Three Reasons Why We Need the Electoral College

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Do you understand what the Electoral College is or how it works? Do you know why America uses it to elect its presidents instead of just using a straight popular vote?

The ingenious system created by the founders protects Americans from the tyranny of the majority and encourages candidates to campaign nationally in order to win every state. Share this video and comment with your thoughts below!

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38 Responses

  1. PragerU says:

    Watch our five-minute video "Do You Understand the Electoral College?" here:

  2. wildbattlechicken says:

    I can't wait for the (prageru) video showing how the EC is bad for the US when a democrat wins with out winning the popular vote.

  3. Michæl Gilbert Clements says:

    The electoral college is to represent the States' vote not the population's vote.

  4. The man with no name says:

    Just repeal the 19 th you idiots ……It's easier and cheaper

  5. Johann Kok says:

    Try speaking.

  6. Robert Polanco says:

    Personally, I find the electoral college to be a big joke! It makes me wonder why does the popular vote being included in various U.S. laws and the Constitution? Someday, I would like to know why does America have a two-party system and why is it still in existence? If anyone asks me, I DESPISE the two-party system because it is equally corrupt in this country! Furthermore, as an Independent, I am waiting for an alternative political party to have a place in our nation's government. Otherwise, what's the point of voting for either of the two prevailing political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans?

  7. crooked52h says:

    LIES !!!! gerrymandering makes it easier to steal elections like they did in 2010 !!!!

  8. crooked52h says:

    Abolish the electoral college it gave us bush and trump

  9. Mike Andrews says:

    I can't believe these moron Democrats and leftists want to get rid of it. Without it, voting will become worthless..

  10. milcoll73 says:

    #3 is exactly why democrats want to get rid of it.

  11. Adam Anderson says:

    This is trash. I agree that the electoral college can be a good thing for the election of the president. However to say that this video has none of the necessary nuance to convey that message is an understatement. It is so bad it actively deceives. Come on now, make three videos, explain each point with examples. We don’t need sound bites, we need education. Seriously PragerU.

  12. Markku Hänninen says:

    Haha, this video contradicts itself, epic stuff :D.

    At 0:31 they make argument that electoral college is needed for every state and therefore every voter to matter in election. Then at 1:07 they make argument that in popular vote any vote stolen will matter in end result.

    Talk about bad argument. Popular vote is the means for every vote to count, there is no other. With popular vote every vote counts to the end result and no vote has dissimilar value. In electoral college, in some states your votes count 10-20 times that of in some other state and "win all" states make losing vote meaningless.

  13. ChaseCain356 says:

    Libertarian here. The electoral college is just as flawed as our two party party system. At the time it was to prevent voters fraud, but after seeing how many faithless electors we’ve had lately, it basically contributes to voters fraud.

  14. Chad Disrud says:

    The president of the US is a figurehead of the union. As such, only union members have a right to vote. Since States are members and not individual citizens of States, the States get to vote on their president. The President of the United States is not the president of a nation, S/he is the president of a union of nations.

  15. Carter Martin says:

    Prager University, the chanel that makes right wing videos that look like buzzfeed videos.

  16. BigBoss says:

    So the 47% tyranizing the 53% is acceptable?

  17. xApemanx says:

    Videos. Need. Annotation.

    I'm busy doing shit while I play youtube videos., you need to annotate what is on the screen. or I'm not going to waste my time

  18. Xavier Brown says:

    I still think the electoral college is pointless at this point and that it should be one head=one vote

  19. Fermain Jackson says:

    The main disadvantage is when difference between candidates is just a few votes like happened in 2000 between Al Gore and George W Bush.

  20. PyreotusBark89 says:

    #2 is just a problem with democracy in general tbh

  21. Wyndham K Bostian says:

    The electoral college does not ensure that every vote matters. No one in California or Wyoming or Kentucky need bother voting. Really, only votes in swing states are very important and some votes aren't important at all. And think about this: California has a population of almost 40 million. If half of that number plus one vote Democrat, 20 million Republican votes don't even count. That sure smells like bull shit to me.

  22. Aaron Bradley says:

    Well in this post-apocalyptic political landscape I saw you as one of the hopes for Humanity but anyone who defends the Electoral College is an idiot

  23. Concerned Citizen says:

    Electoral college goes against the Second Greatest Commandment therefore should be repealed.

  24. Mono Jaku says:

    Here's a different perspective if you're interested:

  25. Carib says:

    We need Jagiellon!
    Because Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth was the strongest country in europe!

  26. Rev. Stephen A. Cakouros says:


  27. Darth Shitlord the III says:

    I'm not a leftist, but I actually agree with the left about the Electoral College. Every other elected position is done by popular vote, so I think it's fine if we vote the President by popular vote as well. That being said, throughout it's history the electoral college winner has rarely differed with the national popular vote winner anyway, so I don't think it's as big of a deal as the left tries to paint it.

  28. Alexander Canovas says:

    I'm not convinced it works as intended. The video makes assertions but doesn't back them up. Almost makes me think it was put together by Democrats. When it asserts that every state matters, and therefore, every vote matters, that is patently false. When a state like California, whose electorate has shifted radically left over the last few decades, votes in federal elections, it almost invariably ends up giving all of its 55 electoral votes go to the Democrat. Out of a total of 538 electoral votes, that's not a small number. How is that not disenfranchising the 6 or so million conservative voters in California (out of a total of close to 20 million voters, roughly 29% are conservative)? If we were to go to a straight vote-per-person system, all those 6 million votes would go to the conservative candidate – a not insignificant number of votes. Meanwhile, this same phenomenon occurs for most of the most populous states, thereby making me question just how this is an equitable distribution of influence. Considering that we have become increasingly polarized, this makes for far more serious repercussions in national elections than was once the case. The right pole has remained fairly stable throughout the years, maintaining a general platform of smaller government and resistance to radical reforms, while the left pole has shifted significantly leftward and espouses openly socialist ideas and severely authoritarian tendencies. Now, consider that the left has been stuffing their registers with the huge influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, as well as indoctrinating the youth to lean heavily left through our state run indoctrination machine, and let's not forget the inordinate influence the leftist media and celebrities have in swaying the impressions that the leftist view is the predominant view in the country. So, I reiterate, just what about the electoral system in its current manifestation is fair and representative of the will of the people of the country?

  29. edward michaels says:

    our last election proved it’s worth, 3 million questionable votes in CA. and all that was won, was CA. it didn’t carry the whole election.

  30. Dj McCaslin says:

    Popular vote is overrated

  31. Matthew Van Helden says:

    Except we do know what states matter the most, there are a handful. Instead of the 51% imposinf their will on the 49%, the 49% can impose their will on the 51%, so that makes it ok? Plus your delegates can vote contrary to the will of their constituents literally making the individual vote not matter.

    I gotta say im disappointed. I was expecting to learn something.

    AND you get these drawn up districts to vote certain kinds of voters together, literally splitting streets down the middle, going around certain KINDS ( 😉 😉 ) of neighborhoods.

  32. chiepah2 says:

    The best argument I've heard for the electoral college is that 16.4 million Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

  33. Toadeater says:

    Since 1988 republicans has only won popular vote one time, in the 2004 election, I can guarantee you that if the shoe was on the other foot there would be no way PragerU would support the electoral collage.

  34. Jose Uribe says:

    It encourages national campaigning? They literally focus in a handful of swing states.

    Not every voter matter on the election under this system, Republicans in California and Democrats in Wyoming are worthless under this system.
    It is actually easier to steal an election because you can just hack into the swing state’s machines in swing counties

  35. Wolfsgeist says:

    Oh no, an election where the majority wins. Oh the humanities…

  36. Orppranator says:

    It supports intellectual diversity.

  37. Handsome White Devil says:

    438 Democrats hit the dislike button.

  38. Nym Alous says:

    Just for reference to all those participating in the discussion here:

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