The Raw Women’s division strikes back against Absolution: Raw, Dec. 11, 2017

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After brutalizing Alicia Fox, Absolution finally get their hands on The Empress of Tomorrow.
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16 Responses

  1. Juanjose Orozco says:

    Natalia y rranda son sis fovorita yess

  2. Luz Yarit Hernández Celaya says:

    Q chingon

  3. Sezim ILIAZOVA says:

    I love sasha

  4. ИГРОВОЙ ЮТУБ канал says:

    Я шо один русский не что не понимаю что говорят?

  5. Acidic says:

    Good bye absolution

  6. Beethsy Rodrigueez says:

    Me asombro

  7. Brittany Gonzales says:


  8. zara williams says:

    U know what shut up page you talk after talk after talk thats all you going to do so shut up

  9. Brittany Gonzales says:

    good do it agian

  10. Bruna Leticia says:

    I love Sasha ♥️

  11. Super Gamer says:

    Alexa blis

  12. Super Gamer says:


  13. Super Gamer says:

    Hermosa sasha banks Alisa fox nia jax dana broke bayle

  14. Vitoria Ssouza says:

    sacha gosto mais de vc linda

  15. Lishke Toda says:

    sasha banks i love u i got 9 years old

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