Trying out the new Greggs vegan sausage roll

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Just in time for Veganuary Greggs have unveiled their vegan-friendly sausage roll. Sabrina and Ben sat down to try it out and see if it lives up to its meaty rivals.

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27 Responses

  1. Robbie Bell says:

    They got a third more protein than the regular as well <3

  2. Aaron Merkel says:

    the packaging is hilarious but a bit much. seems like a waste 🙂 glad they did a vegan version. i'm in the states so i never heard of Greggs

  3. Deb DeborahD says:

    If course committed vegans want this as a snack! What do you think we want? Grass!!!

  4. Random BlackDude says:

    Damn she’s cute

  5. Rojer Grison says:

    It is not a sausage roll , you can call it a Vegan roll or a sausage shaped roll , but the definition of a sausage has some kind of meat in it .

  6. Katie 3010 says:

    Quorn have been selling amazing vegetarian sausage rolls in supermarkets for years! Obvs not vegan but it's another veggie option for meat eaters or vegetarians.

  7. SANITY FM says:

    Haha, Vegan food at GREGS!!! as if any real vegan would go into one of those grief holes for nourishment!

  8. Paul Away says:

    I don't eat meat but don't think I could ever become a vegan. A vegan diet is unhealthy.

  9. John Lenin says:

    Time for meat eaters to die.

  10. standel178 says:

    You cant call a vegan "sausage" roll a sausage roll – what a bunch of twats

  11. Roy says:

    I was disappointed to find out that it didn't actually contain any Vegans…

  12. Angela W says:

    Our local Greggs sold out by 11.30 am. 80 vegan sausage rolls

  13. Kender says:

    So, is this for vegan who wants to remember the taste of sausage,
    or for preparing non-vegan to adapt the vegan diet?

  14. Nigel says:

    They don't pack um like that up North!


    I'd sure try one! I've heard good things about them

  16. slaxxxer Aznarder says:

    Fucking absurd packaging!

  17. Lophtus says:

    Man says "Yer, but if you're a committed vegan, i doubt this is going to be your go-to snack"…Man is silly.

  18. spu3 says:

    They are trying to get people away from meat, which they have to some degree, yet they call it a 'sausage roll '. Are they really that stupid. To me it makes no diference to me if they want to sell vegan food, or all vegan food. It's their business and they have to make it profitable.

  19. Justa Channel says:

    She kinda cute

  20. Michael McDonnell says:

    Just put it in a paper bag for fecks sake!

  21. Davy Jones-Locker says:

    Surely all that packaging is a waste, good they're catering for the vegan ting but that doesn't then mean increasing excess waste for the sheer heck of it?!

  22. Sean Christopher says:

    Well, she's quite lovely. And vegan. So when are we getting hitched?

  23. Pritham Singh says:

    It's against my riligion to eat meat. Looking forward to try vegan sa-role

  24. steppa money says:

    Trash. greggs should have already been doing this but instead they have done it badly, charged more then they need to and its only to cash in. That trash dont need to cost more then the meat version i dont know what that says about either. Fcuk that place.

  25. ThatOneDerpyUnicorn - says:

    Smart idea greggs

  26. Mark Severs says:

    "If you are a committed vegan, is this what you want as a snack?"

    YES! That's the whole point, although it does not apply to the "vegan for health reasons" thingy.

    Greggs are yet another food outlet who have realised that there are loads and loads of people out there who would happily buy their food if it was right.

    Greggs have realised that they are happy to take our money.

    Add these together and you get the very essence of free market retail capitalism. Demand and supply.

    Non-vegans do not need to be judgemental about vegans, because they can always buy one of the many other options.

  27. Alec Hemy says:

    What a pair of pretentious W⚓s .

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