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sociology film:))

thanks for watching:)) this was a “study” that I was just curious to conduct lol
” if i cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way ”
-mlk jr

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  1. Gabbie R says:

    I think the issue that a lot of people have with feminism is that in America the feminist movement is dominated by white woman and it tends to focus on issues that white women experience. I also think that a lot of people see feminism as too sensitive nowadays. I have seen a lot of women complain & get attitudes because men hold the door for them & other smaller issues like that which to me and many others is ridiculous. I think the main issue people have with modern feminism is that there are women in other parts of the world that have no access to birth control or feminine products, that are forced into arranged marriages, that have no freedom and control whatsoever over their own bodies, who are not allowed to receive an education and sooo many other horrible things. And yet feminists here are arguing about whether men should have to pay for dates are not. Im not saying they’re all like that but so many are. I think it’s hard for people to identify with a movement that only seeks to help a small part of its own demographic.

  2. dev0n james says:

    may be you should force people into your ideology

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