Top 10 Most Feminist Disney Ladies

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Top 10 Most Feminist Disney Ladies // Subscribe:

These are the most feminist Disney ladies! For this list, we’re ranking characters from Disney and Pixar movies who display a variety of feminist traits. We’re excluding live-action films, so unfortunately characters like Mrs. Banks won’t make the cut. We’ve included characters like Rapunzel from “Tangled”, Pocahontas from “Pocahontas”, Elsa from “Frozen” and more!

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43 Responses

  1. Hannah Taylor says:

    i hate that she says whats more feminist then not caring what others think and i know that feminist means equality but the way she makes it sound she's talking about misandry

  2. Jianshi Jiao says:

    What, Sargent Calhoun and Vanellope are very feminist! Why is Wreck It Ralph always ignored?

  3. JM CG says:

    Where's GoGo from Big Hero 6? I mean she's the most badass in the group, plus her catchphrase is "Woman Up"

  4. Rainbow Alpacas and unicorns says:

    Before the Video

    Elastigirl, Where You at

    after number 3


  5. Sandy Fyffe says:

    So glad Mulan got #1, she DEFINITELY earned it! 🙂

  6. Matthew Cline says:

    I agree with where you put Mulan and Moana. However, I think Judy Hopps should have been around 1-3, and Kida should have been in honorable mentions, if nothing else. Still, great list!

  7. Void Echo says:

    Came here for the comments, am not disappointed.

  8. Engel Konan says:

    Esmeralda, Pocahontas and Kida deserve more credit than Elsa !

  9. Random person says:

    Rapunzel shouldn't be a part of this list at all. Maybe an honourable mention would have been nice. Elsa should have been higher. Esmeralda should be a part of this list: bravely standing up against Frollo for what she believes in and I adore Belle but her position should have been lower

  10. Debapriya Dattaroy says:

    How in the world did belle get a place in the list but Jasmine or meg or esperanza just got honourable mentions

  11. Cody Fairless-Lee says:

    I like BRAVE and I love ZOOTOPIA, THE INCREDIBLES franchise, MOANA, and the honorable mention of HERCULES!

  12. Eduardo Rios says:

    MsMojo when I see Miss Judy Hopps and Miss Helen Parr I think "those ladies can whoop all y'all asses!!!"

  13. Fallon McClarty says:

    "Unlike most other Disney Princesses, Elsa from Frozen has no romantic plot line at all." It should stay that way in Frozen 2!!!

  14. Ellie F says:

    I figured Eilonwy wouldn't make the cut but I'm still irritated she got left off. She's clever, funny, resourceful, and doesn't take any of Taran's misogynistic crap.

  15. Steph says:

    To the ones that say these characters are not feminists: ok, I agree in the point that most of them aren't feminists in their own stories, in the sense of, y'know, fighting for gender equality. However, the movies are works of fiction, and every fiction has a sociopolitical context. Seeing the movies and, therefore, the characters inside this sociopolitical context, they are big feminists, because they were intentionally created as strong and independent women even though that's not what “the society” wants. Being a model like that for young girls and boys is very feminist.

  16. fred jasper says:

    Feminists suck…..if angered

  17. Steph says:

    What a great top 10! Mine wouldn't be in this order, but would have almost the same characters. Yet, I swear I shed a tear when I saw Mulan in number 1.

  18. Imani Culver says:

    Honestly all of these characters could have been no. 1 on the list

  19. Gor85 says:

    Nice video as always 🙂

  20. Gor85 says:

    I like Mulan,Esmeralda and Meg 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Gor85 says:

    I like when girls are both feminist and feminine Thats how it should be

  22. minegirlmo says:

    Wouldn't exactly call them feminists. And Mrs. Banks was the only real feminist when feminism was needed.

  23. William Forest-Hill says:

    Who else knew Mulan would be number one?

  24. Mia Montavon says:

    Seriously Elsa Anna is more independent than her

  25. Mavler And The Friends Channel says:

    Why Laila (Roadside Romeo) don't included, she is came from Disney.

  26. S.U.P.P Awesomeness says:

    Ha ha ha ha hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha.

  27. Cal Taylor says:

    In the comment section feminist = strong? I mean I’m a super shy scared person but I’m a fan of gender equality

  28. Destiny Gamer says:


  29. Claire Redfield says:

    Im kinda confused now of what feminism means.

  30. Miles Ndulue says:


  31. Paul Jordan says:

    unrelated to this video, if any of you are kingdom hearts fans, the bad guys of Organization IIIX are after the new generation of princesses.

  32. David Szaks says:

    LOL Bell as number 5? The princess who does almost nothing but day dream and 1 scene where she rides a horse into the woods to look for her dad; and who is a pretty strong case for being kidnapped and suffering from Stockholm syndrome? And Sargent Hops, what?? That movie doesn't have anything to do with feminism, there are lots of other female officers and the main villain is a female and ends up becoming mayor. Speaking of villains where's Maleficent on this list? A woman who disregards the male patriarchy and through her own strength want's to rise up into a position of power. Is that not like the text book feminist?

  33. Emily Herrera says:

    I think judy should have been 3

  34. Lexie L says:

    Judy Hopps IS Leslie Knope

  35. Nikolai the tanker Husky says:

    Definitely old fashioned feminism or equality

  36. Ally Nichelle says:

    Every time I see Mulan climbing to get the arrow I get goosebumps

  37. Yves Forbes Flores says:

    For me, Let It Go is not only an LGBT anthem but also a girl power anthem

  38. Danni L.Jean says:

    There is no question Mulan is #1. I'm so proud of this list. Mulan was the best feminist role model for me as a 4 year old child and she still inspires me today 20 years later at 24. Also I feel with the rise in Frozen and Moana, Mulan is really often forgotten. I feel like Ariel and Belle were two good feminist characters leading up to the bang of feminist characters being Mulan. Who agrees? Also who can over shadow the fact that Mulan saved the entire country of China as a woman again without men's help until the very end of the film?

  39. Brianna Lee says:

    Glad Mulan, Moana, Belle, Judy, Elastic Girl, Tiana, and all the honorable mentions were on the list, but it sucks that people say Ariel and Cinderella are not feminist characters. Ariel was the first princess with attitude and she left her home on her own and helped to save the day, even if she was pursing a guy and temporarily gave up her voice. Cinderella endured abuse and still remained a good person, showing she's stronger than she's not as sassy like the other girls on the list. Give them some credit! Ariel's one of my favorites.

  40. Martin Vicente Fábregas says:

    I love all of this women but i think the order should be changed. Rapunzel and Pocahontas must be higher, Pocahontas at least in the top 5. Belle and Elsa in the lowes ranks, especially because Belle is more feminist in the live action than in the original, althought in both she's a great female role model. Tiana also should be in a higher rank for being the first and only Disney princess who has a job. Finally, I consider Esmeralda must be as minimum in the list. You said so yourself, she is too underrated. She was a rebel, a revolutionary, the leader for Paris liberation.
    Anyway, I'm glad you made this video and I suppose you have your reasons for making the list like that, but we can enter in a debate. Besides, every Disney woman is a great example of strenth, independence and intelligence, values l think make a feminist. Anyway any fight for feminism is a victory.

  41. Calamity Jean says:

    No Bianca from the Rescuers? Are you kidding me??

  42. Chelsea Canales says:

    Not surprising at all knowing Mulan is #1. She kicks ass and didn’t need a man to save her. So does the other Disney feminism; Jasmine, Pocahontas, Belle, Tiana, and Esmeralda.

  43. Kim says:

    My top 3: Belle, Mulan and Esmeralda <3

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