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The World Famous VIRAL Clash Between Vegan Activist Joey Carbstrong and Celebrity TV show Host Jeremy Vine.
This is the controversial and intense Radio debate that started a tirade of media in the UK. I was heavily criticised for my aggressive conduct in this debate even by the vegan community, but does the good outweigh the bad? You can be the judge…

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37 Responses

  1. The Olive Press at Stavros says:

    Again I say your passion is fab and your points justified. However, with world given just 12 years before irreversible damage occurs, it has become urgent to question a meat eaters right to destroy my planet, my future and my children’s so they can have five minutes of sensory pleasure. If more people realised this they might become active. Just saying. Keep it up dude

  2. Jessica Keegan says:

    thank you, you are a great guy!

  3. NewRising Sun says:

    It was on Channel 4 you eejit

  4. mesfin hailemariam says:

    Oh Joey, I am going to work harder to be able to be your patreon. I don't actually see any other activist working as hard and passionate.

  5. Charlie Marmite says:

    Lol Joey is pretty stupid…let’s be honest

  6. Chris Assing says:

    Joey, this was a fantastic interview..bang on, don't know why you hid it so long…not aggressive at all, just spot on keeps your attention. You packed so much facts in there. Love your style.

  7. TJ Vixen says:

    You did well… I still don't understand how people don't see the harm and pain…then they wonder why vegans are so angry…educate, educate, educate!!!!

  8. Conscientious Omnivore says:

    It's great that you've released this Joey! I think you actually handled yourself quite well. It's always difficult talking to people in these kind of situations… they set you up in a way to ensure there is a proper "show" for the listeners. It's like they goad someone into a verbal fight and then act surprised about it. Like, oh, the vegan can't be calm? He should eat some meat. Good on you man! Keep up your excellent work!

  9. Laurie Lopez says:

    Funniest comment I heard: Do you think eating meat will calm you down. LOL No Jeremy it will drive me crazy like the farmer is!!!

  10. Jasmina says:

    Yes Joey! So much love, been an avid follower for three years now. Such good work.

  11. Angel Chen says:

    There was nothing wrong with that interview at all- I thought Joey did a fantastic job.

  12. Angel Chen says:

    Thank you so much for everything you do!

  13. Isaac Smith says:

    How many times do we have to say that veganism is not a diet. It really gets to me. We are trying so hard to fight for these beautiful beings and they just be so close minded and belittling about it.

  14. E. N.Akasha says:


  15. Diggnuts says:

    Animals are fuckers!! Eat the tasty ones!

  16. Victoria Martinez says:

    Funny how one person hears anger and I heard passion o how we forget what true passion sounds like. Thank you Joey for reminding me.

  17. Robert Dabob says:

    Quite the intense personality. Way to channel that shit in to such an important cause!

  18. scott gilmour says:

    Enjoyed the interview, I didn't think it was aggressive.

    I think to complement your discussion, it would be good to have the facts about how a plant based diet can save your life.
    That would definitely appeal to a lot of other people who are on the fence and give them a reason to change diet.

    Watching what the health and forks over knives is what made me make the change to a plant based diet first, the health benefits that were instant to me as I had arthritis.
    Then watching Cowspiracy and Earthlings cemented the fact I m not eating meat anymore.

    Good work, keep it up.

  19. Earth Warrior says:

    you keep losing!!!! when you will wake up Jon? and have real intelligent arguments? your script its always the same! Wake up Dude!

  20. Věra Mikušová says:

    I love you more and more Joey!

    When I was working for international Safer Internet project I went to many conferences where I have heard speeches of many Twitter, Facebook or Microsoft representatives.

    They are all trying to develop tools which can stop haters from harming other people. 😀 😀 I think that is just non sense…

    I have refused to work on developing tool which will stop haters in my country. Instead of it I have focused on kids who were hated. I was asking them the Buddha question:

    If somebody gives you a present and you do not accept it the other person still owns that gift. This is how I wanted kids to think. I want them to know, that they do not have to take all thinks people offers them in life, not even insults.

    I also often asked them if people really care for you and your work do they ever say something hateful or do they gives you a respectful feedback?

    I taught kids to value their passion even if it was peeing on the grass. I told them that there are always going to be haters outside, no matter what they do. I told them that the only way how not to be criticized these days is unfortunately by sitting home consuming content on TV from people who are highly criticized.

    You are opening doors for all of those "peacefull" vegans who may never realize that. But I am sure that there are going to be children at schools in few years who will hear from books about you.

    If I could ask you to do favor to me and animals I would ask you to make sure you have enough YOUR OWN TIME and make sure you meditate.

    Melanie Joy recommended us the great App called Head Space it makes me feel so fucking good. 🙂 And also 🙂 make sure you have hobbies which can make you forgot the suffering at least for a little while within each day <3

    Please take care of your mental health and do not give a shit about haters. The amount of haters means just that you have a huge amount of work done.

    Lots of love.


  21. Planet Vegan says:

    Aggressive? No.
    The voice of a legend? Yes

  22. Joel Cooke says:

    Just like most vegans, a cunt.

  23. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Fuck the nice vegans! This Mahatma Ghandi bullshit pisses me off. Yes, we are angry, the world is fucked up. Stop asking for other people to have this christian values of turning the other cheek. Stay angry Joey, you should be.

  24. I'm a pug wearing glasses says:

    So if i kill the animal myself and don't buy meat from the grocery store should i be judged? ( p.s I've been doing it for 3 years now)

  25. Gaïa says:

    I had a debate with my very carnist grandmother (she is also a PET lover not an animal lover) and she said to me "stop being arrogant and aggressive, see, you're an extremist !" After she said to me "it doesn't matter if a cow is raped for her milk because I need those calories" and "you don't know anything, you're just 22 and you force your daughter into your diet, shame on you" lol yep I lost it there. Was I aggressive because I was being insulted or because my body's lacking meat? Smh

  26. priya musu says:

    Anyone criticizing you is not thinking about the real victims here – the animals. End of. Keep speaking out fearlessly as you do, Joey, it's what animals need. A voice. x

  27. Chelsie Hull says:

    Animals rescued!!!
    Livestock stolen?! Pfft…

  28. SmithofBristol says:

    If you're putting seaman in and anus you're doing it wrong!

  29. Monica Martella says:

    Thank you Joey. Please keep going. I wish I could have kept my patreon payment going for you. I'm grateful for your work & believe it's succeeding. You know the 3 stages of truth; we're being fought now. It won't be long. Animals will be free. Love you.

  30. Manon H says:

    ""do you think eating meat calms you down"" XD ahahaha he can not be for real ahaha

  31. Rebekah Alpisa says:

    What nonsense. You did not say one single word that was wrong, disrespectful, or immoral. You simply told the truth, and you held to the point that those against you cannot bear to hear because it makes them squirm. Remember, your strong and effective leadership is always going to draw criticism. Don't worry about them. Just keep saving lives, human and otherwise. You're great!

  32. H.B.C. Reloaded says:

    Many ex vegans now on YouTube. Question: should they continue on the diet even though it’s making them sick? Should they sacrifice their health for the animals?

  33. robert towner says:

    Keep going joey. I am not a vegan yet but will be soon i only a little fish but i plan to stop really soon. You have my support brother

  34. Marco Meerman says:

    Thank you for what you fo Joey. Wouldn't you think when you look back, that the Joey of now would have handled this calmer?

  35. Elissa Davis says:

    There’s NO HUMANE way to MURDER an animal‼️‼️‼️‼️

  36. Elissa Davis says:

    There’s NO HUMANE way to MURDER an animal‼️‼️‼️‼️

  37. Elissa Davis says:

    There’s NO HUMANE way to MURDER an animal‼️‼️‼️‼️

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