Trumps Immigration Ban

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Recording location was terrible and due to toothache and feeling unwell my mood was also terrible. What I’m saying is the video was terrible from the get go.

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  1. SkepTorr says:

    If you need me to open a webcam and say "Jews" and "Israel" which you can interlace with your vids, just let me know, because I can say it.

    I can start with a disclaimer that I'm an Israeli Jew, and this is approved.

  2. Michael1983AD says:

    Man, the endings of these videos make me miss Alex Jones and all the gay frogs.

  3. F4lloutBoy96's Channel says:

    Here in Aberdeen, our group go out hunting/poaching and occasionally build random shit to occupy ourselves.

  4. Julius Jones says:

    If I could I would subscribe twice.

  5. Johannes Liechtenauer says:

    Fuck Edinburgh, it's the Scottish version of London. Filled with cunts. Lots of CUNTS – there.

  6. star man says:

    That front ass tho..disgusting

  7. Bumper says:

    Ah, so Edinburgh is the Canada of the UK

  8. Bruwer van Vrede says:


  9. fleshlight that cries says:

    I'm finnish and so white i stick out on a white surface.

  10. E FILMS says:

    Best hype ever

  11. Blue says:

    Its more the government then the queen

  12. Mohammed Bedsapour says:

    Brilliant vid m8

  13. Ice Queen says:

    Steal cars to pass the time. That is really bad. Seems to happen over here a lot. The police must really love immigrants. Imagine the pay rise bonus.

  14. Paul Mares says:

    U sure there m8? Bcs this is kinda what's happening right nao XD

  15. Peter Payne says:

    I voted for Trump, and agreed with the ban once I read what it did. It made sense, unsurprisingly the fools on the left screamed about it. The biggest reason I supported it was because he rolled it out at a time when the UK and Europe couldn't go 30 days without getting bombed or having some Islamic coward running people down in a truck.

    Also, Praise Kek and congrats on not going to jail.

  16. T.J. McCallum says:

    if you were a Nazi, wouldn't you be a fan of that German cunt sat upon that throne? FREE SCOTLAND and the UK from German occupation!! down wi th crown!

  17. damnryn says:

    Watching your vids with auto-generated captions makes them even more funny.

  18. damnryn says:

    “In a month and a half Count Dankula vs The Crown is going to happen. Get hype.” If only you knew past Dank.

  19. BasedRolo says:

    Greeks not being white? have you seen greek woman and the shit they've achieved? shit skins cant do that

  20. Matthew Brough says:

    but you are a nazi you dirty fucking neckbeard

  21. MoonshineCole says:

    Kick all the immigrants out of America.. where all the white , black, Asian and other peoples that aren’t red gunna go then cunt?

  22. william ones whannell says:

    Choocktersss thats what Edinburgh is full of weegez all the way

  23. Momiji_Butt says:

    "How do you grow another ass where your vagina should be?". Well since they couldn't lose weight they decided to eat the standards so they can actually have a chance. Fat SJW cunts I swear.

  24. asss attacker says:


  25. Jeanette Hansen says:

    Question – if muslims aren't a race, how is it jews are seen as a race? Genuine question, I'm just an ignorant dane.

  26. Matt Carafa says:

    Trump didn't create the ban (that was the Obama administration) he is just trying to enforce it. I mean think about it- most people play call of duty or any other shooter game, not Obama, he played drone striking the fuck out of these countrys, killing lots of innocents as collateral damage, now Trump is trying to keep these people (some of which have a legitimate beef with the US) out of the country. Not to mention he is the head of the US and gets to pick(by law) who comes in for any reason, he could deign any one for anything- even if it's he just doesn't like them. This isn't the case with the travel ban, he is just trying to keep his promise of making the US safe against terror attacks.

  27. The Gaming Monster says:

    kinda looks like a soyboy kek, that sucks. speaking of keks, how many are there in chat?

  28. Lizo Sampson says:

    I hate Edinburgh

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