The Unique Way Alfonso Ribeiro and His Wife Revealed the Gender of Their Baby Number 4

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16 Responses

  1. Kaye Squared says:

    Aww beautiful family and amazing gender reveal idea.

  2. Lee A says:

    This dude never aged.

  3. Class and Sass says:

    I hope that money actually makes it to the Kenyan girl.

  4. Afeisha Ramsey says:

    I couldn't love this guy more. Whenever I see him you can be certain imma be smiling.

  5. dance4life1208 says:

    How is it baby number 4?

  6. Curtis 23 says:

    Still look the same. But congrats

  7. c H says:

    He has not aged…he is still fine

  8. Lizzie Ann says:

    My mom has 4 children and did the same! Everytime one of us was born she decided to sponsor a child in need. She said it's her way to give back to God and show him how grateful she is for us 🙂

  9. Lizzie Robertson says:

    0:27 I saw a little Will Smith right there

  10. Taeyong's mullet says:

    47 is so old to be a new dad

  11. Malachi With Bro and Sis says:

    Awwwww…CONGRATULATIONS, Carlton (FYI: I know that this is not his real name, but what I'll always remember as such)! But, what an awesome opportunity to be able to sponsor another child, in honor of your own! ❤

  12. Willy's Toys says:


  13. Shenoya Clarke says:

    Congratulation omg

  14. Genial Gigi says:

    That's an amazing idea! Putting money to better use.

  15. Neon k says:

    Hes such a cornball. Something about his energy seems like hell be a dick if you ever met him

  16. Rose Gold says:

    That is such a good idea

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