Transgender woman threatens shop employee who called her ‘sir’

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36 Responses

  1. Timo Meijs says:

    'She said sir!!'
    Wait did he just assume her gender?

  2. KIM says:

    He's just a cross dresser, I use to do cross dress (I don't anymore) and 98% of the time I've been called "he" and had no problem

  3. M Silver says:

    Sounds like "Man", Looks like "Man", but not a "Man"?, Deeper question, where do you find size 13 Pink shoes?

  4. Enlightened Renegade says:

    "Hey, nice Dodge! IT'S RA'AM!" "Left side, why aren't you shooting? IT'S JA'AMMED!"

  5. MemoGrafix says:

    Kween Kong was mis-identified as a angry male

  6. sumadijaboy says:

    Sir you are idiot

  7. poop ass says:

    Shoulda locked the door so it couldn't escape.

  8. KeCS1 says:

    "Transgender woman threatens shop employee"

    you mean mentally unstable MAN

  9. Blue Ranger says:

    In his case LGBT means: Let's Gainsay Biological Truth
    (Gainsay = Contradict. It was the only 'G' I could find for this)

  10. Simon says:

    This is what happens if you have only one choice of where to stick a tampon.

  11. Stan Zuniga says:

    LMFAO!! This is the funniest thing on the internet. This GUY in the tight jeans callin himself maam needs to jump off a bridge.

  12. mj-rim says:

    and cis men are meant to date these people.

  13. MagcargoMan says:

    I don't know how anybody can say with a straight face that transgenders are not mentally ill.

  14. HitmanX0X says:


  15. D Staiyer says:

    And the moment the display was kicked over I would have called the police because that, ladies and gentleman, is vandalism and destruction of private property. I don't care what a retail employee said to you — if you act like an ape the only appropriate response should be to kick your ass out and call the cops. The problem here is the service industry's culture of demurring to people that are bath-shit crazy with no self control. You are owed nothing more than what you pay for. Smile and get the fuck out.

  16. Rick Grassi says:

    Mamm(with an ugly masculine face, deep voice, broad body”

  17. Manuel Ingenito says:

    not sure if it's a He or She but that is certainly a Cunt

  18. Dixon Gomez says:

    LOL!!!!! "Stop calling me sir, cuz clearly I am not" Actually you are a man!! You just want to dress and be treated like a woman. HUGE difference!!

  19. Jon Hawk says:

    These freaks need to be put down

  20. Google Account says:

    If a pig walked into the store, and told me it was a horse, but I only saw a pig… what else am I supposed to say?! Of course… if a pig – OR a horse walked in and was talking… I think that would have been the biggest surprise! BTW… that "man" was a pig!

  21. N N says:

    liberals vs liberals. i love it!

  22. De Dub says:


  23. DylanMurray says:

    This is what's really wrong with the world. "Things" like that! That's not a transgender woman, it's just a man with a tiny little dick crying for attention.
    Real transgender people don't act like this.

  24. KillerGymSox says:

    I don't care what you think you are. I won't pretend you are something you are not. If you don't like it go cry in your home with your mental illness and stay the fuck out of my life.

  25. Honey Pie says:

    My…what big feet you have.

  26. EvilTim1911 says:

    What a mad lad

  27. D. Matz. says:

    He looks, acts and sounds like a male. How can you blame the clerk for calling him sir?

  28. Alan Bonjour says:

    I hope he sees this video play over and over and over. Maybe he might get a chance to rethink his true gender.

  29. Alecs Acsinia says:

    Now kids, that's why you don't take steroids while transitioning.

  30. Szymon Tekieli says:

    Very feminine behaviour…

  31. GeminaLuna says:

    phew thats one hell of a mam'..

  32. Ruth Grego says:

    This transgender ideology is getting out of control, they are fascists totalitarians! if people don't fight back this will get much worse! this man is out of control and violent!!!

  33. CJAFilms says:

    Where is ben Shapiro when we need him?

  34. a.neil says:

    Newly trans?

  35. JoeyFucktwice says:

    He surely acts like a man, cant blame the clerk

  36. Matthew O'Rourke says:

    Someone needs therapy.

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