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Did You Know?!

In the Balkans and in the remote regions of Albania, there were many brave women who wanted / needed to get the same rights as men.

But because they were women, they couldn’t.

So they took an oath to live life like a man and become “The Sworn Virgins”. Still physically women, but they completely change their lifestyle and live like men.

This is the fascinating story of one of the very few remainging ones in the world.

Diane is absolutely amazing to hang out with. She’s charismatic and strong. This tradition is dying out. Women are increasingly getting the rights they deserve. Here, women no longer need to live like men to get their rights.

But this is a good reminder of Diane’s bravery and work to make women and men equal. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

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20 Responses

  1. MusicOfEpirus says:

    Men had no “rights” either… lol

    They couldn’t raise kids, and they couldn’t say “No” to being slaughtered for the protection of women.

    Actually, Burrneshas are the direct RESULT of the extinction of MEN in a family. As a result, women had to jump to protect the family, as a last resort.

    This is how societies survive : segregation of duties for optimal performance.

    Any other way, you disappear.

  2. Charles Asuncion says:

    So. . Grandma doesnt have kids ?

  3. shirohina satsu says:

    Strong people

  4. Durrsidurrsidurrsi says:

    Classic American misrepresentation and sensationalism. Very offensive.

  5. AlGangsta Vlore says:

    You should have done some homework before mounting this video. You totally missed the point. "Burrenesh" doesn't mean "women acting like men because they have no rights", it's way deeper than this. It's a noble act taken by a woman whom men leaders were killed due to the "gjakmarrje", blood feud, and the Lek Dukagjini's canon law allows a woman to chose to be a man.

  6. MusicOfEpirus says:

    This is a total misrepresentation… please, learn more.

  7. Pikachu xo says:

    This was never a phenomenon in which Women no rights but rather to do with families whom had no leader personalities in their homes. i.e. when there was no males left in the household and that household had properties and lands and their large family to look out for. Then some these females assumed the responsibilities of a leader in the household and the easiest to do that was to sport man attributes in a patriarchal society where you have instability, wars, conflicts and dealing with men in arms rather then a normally functioning society.

    So these personalities whom had an immediate calling to assume leadership of their house needed to adopt skills and attributes of one. In order to do that, they had to mingle with men and interact with each over for trade, business and many other activities which women were not into. In these regions until the 19th century there were no schools and educational systems and one very important way to be smart or get 'educated' was to learn skills by being street smart. Mingling, attending gatherings, making decisions and interacting with fellow street smarts whom were overwhelmingly men.

    There are tons of Albanian female leaders mostly during wars and conflicts but they rather have a military attributes, but by wearing men's clothing and declaring yourself one meant that you are equal and were perceived as equal and no one would dare to question your behaviour and your role as a leader of that household.

    In other words, this decision is a sacrifice for the family and not a selfish choice. Its not because the females were not respected but because males had more freedom and thus gained skills and attributes to lead a family. Where as a females role in the society was rather within the family and doing what traditional women do in a patriarchal society. Its not a wide spread phenomenon, but it did exist.

  8. The Institution says:

    We have a history of abuse and hard people but this thing is way, way, way deeper and needs so much context from the time it was conceived.
    'Burrneshe' doesn't mean 'Lesbian'.

  9. I'm formation D says:

    Please come in pakistan

  10. EpiritPirro says:

    I think this issue is deeper that it seems. In Albania is usually referred as a tradition of women who wanted more right in a very patriarchal society but no one talks about their sexual preferences. Most of them are sexually attracted to other women as well (someone might say they are in the character since they live as men now) but actually is the opposite. In a society where gay/lesbian are not well accepted these women came up with an ingenious idea of still being who they are but camouflaged in folklore. I heard many personal stories and these women don’t like men, they prefer other women. I wish there was a real investigation about it, was going to be real cool and more interesting.
    Hint, why this tradition is no longer in place since gay/lesbians have more rights in modern era?

  11. LegenDTriX says:

    Is she an asshole? She's not clearly as equal as men, same goes to all the women in the world. Do not think lowly of yourselves, you are powerful, yes I'm a man but i think women is powerful. If you give Her groceries she'll give you home, if you give Her house she'll give you home to live, if you give Her a semen she'll bear your child. This statement isn't suppose to offend all the women in the world. But I'm triggered as f**k as to think there are women who thinks lowly and equal as men.

  12. Odella Emo says:

    the thougths of women is weak than man and can't do anything in people thinking hit me so hard.there will always be Comparasion and it hits me so much sometimes :')

  13. fun studio says:

    keep going

  14. Evi Collector says:

    his… i mean her voice wow are u kidding me

  15. Kim Devonport says:

    what are you going to do after your days are done?

  16. grace s. a says:

    Hi naz daily

  17. Syed Rameez says:

    For what 78 days are left?

  18. Sherica Natulla says:

    I dont want you to lefttsghabanNznxnjs

  19. Sherica Natulla says:


  20. Sourav Ghosh says:


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