The Truth Is Worth It: Rigor | The New York Times

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Inside the 18-month New York Times investigation that revealed how the president engaged in dubious tax schemes in the 1990s.

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26 Responses

  1. Bonnie Hundley says:

    Somebody is a brilliant trailer editor!!!! I just like the trailer. The visuals and the sound effects. Good one.

  2. MKayhty says:

    I agree on the statement "The truth is worth it", however when I hear it from this particular news outlet I become very doubtful.

  3. Mr Penguin says:

    As long as he produces good results, I think a tax scheme from like 20 years ago isn't as and as some presidents have done.

  4. Liberty Prime says:

    NPC Times at it again

  5. Michael J says:

    Free Julian Assange!

  6. InkSoul says:

    Orange man bad.

  7. Quillan Jacobson says:

    I agree, that's why i don't read your stories

  8. Bossafro says:

    NYT : E N E M Y O F T H E P E O P LE

  9. Ray Wei says:

    Instead of convincing people to vote for democrats, democrats only spends time and money to smear. End of the day, nothing gets done after voting democrat

  10. liquidlight86 says:

    A master of persuasion and deception. Son of Satan and his his minions won't get off that easy this time around.

  11. LiquidSFX says:

    Ben shapiro perfectly explained trump. He is a mud monster. No matter what dirt you dig up, for some reason, nobody cares.

  12. George W. Bush says:

    Just give up you make yourselves look crazier with this bull

  13. Vlavitir glutginskiya says:

    yes they care so much for the truth that's why they're in denial of reality about there being only two genders.
    not to forget they had an author who actually wrote that his kids couldn't trust white people not to mention they hired as part of their board of editors an Asian woman who has called for whites to be canceled. not to mention running a piece recently where they fantasized about murdering the President.
    so wait Donald Trump's father died in 1999 almost 20 years why would they wait for decades to reveal this stuff? makes you wonder.

  14. Nick T says:

    This is getting ridiculous. Why can no one see that he's just a good guy?

  15. Bohdan Bilas says:

    So you guys do all this research, but when you're shown scientific fact that there are only two genders, you guys scream that it is a lie, something doesn't add up?

  16. iThinkz says:

    So what lie are they making up about the president this time

  17. Carlos Bonilla says:

    Sources, huh? What """""""sources"""""""

  18. VampCaff says:

    I don't want impeachment i want incarceration

  19. Evan says:

    Weird flex but ok

  20. John Campbell says:

    Zzzz boring. Voters don't care. That's why he lives on Pennsylvania Av.

  21. Confirmation Bias says:

    nice propaganda piece. just spill the beans already or stfu n gtfo

  22. Koos Swart says:

    I am reforming islam as a prophet and it is going quite well. I will break the financial system so be prepared to be broke.

  23. eeemotion says:

    And the NYT think the public at large doesn't have a right to know unless they pay to know? This information is common knowledge. He's put in place to take the blame for all the corrupt goings on in the financial and political world he comes from. His main function was to recycle dirty money. He was allowed to get away with 100s of millions of debt. Now as the Stock Markets collapse, he'll come in handy to take the blame. He's just another Jesuit puppet and you know it.

    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

    ― George Orwell.

    And you do a fine job at that.

  24. R Garlin says:

    Can't wait.



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