

  25. Samuel J Cellucci says:

    Tucker stop manufacturing lies. Just kidding. Lmfao hahahahahahaha your doing a great Job. Keep up the good work president TRUMP!

    MAGA. 2020

  26. Triratna says:

    "MANUFACTURED CRISIS" npc script.

  27. Durgesh Kinnerkar says:

    I dont know how among this chaos and liberal violence and such polarised environment Tucker Carlson is so calmly and factually destrying the left.

  28. Dankbeef says:

    It’s not about manufacturing a crisis. It’s about reopening our government, and paying people who are working for no paycheck. How is this okay? The spending bill that was proposed was unanimously passed by all democrat and republicans. But whatever let’s just not pay thousands of people. That’ll be great for a 2020 republican election.

  29. Doug Shaw says:

    Democrats FINALLY created jobs "manufacturing" chaos, producing no tangible results. Lots of money changing hands, though…

  30. AndDrewskY says:

    That was dumbest thing I've heard Cortez say../

  31. Joe Rad says:

    Well since they destroyed the manufacturing industry with NAFTA they assume no one in America knows what manufacture means anymore.

  32. HotestOnTheBlock says:

    LOCK her was a talking point repeated over and over, no collusion, crisis at the boarder, TUKER and FOX repeated, all thses talking points. Hillary was investegated to a tune of 200,000,000 dollars over Benghazi, which there claim was dumbfounded, or unfounded.

  33. Eric Fryer says:

    Politics is a blood sport. GOOD ! Throw all of these slime ball Dems and RINOS  into the arena
    and then feed the survivors to the lions !

  34. Allen A says:

    The inundation of Democrat rhetoric in the news media is so idiotic that I cannot stand to turn their blather on. They are parrots without the bird's intelligence. The Democrats refusal to deal with illegal immigration is an insult to every citizen in this country. Open borders only work if you don't want an actual nation. If your goal is a distopian anarchist wasteland, then open borders are the way to go. The fact that the majority of American voters have failed to realize this and have given these idiots control of the House of Representatives is disturbing.

  35. Tim Brindley says:

    monkey see monkey do hahahaha

  36. Jimmy Reid says:

    Amazing! "manufactured, Manufactured, Manufactured, Manufactured…. really? And we have an independent press? Not so much. Probably because the press is owned by a VERY few crazy psycophic people. Time to bust it up. Anti-Trust needs to happen. And that goes double for the " tech", out of control megalomaniac.

  37. cemares says:

    that women hunts me in my dreams.

  38. The Other Point Of View says:

    Lol. Democrats have been against manufacturing for some time.

  39. Karl DeWeese says:

    Some democrats personally are probably not against border security but, all democrats must repeat the party line de jure. Currently its "Manufacture" .

  40. Qanon Anonymous says:

    More mail needed for the Dems

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