The Nazi Word

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There’s a new n-word in town.

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49 Responses

  1. Marcus Herrod says:

    Hey where was that german lady who got jailed for questioning the holocaust when your march of freedom was on???

  2. TiconderogaX says:

    I'm really starting to suspect that leftists are hypocrites now…

  3. Marcus Herrod says:

    STFU sargon we all know you say that word to anyone who is neither a leftist or a zionist gatekeeper!

  4. Iseelions says:

    Today police arrested James Goddard on "suspicion of public order offences".

    Corruption has reached the highest offices and the freedom that once was is now no more than a myth only muttered by shaky breath to the most trusted of allies.
    For corrupt politicians, freedom is not a right of all but a promised reward tentatively granted to those who follow with strict obedience.
    It is the uneasy silence of those not willing to put a foot out of place for fear of stepping on toes.
    It is the quiet surrender of the meek to the will of tyrants.

    Politicians and criminals have become indistinguishable from one and other.
    The laws once created to protect all people are now used to protect only those the government sees fit and to destroy those who oppose.
    Citizens who speak out are being taken from their homes, threatened, convicted without due process and sometimes even tortured.
    To deny this in the age of video and internet is a level of ignorance unsurpassed by any other.

    Most people will ignore a problem until it directly affects them, this ignorance allows tyranny to take hold and strengthen its grip like a cancer. By the time the symptoms of tyranny have begun to show in most peoples lives, it is almost too late and only the most aggressive treatments might remove it.
    Now is that time. Now the symptoms directly affect you.
    Are you aware that in viewing this video and reading this comment you are breaking the law?
    If you agree and speak of this to the wrong people you can be arrested.
    This is now your problem.

  5. ToujoursJacques says:

    She sounds like a tyrant. What a nazi

  6. Fur Queue says:

    2:00 – She is talking as if Britain is a dystopia because some people are singing nearby.
    This is the same country that recently nearly killed Tommy Robinson after arresting him on false pretences and jailing him in a show trial… There is dystopia that needs urgent fixing, but it is not because people are allowed to sing near an MP, or walk along giving jovial banter in protest because they feel angry about brexit.

  7. Michael says:

    Investigated & ARRESTED..!
    James Gooddard was in fact arrested for the crime of calling a British Pol a Nazi..!!
    A term that set freely uses to label British citizens whom she disagrees with..!!
    Gooddard is a political prisoner of the British Government

  8. Carl Matthew Phillips says:

    I suppose owen jones should be getting a knock on the door from the old bill soon then?

  9. Scan End says:

    Just think of the good Anna Soubry could do if she was this offended by something significant like – oh I dunno – rape gangs.

  10. ricky says:

    Why arn't people here down at Parliment square?

  11. Matthew Sobke says:

    Why does New Scotland Yard look like a fucking Apple store?

  12. Catherine Jarman says:

    Soubry and her ilk have trampled all over 'democracy' it no longer exists in this country because they destroyed it. 'In a free democracy they don't have the right to speak' that says everything about this vile woman – she is a tyrant and actually she clearly is scared….good.

  13. Catherine Jarman says:

    Only women, non-whites and the LGBTPQ+ communities get involved in the hierarchy of 'victimhood' and 'abuse' Love the yellow vest man with the beard telling Owen Jones what he actually is – a vile little bully with the support of the state – that support may one day not be there any more. The time for 'direct action' on these evil nation destroying Communists is coming.

  14. hooliganxero says:

    Lmfao omg please let calling someone a Nazi a hate crime in America I would love to watch so many Far Left morons get arrested.

  15. dan bennett jr says:

    If you get pissed off about being called a nazi, you're probably a nazi.

  16. Catherine Jarman says:

    People are annoyed because numerous of our people are being attacked, murdered and raped thanks to monsters like Soubry and most of those who call themselves MP's but are in reality self-serving, traitorous parasites.

  17. Ailin ofaolain says:

    Owen Jones really is deserving of a Glasgow kiss

  18. Catherine Jarman says:

    We need to rescue our serially lying anti-white mainstream media from the control of Jewish Zio-Bolshevik elites who evidently own almost all of it and return it into the safe hands of the loyal indigenous British people. Then those in our population who have absolutely no idea of what these fiends are doing to our homeland will be woken up overnight. The truth will set our country free and it needs national exposure.

  19. Piston Broke says:

    She's as mad as a Haddock!

  20. Ailin ofaolain says:

    The looney left thinks everybody's a nazi ……….so it's pretty fucking hilarious that this dimented left wing nutcracker thinks that the people calling her a nazi are fascists and racists…….makes total sense..

  21. Fuk99999 says:

    Wait, so what happens if a Nazi refers to themself as such? Are they committing a hate crime against themself?

  22. nmgh marquis says:

    Ha Xb these creatures are annoying and the fact that there serious makes it worse with funnies they've beeen calling peoples the same thing 4 mach longer in some cases things sooo bad they get faired then smeared as a bad humans but they get called it oh no get the police involved not like they've got better things 2 do HmmmO_- Goood show kinda nice

  23. VandroiyIII says:

    Classic 4chan tactics might work here.

    Troll such that the Orwellians create such wild, untenable generalizations that they shoot themselves in the foot.

  24. pit craft says:

    Anna Soubry had already sent the terrorist police to james goddards home to threaten him and make him apologize to her before xmas. she indeed warrants this attention for trying to shut down debate

  25. DurexDurpaneu2 says:

    Your Vid are in mono audio

  26. Marcus Falco says:

    I think people who call others Nazis, need to learn their history about what WW2 and the what Nazi party was all about.

  27. David Connelly says:

    If you look very closely, just after she says "and they need sorting out", she momentarily shape shifts into David Bowie 2:40

  28. Pale Male says:

    A BIG PART OF THE FAILING BREXIT PROCESS IN PARLIAMENT is when 73% of MPs were Remainers (including the PM and much of the cabinet) but do not reflect the 52% Leave vote in the Referendum !  Why is Anna Soubry still an MP as she is a strong Remainer, but her own constituency decisively voted 55% to Leave.  MADNESS. RESIGN OR BACK LEAVE.

  29. Roderick MacUalraig says:

    Great vid, Sargon. Thanks!

  30. A Philosophical Mind says:

    I would laugh if it wasn't so sad… but at least… if they classify calling someone a Nazi as a hate-crime… Count Dankula could sue the entire police-force in his home town and the procecutor and judge in his case and get all of them thrown in jail…
    Would actually love to see that hahahaha

  31. Theta Knight says:

    Why doesn’t everybody stop acting like a fucking pussy, and admit that we could use the goddamn Nazis right about now. Grow some balls

  32. Flying Monkey Death Squadron Commander says:

    The word treason comes to mind, treason by government officials against the people of which governance was granted by. English Civil War 2.0 is about to start unless these traitors to the people mend their ways, and they just don't seem to care.

  33. AnotherLover says:

    She actually said that people don't have the right "to speak like that." Not a single entity on Earth can tell us precisely what she means by "like that." If people don't vote totalitarianism out of their government, then they get people like this woman. Britain sucks. The UK is absolutely a bunch of keystone buttplugs trying to figure out where to stick it. Sorry, blokes. Your country-thing sucks.

  34. Anthony Cerbic says:

    I don't have left earphone, so I thought for a couple Sargon is just being silent to make some sort of a point.

  35. prograde says:

    You know what the next step is, right? We gotta start making Nazi memes of her

  36. AnotherLover says:

    The Scotland Yard is a total joke.

  37. OurGovernmentsAreBetrayingUs says:

    Ann Azi is a Soubry!

  38. chillguysplease says:

    I am soooooo fucking done with Godwin’s Law.

  39. Joel Hall says:

    Aim apparently is to shut her up.

    An MP who actually has a voice in parliament and helps formulate policy.

    I think she knows this is all personal, and fuck the proles

  40. crgzero says:

    Another great video. Thanks for your efforts.

  41. Ant Silk says:

    Welcome to 2019 folks

  42. strangetranceoffaith says:

    It's amazing how can anyone suggest that the police investigating someone being called a Nazi is a legitimate use of public resources? Firstly, unless you are gong to apply a strict definition of, do this person's conform to protocols as set out by the NSDAP in 1933 -45 then you have to conclude that a large part of understanding what it means to call someone a Nazi is subjective. The other problem is then you have to be seen to investigate other incidents of NAZI name calling and what criteria are we going to apply? These MPs many who are women who are fermenting this use of public resources to investigate cases of what personally offends them are playing a very dangerous political game because in amongst the people who they are calling Nazis are some real Nazis.

    They are contributing to a situation where it is not possible to tell who the real Nazis are because they have diluted the word to the point where in the words of Orwell, “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies "something not desirable"

  43. Zero One #Ukip says:

    im deaf in the right ear, luckily hahahaha.

  44. Untitled says:

    This is genuinely so many levels of what the fuck.
    “You do not have the right to speak and do as you like in a free society”
    Excuse me? I’m astonished.

  45. nicedog1 says:

    A vile woman.

  46. Steph Kev says:

    Disgusting women

  47. Benjamin Camp says:

    I hope those antifa bitches that assaulted you were arrested, charged, and kicked out of school.

  48. Tails says:

    He's been arrested…

  49. Anita Bonghit says:

    "they think they have a right to speak. and in a 'free' 'democracy' they actually dont have the right to speak"

    -ministry of truth

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