Thu, Jan 3: Trump vs Romney & Dems; Beta Male Hank Johnson & NAACP

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Thu, Jan 3 Hour 1: Trump on Shutdown, Wall, & Romney. Beta male is on third marriage!
| 1) Trump press conference on gov’t shutdown: I was all alone in the White House with the machine gunners, and nobody came to negotiate. Trump is upfront. If the wall’s immoral, you better do something about the Vatican!

| 2) Trump says Mitt Romney should be a team player. If he fought Obama as hard as he fought me, he’d have won the election!

Molly Tibbetts’s mother opened her home to an immigrant relative of the illegal alien accused of killing her daughter!

Rick of northern Wisconsin’s mother ran the home, got divorced, and messed him up.

| 3) BOND Men’s Forum tonight. Support BOND

Rick is on his third marriage. He got back with his high school sweetheart. She said God told her they’d be together.

| 4) Rick is a beta male and says he doesn’t know how to be an alpha male. His father “tried to kill” him when he was 12, then 17, then later committed suicide.

| 5) Perry of PA says Jesse should have a sword on the wall behind him above his head. Because he slays zombies and wakes people up.

Thu, Jan 3 Hour 2: Woman forgave parents; Mitt’s untrustworthy; 18-y-o wrestler calls in
| 1) Alexis of Philadelphia, PA, finally called her dad.

| 2) Mitt Romney to Jake Tapper on CNN: I think Trump is sincere. Chuck Schumer in 2009 spoke against illegal aliens, not “undocumented workers,” and talked about the wall.

Efferson of Oakland, CA, is 18, and refused his parents trying to force him into an arranged marriage.

| 3) Men’s Forum tonight 7pm at BOND Joel’s The Gifted of Dance Academy offers discounts.

Efferson’s parents came into his apartment and messed up his stuff.

| 4) Efferson talks about the NJ wrestler who cut his hair when given the choice by the ref.

| 5) Efferson doesn’t think most blacks are retarded. But anger retards the mind.

Thu, Jan 3 Hour 3: Anti-Trump Hank Johnson & NAACP; Women’s March cancelled too white
| 1) Hank Johnson calls Trump a racist strongman. He says Trump supporters want white privilege, and they’re old, uneducated and dying of drugs, alcohol, and broken hearts. Maybe he’s thinking black people. He spoke at the NAACP, the National Association Against Black People.

| 2) Tom of Alabama came from England. He works here and met a girl. Have blacks always been this whiney? Date 7 years, no sex. Darren of CA calls Jesse a girl for “complaining” about beta makes. Caller Levi if Beaverton, OR, asks about the wall: what if they fly over the wall?

| 3) Let anger go! Hank Johnson and the NAACP are of their father the Devil. Support BOND. Check out Joel Friday’s business

Levi asks about the Berlin Wall vs. Trump’s wall. Neil asks why someone would want to be God.

| 4) Neil, don’t read that radical stuff, do the Silent Prayer. James reports on Women’s March Eureka in Humboldt County, CA — cancelled due to being overwhelmingly white. More callers.

| 5) James of Sylvester, GA, sees hate and prejudice increasing. Jesse says men have been weak, but they’re waking up.

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27 Responses

  1. Cory Carpenter says:

    Why didn't Jesse say anything about Efferson's interracial girlfriend?

  2. Freddie Booth says:

    Molly's mother is doing what Jesus Christ would do forgive those who trespass against us, as we hope to be forgiven for our trespasses. see Jesse doesn't even understand basic Christian values

  3. Freddie Booth says:

    truth Jesse is a pastor who has said himself that he never read the Bible. claims to be smart but won't believe facts. and every time I watch his videos I wanted to hold a charity event for the mentally challenged.

  4. Gave Ed Dillmore says:

    What happened to the people on the left is they have constant " news" reports filling up their Facebook page. CNN posts a new lie article like every 40 minutes. They brainwash people with the same talking points of "bombshell report" , " the walls are caving in" and about a dozen other catch phrases. The repetition of words is mind control.

  5. Eric s says:

    Jesse you are a great man keep up the good work . This is coming from a Canadian with roots in this country for 200 years I am 75 percent Scottish some French and native in me so I am as Canadian as it gets. In my country traitor Trudeau like his father is trying to replace us with third world scum. There are some hard working good people from their that assimilate but the majority hate us and want to build their own mini countries here. I beleive that if Blacks and other people of color like yourself speak up against this you will be more effective than people like me as whites are being taught to hate themselves and whites are hated because others are jealous of the fact that we build successful civil countries. Keep fighting the good fight you have my support 100 percent
    and appreciate all that you are doing god bless you sir.

  6. Benhorton Horton says:

    Beta males can't make up there minds if they like you or not they need alpha women to make up their minds

  7. bonjani1 says:

    About this boy henry johnson, if black folks had any God given decency in them, they would drag this empty nogin knee grow from that office of his, put him in the hood, lay the bamboo stick for 30 mins to his black ass, and tell him to get a job

  8. Skubo Sly ice says:

    This man is comical he knows how to attract a decent fan base but it wood be amaaaazin if he didn’t look like Oprah Winfrey’s gums amazun

  9. Jonathan Bryant says:

    JLP for prez 2020

  10. Stefano Fava says:

    I bet you dont know eu payed for almost all 900km wall that turkey got on the southern syria border! Very expendive, payed by eu taxpayers without asking if they want to pay it……'………. look it up, and then look further.. the globalists is putting up walls around the globe just not in the west.

  11. Pedro says:

    "Gods going to renew your mind"…… subscribed!!!!!

  12. Pedro says:

    Greetings from New Zealand Mr Peterson

  13. Emo Mc says:

    I suspected my girl of cheating when she went to a church organization at night. She asked “how many men do you think I screwed?” My reply

    Not all not all not all, but most

  14. Alexander says:

    Dam Rick story is interesting.

  15. Henry Oosterwyk says:

    jesse shouldn:t interrupt while the caller is trying to but in

  16. Damond Wilson Wilson says:

    Jesse, are you an ordained minister? Where did you receive your education and theology degree?

  17. Ben Richards says:

    LOL You Gotta be a nut case to get married three times? Hey Jesse, care to remind us which wife the great white hope is on?

  18. Ryan Sharp says:

    Jews are fighting against the wall.

  19. Lynn Middleton says:

    So if we pray your saying all our thoughts are bad so it takes thoughts of God to pray so i.e that means prayer is bad? Do you ever think thru what you preach.

  20. Michael Queen says:

    lucifers work is everywhere jesse. its fallen for now.

  21. Carl Cleague says:

    My wife and I want to learn clogging and square dancing and that Beta Joel don't reply……what kind of business woman is he???

  22. Big Dawg says:

    ………….Hmmmm, JLP prognosticated some time ago that BLACK PLAYERS were attempting to destroy the NFL, yet, here we are again approaching another SUPER BOWL. Come on "SHEEPLE", wake up to this village idiot. WND pays this guy, James Hake, and Joel (probably) very well to sell their souls to the devil. But rest assured, James will ECLIPSE JLP, he's the voice behind the curtain as we speak…hand firmly shoved up JLPs ass moving his lips.
    Mr JLP, I am officially requesting to become your Public Relations/Social Media Specialist advertised on your BOND site…….all services will be provided FREE OF CHARGE just to get the opportunity to be in the middle of the lions den of Godless Individuals. Am more than sure I could "shake" things up over there and provide a little bit of insight… Idiots ALL

  23. Roc Star Studio says:

    once again is talking straight out of his ass AGAIN…..when did he become a couselor? LOL….the callers are as dumb as he is. What a crock of shit.

  24. shawn fanning says:

    Why didn't rick roll the window down???? Lol

  25. TheKomentor says:

    Dating someone for seven years without sex before marriage sounds impractical. Why even marry a woman if you can resist the urge for sex? And what if your first 3 dates fail and you have put 21 years into them – start dating again at 40?

  26. Hanzo says:

    Hank Johnson is an official retard who think islands can tip over lol

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