#TheLadDebate with Milo Yiannopoulos and Dr Theodore Koulouris

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Filmed by DC Productions in collaboration with BrightonTV
Director: Spencer Curtin
Producer: Lauren Emily Dawkins
Filmed at the University of Brighton

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35 Responses

  1. Thomas Gazis says:

    I feel pity for Theo! Milo demolished him…



  3. Megadeth-1a 88 says:

    Does the professor understand the information that is coming into his ears? Its like a kid with ADHD he can't comprehend the words unless you say it over and over

  4. Hannibal Masen says:

    I personally know Dr. Koulouris and I must say that this debate isn't what people should base their opinions of him on. I also should say Milo made very good points and handled this very well and achieved victory in this topic, but Dr. Koulouris is a very intelligent man and deserves to be heard. Thank you for taking your time to read this comment

  5. Trance State says:

    Milo eliminated this lefto-feminist delusionist. Reality versus feminism.

  6. Rawandi says:

    MILO utterly eviscerated him.
    I kinda felt that out Austin Powers on the left was more of a moderator than anything else. Poor guy cannot even express himself!
    I'm having a really hard time believing he's an actual professor. I can say with a high degree of certainty that I've seen this knuckle dragger in a preowned car dealership in Flushing, Queens.
    What's funnier though is that someone thought it was a good idea to bring a low IQ leftist caveman with speech impediment to debate MILO!

  7. LuigiTheHeadcrab says:

    i like how milo addresses the chick while he speaks too, even though she isn't even engaging in the conversation. XD
    for the record, a big portion of women do not find 'danger' in men's sexuality attractive, thats just what he likes lol

  8. Sarah Jacobs says:

    Girls have ADHD, too. Me, for instance. It has nothing to do with Lad Culture. It's a neurological condition.

  9. nkw1985 says:

    The professor just seems to mumble alot of bullshit about feelings mean everything while Milo is delivering logic constantly. The professor is such a cuck that he doesn't deserve a penis and I could barely watch this because he's such a smug and pretentious fucktard.

  10. Bird Song says:

    I feel like the other greek guy gave up halfway, stopped making arguments for his case and really just gave Milo more opportunities to shine

  11. Liza Henry says:

    stfu professor and you have a degree in critical theory is this what students pay for now going to these elite university.

  12. Liza Henry says:

    wow Milo I wish I known about you even back then love listening to you take down these so called experts point by point lol

  13. Julie oconnell says:

    Who's watching this in 2017 ?

  14. Luke Critchley says:

    Really good debate, I think both make some very salient arguments. The issues of class and opportunity, I would say, are the principal motive for male suicide rates. I also agree that identity politics have gone too far in that for some people, movements such as Feminism have given some odious, ignorant souls a platform to put down white males. "Ashamed of nothing, offended by everything" is a term I would use to describe a very unhealthy and vocal portion of society. Also, as much as some hate to admit it, scientific research in psychology and biology suggests that there is a biological AND environmental basis for gender and personality, it's not solely environmental.

  15. Robert A says:

    What no one brushes their hair?

  16. ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ says:

    Both have Greek surnames, so which one is more Greek?

  17. David Doroteo says:

    I hate when people on the Left say that Milo is only big because he is offensive.
    That is simply no true.
    I have been his fan the past 4 years when he was in the UK bringing sense to debates.
    They should really check out Milo's past debates in the UK, especially this one.
    That would change there mind.

  18. Leo Joey says:

    So glad Milo doesn't have his hair like that.

  19. Monty says:

    first time i see sexual harassment on youtube. did they allow it? i didnt know

  20. Monty says:

    Is it so hard for people to realize that men must form male only groups?
    This is how boys learned how to became men in my grandpa's years. They belonged in a brotherhood. Be it a group of builders, a group of football players. heck, even the barber shop was a club for men to socialize with each other.

    Now, these

  21. Gino H says:

    I propose a that all the crazy feminists wear a sign on their head.

  22. T SH says:

    Milo needs to learn how to listen.

  23. talsapps says:

    this guy doesn't get it even after milo explained himself 10 times, it is so frustrating to watch. by his definition I can be offended by someone's existence and file an harassment report and no one could argue against me because I feel harassed, no one could argue.

  24. jase says:

    Poor Dr Theodore.

  25. Lanzy4lee says:

    If I picked up a cup of coffee I had in the fridge all night and said the coffee is hot when I drink it does that make it hot just because I said it was . I carnt believe we have ppl like this professor teaching to ppl how sad for the next generation

  26. Nell philpott says:

    Where is the evidence that the cave man used to club his wife and drag her by the hair? He was too busy doing modern art on his walls.

  27. Nell philpott says:

    This guy thinks that the Labour Party is neoliberal. I bet he loves the EU. aaargh He is a walking stereotype of what has gone wrong with academia since the 1970s. Nobody can learn anything real at University these days. You have to go online for private studies. Milo has to open his own university with classical liberal subjects, no sociology, nothing PC.

  28. Nell philpott says:

    Milo needs no advice from this comfortable, smug professor who has no idea what is happening on the ground. He is too comfortable and has no spunk. Women want the love of a good man and men want the love of a good woman. Too many people take offense. Milo is great. He should be cloned a million times over to combat professors like this across Europe and the U.S. Get rid of them. They shouldn't be teaching young people.

  29. TheBitchiness says:

    This Koulouris guy seems like a feminbitch worshiping mangina to me. Enough said.

  30. LongpigPie says:

    REALLY? makes me ashamed to live so close to brighton aha

  31. Jacob Mojapelo says:

    41:09 I know most would probably say it just a figure of speech but when Milo says "we like women who look good" could that mean Milo is attracted to women how ever small that attraction might be?

  32. Pinochet Pilot #666 says:

    44m44 "you have to accept that her complaint may not have merit" – why is that so difficult for mr cucked to fathom?

  33. Pinochet Pilot #666 says:

    that cuck needs to be fired before he fucks up more kids.

  34. Isaac saxton-knight says:

    Milo just repeats the same arguments in almost exactly the same ways

  35. Drewbie Wildstar says:

    Is this guy mentally ill? If you think that people BEING offended means something should "be done about it" then you've sadly been huffing your own farts for far too long. What a loopy, deranged way of thinking. It's no wonder these university students all sound and act the way they do when THESE are the people lecturing them.

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