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8 Responses

  1. Cozy 212 says:

    Man I ain't helping out shit idgaf I'm letting my family fall on their bullshit, and inaction.

  2. Will baggiins says:

    CBOOGIE for president goddamnit i just you dont sell out like Oshay.. CBoogie. Man Of Tomorrow. Supasly75. Obsidian. Angryman. Kid organic are the Avengers of Black Youtube the real niggas that dindt sell out yet

  3. Mr Unique74 says:

    @14:33 cut that funky bitch loose.
    ..aint worth it

  4. Mr Unique74 says:

    @13:55 shit..its happening right now. The wall of silence. Stopped going back and fourth 10 years ago.

  5. brian love says:

    Black men need to watch how they move. Be smart. Women will flip the dominant game and turn it against you. She will say you abused her. It will put you in jail. Be wise in how you deal with these women as well as white simps and black cucks. We must master the Art of War.

  6. John Storm says:

    If we drop these bitches off in Saudi Arabia don't be surprised if they come back smelling like shit,LOL.

  7. Rico-1911 says:

    I agree with you C-boogie, men will start using the 4-hour work week method by Tim Ferris living remotely but getting US $$$. and this country will go to shit when we leave it to the women.

  8. Black Torch says:

    And she kept a teaching license!

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