Top 10 Most Beautiful WIVES of Rich Kenyan POLITICIANS

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Top 10 most beautiful wives of Kenyan politicians.
This video is mainly meant to shade a light to the women who are always behind the Kenyan mighty politicians.
Although we used beauty as a criteria we also considered other factors such as how these women relate to the general public. We also considered popularity.

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37 Responses

  1. E News Kenya says:

    Who was your favourite ??…….Comment , Subscribe & Share

  2. Kamakia Peter says:

    ati waititu? the one of move the river away from the buildings?

  3. Ivy Otiya says:

    Why make stupid videos about beauty? Everyone is beautiful im their own unique ways

  4. Alice Mugure says:

    hey paul kobias wife is my aunt

  5. Jane Nyoks says:

    Where is Aida?

  6. mesha mesha says:

    Evry woman is beutiful…

  7. Augustine Kipruto says:

    nobody is ugly, ni vile tuko broke

  8. Judy Maingi says:

    mmmm nothing is there go masambani warembo wao ni pesa not beuty there

  9. Orembo Thomas says:

    I am coming the soon

  10. Bishar Abdinoor Happi says:

    like it

  11. Anne Mitambo says:

    Love you Mrs uhuru Kenyatta

  12. Anna Hassan says:

    Ata heri wa gover mutua,,,

  13. Anna Hassan says:

    Hamna aliyenipendeza,,,am beautiful too,,,money is not everything ooh

  14. adhiss eunice says:

    mudavadi ako juu

  15. adhiss eunice says:

    mudavadi ako j7

  16. Faith Wanjiru says:

    Paul Kobia's wife and Mudavadi's wife are the most beautiful

  17. Ann Dave says:

    hii beauty contest yao ilifanyiwa wapi yawa

  18. John Mwema says:

    Count my vote to Mudavadi's and Mutua's.

  19. Peter Mwangi says:


  20. Siddi Kimpole says:

    They are all wives, whether beautiful or not.

  21. Siddi Kimpole says:

    They are all wives, whether beautiful or not.

  22. kidabaga Seruka says:

    Nitakuja kuona 2

  23. MICHAEL ODONGO says:

    most richest and the one who have most beatiful wife 'mtu amekushinda amekushinda

  24. Ramla Runey says:

    My favorite is president’s wife she so calmly

  25. Wanjiru Ndegwa says:

    Why was Steve Mbogo's wife left out???? She is beyond beautiful

  26. Sandra Wanjiko says:

    Na mkisalimika kwa pesa, mbinguni mmesalimika? Second kwani wote ni mawife wa magovernors? Pesa ni sabuni ya roho, hila pesa zitawafanya watu wengi sana kuingia jeanamu, no matter they have money or not, beautiful or not, i don't like majingambo, hii ni sawa na kuwacheka masikini.

  27. maggie ngugi says:

    all are pretty

  28. Beril Okombo says:

    hapo kwa waititu tulichezwa aky,,,

  29. bonface maina says:

    peter munya

  30. Mercy Sandoval says:

    Come on plis this is a complete joke we r all btfl we should not even be comparing ourselves.

  31. Violet Stacy says:


  32. Sallygold by respect kiumbe says:

    First lady mrs Uhuru shes vry beautiful..thn Mrs Ruto no.2..Wengine sio warembo..pengine pesa but mm sio urembo ni mawigy tu

  33. David Kitonga says:

    Beauty is not only on face or body structure, it's about good heart and fear of GOD , so for me Kenya mama No 1 and No 2 are the most beautiful because they fear God and they have good heart regardless of their social class in our country. About their richness sincerely I don't know.

  34. Victoria Tony says:

    Mama taifa kwa heshima,,,, waiguru apewe namba two

  35. Wesley Turks says:

    mutuas wife the best

  36. angelicah karani says:

    No 6,4 3 2 and the music

  37. Rahab Njuguna says:

    Margyyy mwaaaaaah

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