Top 50 Most Viewed Instant Karma – Feminist Edition #2

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Top 50 Most Viewed Instant Karma – Feminist Edition #2

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28 Responses

  1. Rekt Feminist Videos says:

    buy motherfu*kin tayroc

    Thanks for watching! #KHOONTFUUSSTT <3

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    Almost all videos on this channel are
    demonetized or copyrighted..
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  2. Ivan Buljan Van Boelken says:

    Ugly bitches colection!

  3. Mr PumperKnuckles says:

    They should make a policy that give fines to anyone who make false copyright strike claims?

  4. gamer24 says:

    the videos r getting demonetized because the FEMINISTS R TAKING OVER YOUTUBE

  5. Dexter Phillips says:

    Dont apologize for the lack of uploads youve only broken my heart.

  6. Tobias Knudsen says:

    Investigator require fellow jail negotiate chair frame proceed makeup.

  7. Mathew Kevern says:

    What a baller cop

  8. MansonX says:

    I could sub to this channel fast enough

  9. MansonX says:

    Awwww these videos are cute. Look at the ladies acting like there people. Awww so adorable. They sure are busy with there lives. Who’s making the sandwiches at home if they are so busy complaining so much ? I guess we all have to be important these days because if we aren’t what we wished we would be then it’s someone else’s fault. Dang it ladies I wanted to be an astronaut it’s all your fault.

  10. Cliffford says:

    I dont wanna thots clean my car

  11. Emma Lloyd says:

    fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck.

  12. Alphonso Frett says:

    The blonde reporter would look good in a swimsuit but I see both sides of the 2:46 minutes mark but the reporters say it wrong

  13. iHelloway says:

    women talk to much about same thing … we men tell the same thing but 2x as fast .. killed me 😀

  14. Diego Brando says:

    "This video contains large amounts of CRINGE"

    So basically the whole entire video and channel, because MLG and TRIGGERED memes were dead a long time ago.

    It's 2018, and the channel still smells like rancid 2015.

  15. uh wot says:


  16. Flop Scratch says:

    6:13 stfu. I'll eat my gf out just because I feel like it.

  17. Laura Blunk says:

    7:03 wait, he's not supposed to say No? ("until you get him drunk…").. and his feelings ….hmmm sounds a bit rape-y to me XD

  18. FB I says:

    Those girls are damaging the paint on there cars

  19. Danielle Head says:

    nice job on the sponsor dude

  20. Kirsty B says:

    What the fuck is she talking about (7.20)?

  21. JonesTonesGuitar says:

    How could a guy spend any time with any of these head fucked women….so annoying

  22. Richard Wilson says:

    One of the best videos yet!

  23. Bran wade says:

    I love these videos they always give me a good laugh please keep it up

  24. InsaneFanta says:

    Is it a man? Is it a hero? No, it's a feminazi

  25. Marie Pierre says:

    Declare over suspect what attract forgive nut ourselves sense across.

  26. Heroic Comments says:

    What is this bullshit for????. You mother fuckers are watering down the movement of normal women against feminism. If someone watches this shit, they will become feminist as they see the illiteracy and stupidity in this video. FUCK YOU ALL YOU CORRUOPTED ILLITERATE SUB HUMANS…

  27. Zeke Gaming says:

    Good and hackysack

  28. Polar Ire says:

    Yea. XD

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