The Woman At The Black Pole Has A Powerful Message!

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Here you see the Northern Lights above, the rosiness of her cheeks the garland around the head type garment, singing out of a black pole like mic. With one pole in her ear..pretty straight forward.

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13 Responses

  1. derrick del rosario says:

    This one and illusions

  2. derrick del rosario says:


  3. Antonio Augustus says:

    She’s the space, estrogen, the womb of all and they are the stars/testosterone; ready to create more babies.

  4. Benji says:

    So why would they secretly put this info in music and movies? This is what I don't get. Wouldn't they want no one to know?

  5. bigGreenOring says:

    We are all getting out of here for sure too many ppl know low and behold lololoo hahaha cuz it's below Lolo the land of milk and honey

  6. Jay Fox says:

    Thats a TRANNY

  7. Charles Z says:

    Oh, this song. I remember this

  8. Redd Star says:

    Lol where do you come up with these theories

  9. Magic DeVeil Dolby[HD]Sound says:


  10. Angela Fenech says:

    Olivia Newton John olive , green astral light
    Newton neutron neutrino .

  11. That Way says:

    They tell us a lot of Truth through music

  12. Melaninated Woman says:

    Purple is satan saturn in black majik ! ONJ looks adgronous. Bring your dreams alive. Shouldn't we be awake not dreaming? 4th reich of Nazi regime aryan.. The Golden age of saturn!

  13. Melaninated Woman says:

    I love this song!

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