The Israeli Soldiers Refusing to Guard Settlements (2002)

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Crisis of Conscience (2002): All Israeli’s are obliged to complete military service, but growing numbers of the soldiers are refusing to guard the Israeli settlements in the Gaza strip and West Bank.

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Despite their illegal status under international law, Israel has allocated $500 million to protecting settlements. “It is corrupting us, making the extreme and fundamentalist sides of our society stronger,” alleges elite paratrooper Yaniv Ipzcovitz. Like 475 others, he is refusing to serve in the occupied territories. Almost as many soldiers guard the Israeli Marganit settlement in the Gaza strip as there are inhabitants. Off duty, many of these soldiers believe they should not be there at all. An intriguing look at the growing moderate movement in Israel.

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25 Responses

  1. john shu says:

    Israel receives trillion dollar aid from America, that money could be used for a single payer healthcare in America

  2. CanadianImperialist says:

    Antisemetic propaganda as always

  3. Soeni Rono says:

    Israel pulled out of Gaza completely.
    This documentary is just a trash

  4. Kevin Okal says:

    The Jews are a pest..same as bedbug or cockroach.they eat and benefit from other people while spreading disease and filth.

  5. Y Chains says:

    BTW, there are no settlements in the Gaza strip (there are settlements only in the West bank). our border with Gaza is accepted by the international community. do your research Journeymen. you have 1 million subscribers it says here. don't spread false facts that can easily be checked by a 5 year old. i'm not a subscriber anymore. don't appreciate being lied to.

  6. SlayingHen42 says:

    Although different in ideology, the Zionists and extremist Muslims (like ISIS) have the same mentality in which a higher being has blessed them and allowed them to have a land in which they can call theirs. For the extremist Jews that is Israel and for the extremist Muslims that is an Islamic Caliphate. Both are two sides of the same coin.

  7. Sons_of_Liberty says:

    We have a saying over here in Pennsylvania. "if they did it to them.. theyll do it to you too." Now look around you America… wheres all the jews at? In the nice "rich" areas of the country.. wheres the rest? packed up like sardines in a can everywhere else.. and our areas are just getting smaller and smaller. The Jew sends money back to Israel every month.. where they then send another family here with a bunch of money to buy out more land and businesses.. Its how they conquer countries… Quite simple and smart.

  8. mnm says:

    Trying to figure out what Journeyman Pictures is trying to say by posting a 16 year old video about the Gaza strip ? Either they are showing that leaving Gaza did not work (Hamas are still insane), or this is propaganda for Israel's left-leaning politics which are not faring well in the polls ?

  9. Victor P. says:

    Always so eerie, the jewish settlement looks like something out of suburban southern California.

  10. rickyboy613 says:

    Zionist animals.

  11. Migdo says:

    Much respect to the soldiers. To the zionist couple, America needs to stop paying for their sick lifestyle

  12. C Dorma says:


  13. Steven Martin says:

    But that makes him anti semetic. And a Jewish, Israeli guy being anti semetic is a double negative which is a positive. So what he is doing is the correct course of action according to mathmatics!

    And they say math is useless!

  14. John Smith says:

    Why does Journeyman Pictures republish out-of-date documentaries…

  15. Wet Dog says:

    This didnt work out lmao

  16. Ms Treze says:

    Shame foor humanity one people rappe the LAND of PALESTINIANS

  17. mazdarx7gx says:

    HAHAHA yea the pull out has been great hasn't it. It's now a gigantic terror cell.  Carpet bombing would help

  18. Tony Randall says:

    One of the best documentary producers.. Where have you been lately?

  19. Mr Egusi says:

    If Israel is the superpower of the middle East, why are they recieving billions of dollars in handsout from the USA?

    The USA that is already 21 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt!

  20. ArturasDzeikas says:

    #BDS Free Palestine

  21. dan forbes says:

    are they for real? the usa

  22. M.F. Luder says:

    The most annoying English accent is the Israeli accent. What kind of lunatic thinks god promised the Jews anything? I could say that god promised me 5000 billion dollars. Where’s my money ? I swear to god he promised that. Too bad there isn’t more people like those soldiers who refuse to defend a bunch of nut case settlers. These soldiers who refuse serve in the occupied areas are the real heroes of Israel not those chicken hawks who want to occupy Palestinian territory.

  23. Hoghs says:

    16 years old? Good video but man time to up your game with something new

  24. 273,552 views says:

    We need latest documentaries journeyman.

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