Transgender Goes Off On GameStop Employee

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20 Responses

  1. vghn says:

    Calm your tits bro

  2. Baker says:

    Why do adults who throw tantrums expect to be treated with respect? You’re not a man nor a woman but an overgrown child.

  3. bigwhopper6501 says:

    Entitled prick

  4. Xylotonic says:

    That's your average Fortnite player right there.

  5. SLAYER one1 says:

    Well he certainly got his knickers in a twist

  6. Chase Slaughter says:

    I work at GameStop. And at another GameStop in our District, one of the SGA's is a man who identifies as transgender. She's had numerous times where someone has referred to her as "sir", and yes you can say she's working so she has to keep a professional attitude, but really I think she doesn't care anyway because she's aware of what the public will call her and it's not gonna bother her. She most certainly will not go as far as to act like this. And this goes out to all transgender individuals. Now I don't mean to offend anyone, and I don't mean to judge you. I support LGBTQ rights and the community for their continued determination to fight for their rights. Now I'm not gay, I'm not bi, or trans, or anything. Just an avid supporter. But to those who identify as the opposite sex, you must know that no matter what people will refer by what they believe you are. You just have to suck it up and deal with it. Unless you wanna let them know what you wanna be identified as, do it politely please? We have to serve people all day long and go through numerous different situations at GameStop. We most certainly do not tolerate a behavior like that. That woman has no humility for others nor has taken into account as to what people will think about her entirely. Bottom line guys. GameStop supports everyone's rights and beliefs, but we do not tolerate erratic behavior like that.

  7. life of Wyatt says:

    F…A…G !

  8. Sidottu says:

    He sure ain’t acting like no lady…

  9. Leonce Long says:

    That is not laid like

  10. ItzVict0ria says:

    Excuse me, its ma'am!
    It is ma'am!

  11. Leopold Taylor says:

    don't tell me, lemme guess! "Trump is not your president", right?

  12. Erik Schmunzeler says:

    How lady like

  13. May Loo says:

    I read elsewhere that this transwoman's name is Tiffany Moore. 'Tiffany'? WTF? This is one unhinged man. And the trans community expects us to believe transpeople are not mentally ill? (Face palm.) If accepting this b.s. is what is expected of being 'woke', then please leave me out of this madness.

  14. Percy The small engine says:

    South park will spoof this so well lmao

  15. TheGoodDr Goose says:

    that wasn't very lady-like

  16. xAlpaca Zeu says:

    This was how Jeffree Star acted in the beginning.

  17. Killer Gamer_242 says:

    This is why trans shouldnt exist

  18. Philosophical Inquiry. says:

    They're simply making transgender people look bad. Of course, not all of them act this way, anymore than any other member of a particular group acts a certain manner, whether it be whites, blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Christians, and so forth. I'm not entirely sure what happened prior to the recording, but I didn't see the cashier necessarily do anything "wrong", intentionally. Accidental misgendering, (especially by a customer service person that typically is trained to speak to people with respect, and part of that comes with calling people "sir", "ma'am", and so forth), can be a part of life. It doesn't help the cause of the LGBT+ community by acting out in this manner. What people in customer service can start doing, is using gender-neutral language, to prevent things like this from happening, (not justifying the behavior of this one particular person that happens to be transgender, nor excusing their actions).

  19. Crocubot says:

    Seriously? That thing can go into a woman's restroom?

  20. Dooby Johnson says:

    I just realized this is the gamestop by my house. I hadn't seenvthat employee before so he must be somewhat new but i went in today and saw him. He looked really on edge and nervous and when i realized it was him i was like you're the guy the tranny yelled at! He was like i dont wanna talk about it. Lol

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