Transgender Artist Illustrates Her Gender Transition In Emotional Comics (Part 2)

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Transgender Artist Illustrates Her Gender Transition In Emotional Comics (Part 2)
✅Julia Kaye is a 28-year-old cartoonist living in Los Angeles. She’s already famous from her webcomic ‘Up And Out’, but last year a big change came to her life – she became a transgender woman. This was clearly a very hard step to make and Julia went and is still going through many challenges that bring both melancholic and optimistic feelings.

With encouragement from her friends, Julia started to make comics about her transition. The series focuses on her feelings, moments of insecurity or triumph while reaching important personal milestones, such as buying a dress for the first time, learning how to use eyeliner, and talking about her transition to her family and friends.

The artist found this process very therapeutic – “It got me to set aside time at the end of my day to reflect on how I was feeling. And because I was making the comics for myself, I allowed myself to be more honest than I might have been otherwise.” Eventually Kaye decided to share the comics publicly, realizing she could give other trans people content that they could directly relate to, and the feeling that they’re not alone, as well as give others insight into what it’s like to live with gender dysphoria.

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37 Responses

  1. Aitchtick says:

    I completely support transgender people. One of them got me though. It was the 'slipping pronouns' one. Look, they're obviously trying to get used to it and they occasionally say 'he'. They can't help it. You can't just suddenly expect them to be completely used to this change. It's a big difference for you and them, you must be patient with them and don't feel uneasy.

  2. Anastasia Dicoski says:

    I'm sorry you have a mental disorder (not being sarcastic) I hope you find the help you deserve. Seriously.

  3. DragonSlayer 2136 says:

    Transgender is basically terrorism. I watched a rally on YouTube, and they said stuff like, “we will fight for our freedom, even if we need to bend strings!” THATS terrorism.

  4. DragonSlayer 2136 says:

    Be the man you were born as. It’s so annoying to see someone go and be like, “ look, im a woman! Don’t say I’m a man, it’s not sir, it’s ma’am!!!” Gender is what is in you underpants, not your brain.

  5. pptruenoverdadero says:

    Deranged people.. Youtube insists on suggesting this content, I'll insist on pointing out they're deranged, confused people who need more than meds and therapy. They need to be isolated with their kind

  6. Donald Danilo says:

    Why do people not realise it's a mental illness and not something to be proud of go see a doctor and get treated mental illnesses are not something that should be accepted in society as normal

  7. excalus 775 says:

    I know I’m Gonna get alot of hate for this but
    i think that you cant change your sex

  8. Little Bit says:

    It boils down to ONE thing…. There needs to be a way to totally undo male puberty and the effects it causes. As a trans woman who knew I was trans since like age 4, I should have had puberty blockers! For FTMs it's not as hard to be perceived as men as it is for MTFs to be perceived as women.

  9. gee money says:

    Barffff pukkkeeeee

  10. star90555 says:

    This is amazing

  11. Spogdot says:

    I T S M A A M

  12. Monstermation says:

    People who change their gender, they die after 5 years from changing their gender, no offense it's fact

  13. Trid says:

    Go away Jew

  14. Narwhalmelon says:

    Oh boy, this comment section. Why can't people just be more accepting and get along?

  15. Jelly Beans says:

    I grew up in the 80's so I really do know a lot about weird & different. No one back ever came out. No one ever talked about treating anything mental either. Only crazy people did that. Still that age group suffers from being considered less than. There are so many of us that fear what others think. You have come this far, be you don't give a shit what someone else thinks. No matter how hard you try it won't make it any better. F it. Say it a couple times to yourself. You have every to be yourself,I DON'T ANSWER to others. I wish you the best.

  16. Ashley R says:

    People say it's wrong to insult LGBTs. Well, it's wrong for people here to persecute Christians and to hate on Jesus. So what is anybodies point? Christianity is the most attacked religion today. I don't understand why people hate on Jesus. I mean, all He did was display His love for us by dying on the cross and giving us a 2nd chance in life. LGBTs aren't bad people. They just made bad choices and if they do not turn from their wicked ways and accept Jesus as their Savior, then their fate will be bad.

  17. alfa male says:

    Two lives wasted for the price of one………

  18. Tess McMurray says:

    To all the people hating on this video, I would just like to point out a few things. First of all, why did you click on the video just to hate on it? It doesn’t do anyone any good. Second of all, why does it matter what body parts people have, people are people, and how they look doesn’t change anything. If you are to judge people, do it based on their personality and actions. This woman seems like a very nice and generally good woman, so why is everyone attacking her? Third of all, I am a Christian and follow God. What I don’t understand however, is why would God make transgender people if being trans is a sin? Does that mean God creates people who sin their whole life in a way they can’t control? That seems awfully cruel for a loving God.

  19. Féé Néante says:

    Yay another video to show to my family

  20. Little Trans Riding Hood FTM says:

    I'm here to read the hate comments. The stupidity of people these days is sad. First of all, SHE is a WOMAN. Second of all, even though she has a disorder, gender dysphoria, doesn't mean you shouldn't support people like her. Third, being trans isn't a phase or whatever. Trust me, I'm trans. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. I hope TED showed up.

  21. Primrose Petals says:

    I know I made a previous comment here but I wanted to point something out.
    YouTube recommends videos based on your Watch History and who you're subscribed to.
    So first off, just click the "Not Interested" button. I know it might hurt because your thumbs are too tired from writing hate comments, but if your hate for this content goes as far as you say, you won't care. You'll click it anyways.
    Second option after that is to simply stop watching videos like this for the sole purpose of hating on people.

  22. Primrose Petals says:

    She is a beautiful woman, I'm proud of her for being brave enough to make these comics and talk about it even though there's a worringly large amount of transphobes in the comments… If you guys don't like trans people or seeing LGBTQ+ content, there's a very simple solution. It's free, too.
    Mind your own business, don't click on the video, and leave this woman – and others like her – be. They don't deserve your hate unless they've done something horribly illegal, which they have not.
    And although you may hate me for this comment, and fight me for it, or do anything else about it, I hope you have a wonderful week, as nobody deserves to be so bitter over life choices that don't affect them at all.

  23. Joey Dickinson says:


  24. Gladiator the toe stabber says:

    I thought these were gonna be funny, but I was just met with disappointment

  25. Kevin M says:

    Fuck off leftist fuck

  26. John Spotts says:

    This is just sickening. I dont care what you people say this is still wrong

  27. Oof University says:


  28. John Spotts says:

    Messed up

  29. PuddsPlaysVideoGames says:

    To be honest,
    wether your straight, gay, bi, pan or ‘furry’
    Black, white or Asian
    Boy, girl, trans, or a new emotional gender

    I don’t really care, do whatever you want as long as your not hurting anyone

    So F**K nazis

  30. Peridorito Era 2 says:


  31. Philip Hamilton says:

    I don't care how you feel about the validity of transgenderism, but constantly misgendering someone after they have repeatedly corrected you is harassment.

    Maybe there are only two genders, maybe there are more, but gender dysphoria is a serious issue. It can be bad enough to lead a person to suicide. Unless you want all trans people to kill themselves, respect their damn pronouns.

    Idgaf what your opinion on gender is – refusing to use someone's preferred pronouns makes you an asshole.

    Being transgender is not a fuccing choice. Saying that you dislike transgender people because "I don't support mental illness" is a stupid and cruel reason. No one supports mental illness. Are you expecting transgender people to just… throw their gender dysphoria in the trash? They can't do that.

    If you found out your best friend was schizophrenic or autistic, would you dump them because you "don't support mental illness"?

  32. Blossom Art says:

    So proud of her! Keep going you beauty!

  33. CoolConGaming says:

    There's only 2 genders.

  34. Gustaf inhocsignovinces says:

    There is no S in he. Its all in its mind!

  35. Lance Wilson says:

    Well, it was a good day until i noticed this video again..
    Damn youtube! I said I'm not interested in this comics 3 times but it shows up AGAIN on a different channel..
    Her makes me feel sad! I can't forget them!

  36. emily hargreaves says:

    yessss part two

  37. Mary Loves Animating! says:

    be proud gorl
    EDIT: If this comment starts a flame war im gonna endlessly reply with screaming

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