#TimeIsNow – Session 7: Leadership and Gender Equality (Coaching and Mentoring) & Highlights

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This session provides an overview of mentoring and coaching concepts, their differences and practices. It will discuss how participating in coaching and mentoring can benefit mentor and mentee and positively impact organizations as well. The conversation will also consider what constitutes an effective and successful mentoring relationship.

• Moderator: Glenda Newton, Gender and Outreach Officer, ICAO
• Shari Currie, Regional Director General, Prairie and Northern Region, Transport Canada
• Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI
• Li Yinglin, Vice President, Yunnan Airport Group, China
• Patricia Reverdy, Deputy Executive Secretary, ECAC
• Connie Avery, Manager of System Safety Science, Air Operations, FedEx
• Mercy Beatrice Awori, Representative of Kenya on ICAO Council

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