Top 10 Powerful Lesbians in American Politics

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Top 10 Powerful Lesbians in American Politics – TRN –

10. Coya Artichoker
A young Native American activist who despite being isolated in Rapid City, South Dakota, has already begun to leave her mark. Creating an organization known as “Sacred Circle” she has worked tirelessly to end violence against Native American women
9. Lorri Jean
As CEO of The Center in Los Angeles, she has considerable power in that city and California. She was one of the leaders of the effort to repeal Proposition 8 and has been head of the National Task Force
8. Elizabeth Birch
As former CEO of the Human Rights Campaign, she still has a vast network of LGBT activists around the country. She is a talented businesswomen, writer and organizer. She changed the vision of HRC forever
7.Karen Ocamb
While her blog (LGBTPOV) is relatively new and mostly focused on California, she is one of the most distinguished journalists in our community. She is known for her ‘scoops’, tough questioning and seeing the ‘insides’ of a story
6. Sheila Kuehl
Pioneer, State Legislative leader, feminist and one of the most respected LGBT leaders in the country. Along with Vaid, she is listened to carefully and respected enormously. She tolerates no intolerance
5. Kate Kendell
As CEO of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Kendall has championed some of the pioneering legal legislation to protect Lesbians in America. She devoted endless hours in the attempt to defeat Proposition 8. Her network of Lesbian lawyers across America is impressive
4. Nancy Sutley
She was confirmed by the United States Senate through unanimous consent January 22, 2009. As Chairperson of President Obama’s Council on Environmental Quality, she is one of the highest ranking open Lesbians in this administration
3. Torie Osborn
There would be no modern day LGBT movement without Torie Osborn. As former head of such organizations as The Task Force, Liberty Hill Foundation and The Center, she is one of our best organizers, writers and visionaries
2. Robin McGehee
The first Proposition Eight generation on this list. McGeehee has already been arrested in front of the White House, co-founded and co-chaired “Get Equal” and is the new ‘take no prisoners’ school of organizing arising from the passage of Proposition Eight
1. Kerry Eleveld
She is the LGBT community’s ‘voice in Washington. As a respected and talented journalist for over 15 years she has quickly risen to the top

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